Frugal Gaming Review | OMG Zombies PC

Zombies making an appearance in videogames is certainly nothing new, but Laughing Jackal have tried to do something different with their approach to the seemingly inevitable apocalypse - Writes MrBadDog

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Wastrel51627d ago

Loved this on PSP as a throwaway bit 'o fun. Can't see myself having the same experience on the PC.

PridedLlama1627d ago

Sounds like fun if a little bland. Will keep an eye on it, of it gets down to about 2 quid in the sales I'll pick it up

UglyGeezer1627d ago

It sounds like it would be a lot better on the Vita, those graphics would probably look much better on the small screen as well, even the PSP as mentioned in the video.

It's cheap as chips, I will be giving it a shot.