Feeling Angry? You Might be Bad at Games

"It's an opinion long held by soccer moms and people that refuse to learn that video games are the source of all evil in the world. Specifically violent videos games, in which, they believe, young children are taught that shooting someone in the face has no consequences. They watch as Little Jimmy becomes indifferent, angry and aggressive, and then ask themselves why the government allows them to keep buying this stuff for their kids."

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Godmars2901470d ago

Or you just might not like the current general style of gaming, which is either focused on first person perspectives or is trying to be "clever" with older game genres which most call "pass-say". Not understanding old game types while trying to improve them.

matgrowcott1470d ago

And that has what to do with the Oxford University study this article is based upon?

Thatguy-3101470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

It's funny how some people just suck at games. What's interesting though is the human mind trying it's best to master it leading to agitation and aggression if said person fails. What people need to realize is that It has nothing to do with the content itself. We are given a task and we try our best to accomplish it. Let it be a game like Angry Bird or a game like Dark Souls at the end of the day both games lead to frustration. Knowing that and realizing that ahead of time can bring out enjoyment out of it even if you get angry and agitated.

micx1470d ago

This reminds me of the massive rages that Flappy Bird has caused.

wonderfulmonkeyman1470d ago

Flappy Bird is just a nightmarish reskin of some of the worst Battletoads stages, in my opinion.XD

randomass1711470d ago

I sometimes get frustrated, and I think I'm just okay at most games.

Omar911470d ago

I think the only game I can actually say I was a pro in was Warhawk and I'm proud to say that because that game had a serious learning curve. Everything else, I'm average.

isarai1470d ago

Or you might just have anger issues, i suck at plenty of games but that doesn't make me angry. Most of the time i can still enjoy it even if i suck at it, and if my crappy skills are causing me to not progress then i just stop playing and come back to it at another time which usually does the trick.

randomass1711469d ago

Ironically violent games can often be used to relieve yourself of stress. :P

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The story is too old to be commented.