The Last of Us Remastered – Coming to PS4 Summer 2014

Posted by Arne Meyer on Apr 09, 2014 // Community Strategist, Naughty Dog

Well, it’s no secret that we have been working night and day at the studio to bring The Last of Us to PS4.

We’re calling it The Last of Us Remastered.

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xHeavYx1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

And the internet explodes.
I already paid for the PS3 limited edition and DLC, but a remastered PS4 edition is a no-brainer for me

Cloudberry1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

RUMOR: Germany PS Blog mentioned that it will run on 60 frame per second.

"Die Arbeit auf PS4 hat es uns ermöglicht, die Grafik sowie zahlreiche technische Aspekte von The Last of Us zu verbessern und weiterzuentwickeln. Im Moment freuen wir uns wahnsinnig, verkünden zu können, dass wir zum ersten Mal in der Geschichte von Naughty Dog ein Spiel mit all diesen Upgrades in 1080p und mit 60 Bildern pro Sekunde veröffentlichen können."

Google Translates:

"Working on PS4 has allowed us to improve the graphics as well as numerous technical aspects of The Last of Us and develop. At the moment we are looking forward insane to announce that we can publish for the first time in the history of Naughty Dog is a game with all these upgrades in 1080p and 60 frames per second."

Cloudberry1590d ago

Neil Druckmann tweet this:

"For those asking, @Naughty_Dog is developing The Last of Us Remastered and we're targeting 60fps. More info to come."

gatormatt801590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

Thanks Cloudberry for the links, although I'd like to point out that the German PS blog has edited their post and removed the 60 fps part. But hearing it straight from the horses mouth, Neil Drunkmann, makes me happy about this.

Helpful bubbles headed your way Cloudberry.

I personally can't wait to replay this game on my PS4. It was already a fantastic experience on PS3 and I fully expect to be blown away again playing it on PS4. I can't even imagine how beautiful TLOU is going to look on PS4. To say I'm excited would be an understatement.

scott1821590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

Damn, I am so excited for this. Bring me some TLoU remastered!

tokugawa1590d ago

i have been waiting to get a ps4... i think that the wait will soon be over

Braid1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

Take my money, just do it.

I wish they called it "Last of Us GOTG Edition" though, because that's just what it is- the friggin' definitive gaming experience of the last generation, period.

It'll be such a pleasure to play it again with improved visuals and silk smooth frame-per-second. It was a gorgeous game originally, and it'll be an atomic bomb of gorgeousness this time with the remastered release.

Feels good to be a PS4 owner now.

starchild1590d ago

This is fantastic news. The Last of Us is such a masterpiece of a game and deserves the "next gen" treatment. I can't wait.

Sevir1590d ago


OMG I can't wait to see a next gen evolution of NaughtyDog quality! This confirms pretty much Uncharted is a 2015 release!! I never purchased left behind so I'm happy to play this along with 1080p 60fps Game of the Year edition on PS4...

ND rocks... They must have been toiling away on the PS4 version since February 2013 when PS4 was announced!

Conzul1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

OMG I was on my PS4 and went to the Store for Strike Suit Zero and the banner was up for TLOU:Remastered and I almost blew a vein!


Hope there's physical copy available for this but if tears from me!

Yi-Long1590d ago

Hopefully this time it will be released uncensored here in Europe.

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ArchangelMike1590d ago

Yup, I'd buy it again in a heartbeat. Here's hoping for new gameplay.

trancefreak1590d ago

Most likely beefed up AI as well. I'm up for the challenge who"s with me.

I loved the heck out of this game and remade in next gen style has me hyped.

Septic1590d ago

Errr yeaaah no. Lets hope not anyway, for the sake of our new experiences this gen!

ArchangelMike1590d ago

Too true. Imagine if it was GOTY 2014. now that the Witcher has been delayed, it'll be between Destiny, Watchdogs and.... TLOU Remastered??? 0.o

(We don't have release date for The Order yet)

Kryptonite42O1590d ago

Lol its not that it wasn't a great game, or that it doesn't deserve it... but lets hope that there is something being released for the new consoles that steps it up a bit...

as great of a game as tlou is, it would be kinda sad if it was goty lol.

Why o why1590d ago

Im with septic here. Its already won game of gen...let something new challenge for this year. Surely somebody can put more markers down for this year

AceBlazer131590d ago

@Septic if the last of us wins goty blame devs for not stepping their game up.

Bruce_Wayne1590d ago

You know what would be awkward? If Rockstar actually ported GTA5 and TR, TLOU, and GTA5 duked it out again for goty.

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MelvinTheGreat1590d ago

I wouldnt say the interent is exploding......

AgentSmithPS41590d ago

It would've if EA controlled it with their crap servers ;).

Grave1590d ago

My pants did when I heard this.

TheRatedD1590d ago

Just like the Tomb Raider Definitive Edition was a no brainer, right?

BEASELY1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

I don't understand people's frustration over this re-release. The advertising moniker says it all - "Over 200 Game Of The Year Awards."

This game is no Tomb Raider. I wish people would stop saying that. Tomb Raider is good.. But The Last Of Us is legendary, a modern classic and deserves another go. It has been hailed by many as GOTG.

And for those that have moved from 360 to PS4, this is a god send. You can label any other port as a cash grab if you'd like, but please don't slander this release.

I have gone through this game 3 times, started on hard and beat it on Survivor twice. I will be doing the same this June. See you in MP, guys:)

TheRatedD1590d ago

If they hadn't made us pay for DLC that is included on the "PS4" version less than 2 months ago, then I wouldn't have a big problem. But they cheated the original supporters out of our money. I don't know how you don't understand that...

BEASELY1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

This is what happens with all games - definitive editions come out post-release including all DLC most of the time. Would you rather Sony omit Left Behind just to appease people such as yourself? and I don't mean that in an insulting way, just saying.

Now I'm not speaking for everybody, but I'm hopping in head-first come June to appease my inner collector, regardless of what enhancements there actually are which given the subtitle "Remastered," suggest that there will be all new graphical techniques, major enhancements to resolution and framerate, and perhaps some little in-game extras all uncompressed and without loading times.

Not to mention, this port is breathing new life into the multiplayer portion which was largely abandoned due to the arrival of next-gen. And let's be honest, there aren't many great MP, OR single players games to choose from on either console. This fills that void beautifully.

If YOU don't like that this is coming out, then YOU DON'T HAVE to get it. You're a consumer, not a slave. Do what you will. So stop pretending that this game is of Tomb Raider caliber and STOP acting like you got the shaft knowing damn well that this release would happen. An analyst with half the luck of Michael Pachter could have predicted these events with such a thin catalogue of games releasing in the Summer. Maybe you should have had a tad more foresight.

gobluesamg1590d ago

Tomb Raider and Last of Us are no-brainers for me because I waited on both of them for just this reason. Can't wait to slide that remastered disc in my PS4. GTA V wouldn't be to bad either even though I played through twice.

CaptainSellers1590d ago


How are they cheating anyone out of money? You still got your DLC on PS3, it's not like they magically removed it from your account or console.

Information Minister1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

TheRatedD has a point.

Naughty Dog has been working on the game since they released the PS3 version, and they waited for people to spend their money on that version instead of offering them the choice to hold out for the superior PS4 version. If that isn't a betrayal of consumer confidence, I don't know what is. And it's twice as bad for those who purchased the DLC.

Stuff like this just sends a bad message to gamers. In the future, I'll surely be very reluctant to pay full price for any game at launch, when I can just wait for the superior remastered (and probably cheaper) edition.

Furthermore, it's bewildering to witness the community's double standards towards this release and what we've seen with Tomb Raider and MGS: Ground Zeroes.

@ CaptainSellers
They are cheating you out of money by omitting the information that they will be offering the very same DLC for free with the purchase of a new improved version of the game.
PS3 version + DLC = $75
PS4 version + DLC = $60

buttclown1590d ago

Hopefully people will see my point here. I think what they are trying to point out is that people are willing to throw other developers/publishers under the bus but not ND/Sony. Example, if say this were an EA published game in the exact same scenario that the internet would be on fire.

That said though, if I had a PS4 I would get this. Only been through it once and never played the dlc so it would be a win for me.

Sevir1590d ago

I have to laugh, really, lol. The people bitching are once again entitled little brats, the simple solution to your problem is, DONT BUY IT, you've played and enjoyed it. Nothing to see here...

This prerelease is for those who missed it o that have a PS4 and want something to play...

Just like Tomb Raider:Definitive Edition!

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showtimefolks1590d ago

will buy it again to support ND/Sony, but this is great news for those who didn't have a ps3. Now they can enjoy the game like it was meant to be and get all the dlc

GOTY edition
or complete edition

call it whatever you want but this is a awesome deal

RS now the ball is in your court:

GTA5 in summer 2014 too please

summer is the best time to release these games because not much will be released in summer so a lot of extra sales

Father Murder X1590d ago

so you are buying the game just to support ND/Sony not because the you actually want the game. You my friend are a fanboy.

showtimefolks1590d ago

Father Murder X

its called showing support for a game which is #1 on my personal list, if a game is #1 on my list don't you think i want it?

always support the games that you want more of and developers along with publishers

I like fallout and bought it twice, once the game than again the GOTY edition i guess it makes me a fanboy for buying the game twice

great logic

solidjun51590d ago

Yea, i'm double dipping on this one. *\O/*

Farsendor11590d ago

never got to play it so im really looking forward to the game.

hoping ni no kuni also gets ported over at some point.

-Foxtrot1590d ago

I honestly wouldn't mind another Collectors edition for this....hint hint NaughtyDog if the 100 to 1 chance your reading this :)

ObiWanaTokie1590d ago

Yes! this is going to be mind blowing and only a remaster. just think what they will do with two or three years of development!! i couldnt smile any harder right now!

saber000051590d ago

You can place a pre order now?!? Ordering now! It made sense to bring it over to the PS4.


I'm getting it again, man this game is awesome and deserve to be played again on ps4.

Can't Wait!

Lightning Mr Bubbles1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

Wow, I think this is really cool, they are really soaking this game for all it's worth but I guess the game deserves it, it was just that damn good!

WonderboyIII1589d ago

The age of game recycling will put an end to my gaming hobby. I have never seen so much games remade ever before in my 31 years of gaming.

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WeAreLegion1590d ago

Hoping we can pre-order soon. I like to pay games off little by little.

xHeavYx1590d ago

The article says "pre-order from your favorite retailers", I checked most major retailers but since this was just officially announced, it will take a few minutes/hours till it's up all over the place for pre-order

NinjaRichParty1590d ago

This is awesome. Can't wait for it. Never got to play it due to only owning the Xbox 360 last gen. I'm more than happy to pay the full price for a visual improved version of it. Might even preorder it. :)

ZodTheRipper1590d ago

I wish I could go into it completely fresh again... prepare for the best game of all time :)

marlinfan101590d ago

lol i wouldnt go that far but its a good game.

its very cinematic so be ready for that.

ExitToExisT1590d ago

I sort of feel like a stupid for not beliving the Sony Turkey guy leaked this a few weeks ago:)

ArchangelMike1590d ago

"Sony Turkey guy"... just sounds... wrong LoL.

Conzul1590d ago

Well consider me a-Thanksgivin' !!!

Totoro171590d ago

Unless they offer a discount for those who already own the PS3 version, I'm going to have to wait for this one to go on sale. $60 is just too much for me when I already own the PS3 version.

Deadpoolio1590d ago

NOPE...Thank god any and all "upgrade" programs have ended...No more discounts for people...This is the last game that should have a discount anyway

BattleTorn1590d ago

I'm just gonna use my PS3 copy trade-in as a downpayment for preorder

Sevir1590d ago

Exactly, Considering the game still has good value at Gamestop as a trade in, I don't mind trading the Old Gen for a replay of the game on PS4, especially when I haven't purchased Left Behind! :)

themiracle1590d ago


i loved this game
completed it on hard
and the dlc on the next hardest setting
still enjoy the mp quite a bit
but after paying >$80
i feel a bit let down about having the player base cut in half.
i'm not the type to usually replay games (Souls games NG++ notwithstanding)
particularly not linear, story driven cinematic games like ND makes..
even though they are one of my absolute favorite developers
but i'm gonna feel conflicted about paying full price for getting access to the multiplayer on PS4.. i'd be nice if they either a) offered the upgrade path from ps3 to ps4, or maybe just offered a standalone MP for those who've completed the game and dlc, but want to experience with MP with the rest of the player base, on my new system.. esp. given how lean the games line up is so far.

just my 2c. i guess we'll see