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Submitted by Valay 672d ago | news

The Last of Us Remastered detailed on Amazon - includes all DLC, dev commentary

The Last of Us Remastered is currently available for pre-order on Amazon for $59.99. (PS4, The Last Of Us Remastered)

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Xsilver  +   672d ago
I'm on the Fence over This Mainly because of the $60 Price tag because I already Bought all the DLC and everything for the PS3 Version, Now If they let me Upgrade to the PS4 version for a lower Price then I'm in.
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incendy35  +   672d ago
Yep, if they are trying to double dip on a game we just bought, they can go to hell.
GarrusVakarian  +   672d ago
Speak for yourself, i will gladly double dip on this game.

"will include all DLC packs, *which is over a $30 value*"

If i can get this in the UK for £40 with ALL of the DLC and with upgraded graphics...i will be more than happy to pay that again. Plus, i will just trade in my PS3 copy to save a little extra too.

It's not as if you are would be paying $60 for the same thing that came out almost a year ago. You would also be getting everything included with the season pass for the same price, plus better visuals. I think people are forgetting that.

If you still don't feel that it's worth full retail price despite those things, then just wait for the price to drop? Nobody is forcing you to pay $60.
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anwe  +   672d ago
I agree completely. I will pay a lower price to upgrade, or wait till it drops to half. Full price however is a no go.
truefan1   672d ago | Trolling | show
GarrusVakarian  +   672d ago

"Sony intentionally led everyone to believe it was a ps3 game"

Oh whatever, take your tin foil hat off and stop making things up, the game was in development since Uncharted 2 ended! Of course it was a PS3 game, how stupid of you to believe it was secretly a PS4 game all along. It's a *port*, google the meaning of that.

You are just extremely jealous that one of the best games of last gen and winner of the most GOTY awards of any game ever made is coming to the PS4. You have no PS4, yet here you are in this article trolling. Ask yourself why. You are so bitter than this game is coming to PS4, it's painfully obvious to see.

" on second thought I'll try not to get banned again."

That's what i thought.

Now, back on topic. I can't wait for this game to come to PS4, i haven't completed the campaign in a while now and i never really liked the MP because of the framerate combined with the slower paced combat felt sluggish top me, so here's hoping it's 60fps @ 1080p. All the DLC too! Great, i hope it releases soon. Regardless of it being a remastered PS3 game, this will arguable be the best game on either current gen console.
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ZodTheRipper  +   672d ago
lol truefan just shut up and refrain from personal attacks, how can you be so annoyiing with only one comment per article?

On topic, I'm glad it's finally confirmed. 1080p + DLC's is a must buy for every PS4 user, behold the best game of all time people.
Xsilver  +   672d ago
@truefan of Xbox
"Sony intentionally led everyone to believe it was a ps3 game, knowing they were going to release it on ps4. How is that not blatantly squeezing it's own fanbase." Dude Now your just making stuff up SMfh.
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GarrusVakarian  +   672d ago

I never asked to be your friend, lmao, this isn't kindergarten. I just tried to get you to stop trolling articles by being friendly to you and suggesting that you engage in mature discussion. But you turned around and spat it in my face, proving yourself to be nothing but a bitter troll. I asked you to play TF with me as proof i own the what?

Go ahead and post the PM's, i have them too and will make sure to post anything you have missed out. I have notified the mods, btw. Your kind needs to go from this site.
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dodgemoose  +   672d ago
well it's not like they're forcing you to buy it, are they?
incendy35  +   672d ago
Nope, they aren't forcing me. Like I said they can go to hell. I am not paying.
Ron_Danger  +   672d ago

"Sony intentionally led everyone to believe it was a ps3 game"

That is the craziest theory possibly every written in any comment section on any website on the entire internet.

So are you implying that Square lead everyone to believe that Tomb Raider was a PS3/ 360 game, or Final Fantasy X was just a PS2 game... How about how MS convinced everyone that Halo 2 was just an original XBox game.

I'm now fully convinced that every time you write a comment, you honestly think people will abandon Sony and join team MS based on what you write.
jjonez18  +   672d ago
I ,for one, have never bought or played the The Last Of Us. This is a bargain for me and a great addition to my ps4's library.
whitefang1988  +   672d ago
General reply to everyone but couldn't reply to Lucas. I bought it on release on ps3 and loved it it is easily one of my top 5 games and I would happily double dip. But the thing I still get surprised at is how many people get annoyed by it. If you know a game like last of us or GTA is coming out in the twilight of the generation and you don't want to double dip then you should of had the foresight to wait for the new gen version. That's what I'm doing with all of telltales games walking dead se2 and wolf amount us. I know I will love them and I know I will want to keep replaying them. So I'll wait till they release them on ps4. Companies want the biggest share they can get from one product if people buy it twice they will make two. Simple business.
That been said I didn't have my ps3 for the dlc on last of us so I'll be excited to buy it again and have it for years to come :-)
Clogmaster  +   672d ago
I didn't complain when all my favourite movies got upgraded Blu-Ray releases (at a higher price).

They were options! Didn't know we hated options.
DigitalRaptor  +   672d ago
Stop exposing yourself, truefan1.

"How can you people not be upset at this."

The only reasons you're acting like this is cause you're sick of people hating on MS. You're using nothing logical here, just bitter retort that you want Sony to pay for their sins of releasing an enhanced version of a fantastic game for more people to play.

"Sony intentionally led everyone to believe it was a ps3 game, knowing they were going to release it on ps4."

1) This was ported after they finished working on the PS3 game. Why would they announce this game coming to the PS4, before they've even started working on it?

2) TLOU was announced for PS3, before the PS4 console was announced. Why would you expect Sony to announce a PS4 version of this game that would take the wind out of the sales of the PS3 version.

3) Not only that, but it would also have affected their strategy on selling this version of the game, and any momentum for announcing games they have lined up for PS4.

"How is that not blatantly squeezing it's own fanbase. I guess Sony can get away with anything lol with people gladly double dipping."

People will care that they will have to pay again if they want to play a superior version that they weren't ready to announce, OR they won't. Stop trying to act like this is somehow anti-consumer.

What your comment makes VERY clear, is that you're bitter that this game will be better than ANY game on the Xbone, when it releases.
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KUV1977  +   672d ago
They will never let you upgrade a year after the game was released. In the console launch window? Sure, They made more money this way, but over a year later with a project that was independently developed and funded - no way!
ZodTheRipper  +   672d ago
That's not the reason though, it's probably coming within launch window. The reason is that this is a remaster of an old game for a new console that required a lot of work, upgrades work only for the exact same game.
KUV1977  +   672d ago
That's what I was saying. The specifically developed the PS4-version and thus put money into it, whereas the Games that allowed Upgrades, such as Battlefield or CoD or AC had already been created and just made them 10 bucks extra without any additiuonal cost. Since this is clearly not the case here they obviously wouldn't allow an upgrade.
One_Eyed_Wizard  +   672d ago
It's good for people who haven't played it yet. I haven't bought the DLC so there's at least that in it for me but I might wait a little for the price to drop. I've beaten it like four or five times already so I'm in absolutely no rush to play it again but I am getting it.
ZodTheRipper  +   672d ago
The longer you wait the more you will enjoy it again :)
I probably won't be able to resist once I see it running on PS4.
sonarus  +   672d ago
I did not pay for any dlc but i am still on the fence about this primarily because of price. Definitely worth it if you havent played this. However, think this is a little lame of sony.
kenshiro100  +   672d ago
truefan, grow up. Seriously.
ZombieKiller  +   672d ago
For once in my life, I am glad I didn't play this....yet.

It's been on my radar for a while now and any excuse I can get to have a good game on my PS4! Not that there are no good games, I just don't have anything that interests me on it yet!
DemonChicken  +   672d ago
I personally don't mind myself due to my own circumstances.

As I have been meaning to buy this, but never did do to my immense backlog so it's cool for me to pay full price for this plus a bonus with all DLC.
LOL_WUT  +   672d ago
The rumors were true then not quite happy about the price point but with all the DLC and hopefully improved visuals i'll most definitely be buying it. ;)
WeAreLegion  +   672d ago
I haven't even played the DLC yet, but I bought the season pass, so I have it. :/ I guess I'll trade it in while it's still worth a bit of money and get the PS4 version.
NYC_Gamer  +   672d ago
This is good for someone like myself who never bought the game on PS3..I fully understand the issue of the price[$60] being too high for a game that came out last year though.
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Detoxx  +   672d ago
This should be €40 at most..
OhReginald  +   672d ago
ugh amazon didn't list 60 fps in features. It has to be 60 fps, its on the freaking ps4 for christ sakes. tomb raider did so can this game. espeically since tomb raider is practially way bigger and looks just as good.
adventureghost124  +   672d ago
It probably will, they just need a little more time to perfect it
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weirdo  +   672d ago
day one! i'm happy to pay full price for perfection.
Dlacy13g  +   672d ago
I am happy for those who didn't have a PS3 but now have a PS4 and will get to play this great game but I still just can't help feeling these remastered and HD re-releases to "next gen" are the exact reason why we didn't get Backwards Compatibility. It's good that they include all the DLC but a full $60 for a last year release is such a tough pill.
CrossingEden  +   672d ago
Hopefully they made some enemy AI improvements and not just graphical improvements. And 60fps wouldn't be asking for too much either..
No_Limit  +   672d ago
$59.99!! I'll wait for it to reach $40 before buying as I already beat it like three times already. Great game but I think remastered games should be no more than $40.

But for those of you thinking about upgrading and is willing to pay the $60 to get the PS4 version, I would try to trade the PS3 version in to Best Buy or Gamestop to get as much value as you can before the price drop, which will be soon I believed.

No mention of 60fps on the Amazon product page though. Hopefully it is 60fps by the time it is released.
Details from Amazon webpage.

The Last of Us Remastered

Release TBA
1080p resolution
Higher resolution character models
Improved shadows and lighting
Several other gameplay improvements
Includes: Abandoned Territories Map Pack
Includes: Reclaimed Territories Map Pack
Includes: The Last of Us: Left Behind single-player campaign
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SnotyTheRocket  +   672d ago
I've beaten the game more than 5 time, and I'll be damn sure to buy this.
PlayTheGameBro  +   672d ago
Great. Didn't have a ps3 last gen. Will be getting this day 1. Now we need Rockstar to confirm existance/non-existance of GTAV on PC and current gen consoles.
fluxmulder  +   672d ago
Maybe they can inject some fun into it this time.
BeAGamer  +   672d ago
jmac53  +   672d ago
First dip for me! Really excited for this!
kenshiro100  +   672d ago
Good for people who haven't played it yet.
Convas  +   672d ago
60FPS is surely confi-

*No Mention of 60FPS*

Oh. That is disappointing.

Still interested, but damn. 1080p60 would've been a very marked leap from the PS3 version.
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hankmoody  +   672d ago
I'd recommend this to those who can't get enough of the game and those who have yet to experience the game. If I had a PS4, I'd skip it mainly because I had no desire to play through the game again when I was done with it, save for the beginning. The game doesn't really have a high replay value as far as I'm concerned.
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   672d ago
ive nvr played it so maybe I'll get this version
Patrick_pk44  +   672d ago
I've been with Sony day one, however, this board is filled with delusional fanboys. If you think a $60 price tag is acceptable, it isn't. Sony should allow those who have bought the PS3 version to have the $10 upgrade to PS4. And don't try to defend it by stating it comes with all the dlc, which someone can easily buy the game and the season pass for about $30.
Audiggity  +   672d ago
I agree. Remastering titles is fine, but, charging full price is not. A "trade-up" program should be administered.

IF you trade-in the game you should get $30-$40 towards the new edition

IF you digitally purchased it, same deal, but for the digital version.

If you already traded it or just rented it, you would be $hit out of luck...

Personally, I'm fine w/ $60 because I haven't had a Playstation since PS1. This title will be the reason I get a PS4.
KinjoTakemura  +   672d ago
I'm sure Sony will have the PS4 version for rent on Playstation Now. Don't you think?
MegaRay  +   672d ago
I totally agree! I mean seriously, they wont add anything.
Now if this PSASBR and they port it to PS4 and added crash and other highly requested 3rd party characters.
Ill happily buy it for $60+
kenshiro100  +   672d ago
You're not being forced to buy it. Just a thought.
MasterCornholio  +   672d ago
Going to buy this.

JakeTyler93  +   672d ago
It is kind of crazy. It came out over a year ago. You're not getting anything free. 30 dollar game and 30 dollar dlc. How can they say you're saving money?
Audiggity  +   672d ago
Sweet. I said that if they remastered TLOU for PS4, I'd buy the console. A month or two ago they were tons of naysayers on here saying it would never happen.

Boom, here it is.

And Boom, I'll be $500 in the red now.
KinjoTakemura  +   672d ago
Just call me a fool. I paid for it for PS3, gave my ps3 and the game away before I finished and i've pre-ordered the game from Amazon for 59.99. Am I a fool for paying for the game twice? Maybe. But in this case, ignorance is truly bliss.
Skate-AK  +   671d ago
It's coming!!'

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