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Ryse-ing to the Occasion

A Retrospective look at Ryse and how video game reviews change our opinions (Ryse: Son of Rome, Xbox One)

UnHoly_One  +   512d ago
Good article.

I loved Ryse.

With multiple playthroughs of the campaign, and being over level 120 in multiplayer, I'm not ashamed to admit I have spent over 100 hours on it so far.

And there is still more season pass DLC coming. :)
Negative77  +   512d ago
I agree. While I'm only halfway through the campaign I am enjoying it a lot. Enjoyable gameplay and gorgeous graphics!!!!
tokugawa  +   512d ago
ryse was one of the reasons i kept my bone preorder. i really enjoyed and hope that there will be a sequel
Dlacy13g  +   512d ago
I have been dabbling in the Solo Arena play in the MP section of late... holy hell I am finding that challenging. Getting surrounded by 10 guys and having to fend off multiple attacks at once with out regenerating health is brutal.

Ryse truly is an under appreciated gem from launch.
Convas  +   512d ago
Imagine what Crytek could do with a full development slot and the improved SDK/DX12 toolset.

UnHoly_One  +   512d ago
Solo Arena is tough with the starting gear.

It's much better and more fun in co-op, not to mention there is a lot more variety in the maps, as only 4 of them are playable solo.
marlinfan10  +   512d ago
unholy gets disagrees for saying he likes a game, what a surprise.
UnHoly_One  +   512d ago
It's an Xbox game, of course I got disagrees.

People love to hate Ryse, for whatever reason.

Everyone saw QTE's in the original demo and automatically condemned it.

I don't understand it, but whatever.
starchild  +   512d ago
Cool. You guys are making me think about getting an Xbox One.
eferreira  +   512d ago
Had this game since december, haven't even opened it yet. I will when I find time
Godz Kastro  +   512d ago
Its a shame... I actually allowed reviews to stop me from getting this game. However my good xbox live friends didnt stop badgering me until i picked it up.

Man am I glad I listened to them. The visuals made me realize I was playing a next gen game and the story game play were sooooo much better than reviewers made it out to be.

I think they have an EXCELLENT combat system that can only get better with a sequel which I am looking forward to already. Especially since they brought on a god of war heavy hitter onto the team. Get this game people, it rocks! Needless to say I am starting to change my views on reviews.
No_Limit  +   512d ago
Ryse really surprise me. Maybe I am old school but I enjoyed the likes of Golden Axe, Streets of Raqe and God of War. The combat in this game is repetitive but exciting at the same time. When trying to use different tactics and angles to your advantage over 5-6 enemies at a time and the satisfaction of pulling off kills is a great feeling of accomplishment. The acting, graphics, and set pieces are all superb in my view and it is the best looking First wave game so far. Critics will bash it because they expect more but as far as an action hack and slash game, I think it is a solid game. It just needed more enemy variety and a bit longer to give it a bit more value and hopefully a sequel is in the work and we can get to see the improvement.
Sayburr  +   512d ago
I borrowed Ryse, thinking I wouldn't like it because of all of the reviews... but I found the game quite enjoyable to play and well worth the time and effort to play. I still don't own it, but if it ever gets priced at say $20 I will be very happy to buy it to playthrough again.
incendy35  +   512d ago
Loved Ryse, the story arch around Damocles is done so well. Definitely makes you feel like a bad man haha. I did have some issues with other parts of the story telling, especially the part around his family. Wish we had gotten to know them better to make that segment more impactful. The combat is awesome, especially the blocking mechanism, they nailed it. Gameplay overall has a very nice rhythm.

I would probably give it around an 8.5 overall. Compelling story, compelling characters, great combat, best graphics currently available on any system. A must play game, has to be experienced but maybe best to rent it, which is what I recommend for most story based games.
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ultralow  +   512d ago
i picked up an xbone 3days ago pick up ryse,dr3,forza5,ki....now ryse i love it better than i was thinking
Jide  +   512d ago
Will definitely pick it up when I get my xbox one. On my list of must buy
Skate-AK  +   512d ago
Never played it but it is a very good looking game.
urwifeminder  +   512d ago
I have not finished it due to Forza 5 same as dead rising but I do think its fun , just a car head & now with new F5 dlc it will be a while.

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