Global Weekly, 29th March 2014

PS4 175,589 (-17%) 6,736,858
3DS 146,258 (+21%) 43,847,031
XOne 91,829 (-18%) 4,113,211
PSV 73,716 (+1%) 8,007,379
PS3 65,136 (+8%) 81,630,648
WiiU 40,771 (+5%) 5,969,313
X360 30,723 (+5%) 80,514,458
PSP 13,784 (+14%) 80,503,335
Wii 10,771 (+16%) 100,573,432

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5eriously1228d ago

PS4 1.9* XBone globally. Interesting numbers. This at a time with major game releases so if we look back and reconsider these numbers we have to conclude that Titanfall did not do much or rather enough to stem the PS4 domination globally as was expected by most rational thinkers.

adorie1228d ago (Edited 1228d ago )

I actually thought it'd boost' bone sales by 900-1.5mil.

That's with splashed ads in major cities, sponsored ads at major events, internet hype train and two of the biggest games publishers "making sure" it will succeed.

I'm surprised, actually.

Right,Pandaboy. We have yet to get solid numbers from MS? I haven't seen any. I hadn't taken bundling into account and the price cuts on the game and console, before and during launch week.

pandaboy1228d ago

It was also bundled for free with every console so I'm surprised both Titanfall sales and Xbox1 sales were not higher this month. It flopped taking into consideration the hype.

shivvy241228d ago

I'm glad the vita is doing great, wanna see more AAA support from sony

truefan11228d ago (Edited 1228d ago )

Since everyone wants to talk about Titanfall, it definitely did is job. Nearly a 40% attach rate according to vgcgartz, probably even higher. Since the Titanfall beta week ended Feb 22, 597631 consoles have been sold in basically 2 countries. That's 100000 per week for US and UK with TF and PvZ being the only 2 games released. The hype you guys talk about was lead by the SDF constantly trying to downplay it and people that actually played it praising it. Infamous had the same amount of commercials as Titanfall. For XB1 alone they are already nearing 2 million and counting. Also if you guys want to talk about the bundle, people are essentially paying 450 for titanfall, so don't use that as an excuse, this is not like knack being bundled.

Also i can't wait for year end, add those additional 30+ counties including CHINA, that could make up 1 million sales. Of course not proportional, I'm talking total. China is a big wildcard, people may buy consoles just because they can legally for the first time in over 10 years. I expect XB1 to be the most successful console over there for obvious reasons.

This is hilarious, not one complaint about the validity of vgchartz. I guess their validity is on a week to week basis.

PS if you haven't noticed I really enjoy getting disagrees, it let's me know I'm making sense by striking a nerve.

scott1821228d ago

Wow, Sony still doing great; Nintendo also. Good job to them.

GribbleGrunger1228d ago (Edited 1228d ago )

@truefan1: There you go again. You ARE just making stuff up as you go along to suit your argument. We constantly got articles and comments about how Infamous wasn't being promoted and here you are saying it was promoted equally as well just to prove your point. You have no credibility at all.

And for goodness sake quit it with the argument about the X1 not releasing in as many countries. In the countries it IS released in it's getting beaten by the PS4. That 2.6 million lead will expand every week so you'd better just get used to it and use your console for the reason you bought it: To play games.

GarrusVakarian1228d ago (Edited 1228d ago )


No, you get disagrees because you're plain wrong, don't try and twist your own disagrees into positives, that's insane.

Now, check out this hypocrisy -

"Nearly a 40% attach rate according to vgcgartz, probably even higher. "

" not one complaint about the validity of vgchartz. I guess their validity is on a week to week basis."

So VGChartz is valid when it comes to stating Titanfall's attachment rate, but not when it shows the PS4 beating the X1 in sales? Hypocrite much?

" Infamous had the same amount of commercials as Titanfall."

No it did not, that is a lie and you know it. TF had a WAY larger advertising/marketing campaign than Infamous SS......ridiculously larger. Stop making things up in order to spin facts. Just accept the fact that, according to VGChartz, Infamous has almost sold as many copies as TF in the US....for a SP-only game to do that against a mass appeal MP FPS that has been touted as the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ and the game that will revolutionise the FPS genre, despite launching a week after, is a great achievement.

You need to step up your game, you are constantly making stuff up and contradicting yourself in your comments. Although ive always disagreed with you, you *used* to actually put effort into your comments, now you just spew random BS and make things up/troll.

Xsilver1228d ago (Edited 1228d ago )

@Truefan of Xbox
"PS if you haven't noticed I really enjoy getting disagrees, it let's me know I'm making sense by striking a nerve"

awwwwwww whatever you say you poor thing:3

SO your telling me that your telling me that You're waiting til the End of the Year for Xone to Launch in other countries :/. Ok PS4 already launched in those Countries So everyone's gonna have a PS4 by then So what makes you think Xone will do well there when the Majority of Gamers in those Countries will already Have PS4's unless you think there gonna wait months for Xone, and Now you think that Xone will be the most Successful in China For What again?

"The PS2 didn't make its original launch date. Instead, Sony waited till 2004 to launch the PS2 in China. Even then, there were issues with game releases, which also required government approval. In total, ten games were released for the PS2 in China—the PS2 was also launched in Hong Kong and Taiwan at around the same time, but with over 300 titles."

I don't know if this is still the Case But games might still have to be approved by the GOV in China which will lead to a limited library of games for those consoles So lower Demand. So i wouldn't bet on China if i were you.

NewMonday1228d ago

today Sony announced inFAMOUS:SS sold over 1 million in just 9 days

but VGChartz still list it 930k in 2 weeks, just proves you can't trust them, they don't have any real sales data.

johndoe112111228d ago


Glad to hear that, in that case please accept my disagree in helping you make even more sense.

fr0sty1228d ago (Edited 1228d ago )

Guys, just -bub truefanboy for trolling to hide his blind ignorance, hypocrisy, and lies.

kenshiro1001228d ago

Here truefan, let me add another disagree. Your wild conspiracy theories are really getting out of hand.

solidjun51228d ago

"Infamous had the same amount of commercials as Titanfall...."

And i'm going to stop reading that. You just made that up. Essentially, you're a liar.

frankdrebin721228d ago (Edited 1228d ago )

to be honest i have no intrest in infamous...thats my opinion, you guys have one about titanfall.
i havent even played infamous nor want to,..again my choice so i aint going to trash talk a game i havent played,...yet a lot of hate for titanfall ...this is strange,..i understand your choice of not wanting to play it,..but to rubbish a game you never played is indeed a strange one....
titanfall as i stated before has more replay its multi player.
infamous hasnt multi player,..thus logic would say that once you played both versions,..the "fun" aspect would disperse??
i honestly wonder that the great sales both have enjoyed,..and infamous has helped the ps4 drought,...i wonder what the actual figures from a legit source would say which game has been played the most hours??..which game has had the most trade in for another game??
i know that once i play a game through its the multi player that keeps me playing it,..and thus the price of the game is worth it...and i get "my moneys worth"
just my humble opinion.

SilentNegotiator1228d ago


People weren't betting on Titanfall's high attach rate - Wii U has some high attach rates on games but no one wants to be in Nintendo's position with home consoles - people were betting on it expanding Xbone's userbase.

Sarcasm1228d ago

Also the price cuts down to $450

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No_Limit1228d ago (Edited 1228d ago )

Actually it did. This is the third week of Titanfall release so the figures will of course drop down to pretty much normal but if you look at the release week, it increases the Xbox One total to 108% at 155,000 units sold and was the best selling console in the World during the launch week. So Titanfall did its job, so has inFamous on PS4. Now it is just back to normal sales figure as the PS4 is more popular worldwide and is released in way more territories.

Edit @xHeavYx below,
"you still have a hard time finding it because it's SELLING, on the other hand, you can find Xbox Ones everywhere "

LOL, You been living in a cave? The PS4 has been widely available in stores for like a month now. You can find it practically anywhere.

Here take a look if you don't believe me

xHeavYx1228d ago (Edited 1228d ago )

It doesn't matter in how many more territories the PS4 released, you still have a hard time finding it because it's SELLING, on the other hand, you can find Xbox Ones everywhere
Besides, the PS4 is outselling the One in every territory where both consoles released, so nothing would change

CaptainSellers1228d ago (Edited 1228d ago )

Here no_limit

Have some salt

Drekken1228d ago

I will give you credit for sticking to your guns. You are definitely consistent.

I have never once seen a PS4 in stock in any retail store I have been in... I have seen plenty of XBoxes.

You must be living in a cave to think that the Xbox is selling well. The PS4 is just a more desirable console this gen worldwide. Titanfall was a blip on the map for the Xbox. Go read about it on the internet. Cheats, exploits, and plenty of people telling their story about how bored they are with it.

Not like anything I could say would sway you. Stay strong.

Sarcasm1228d ago

The Xbox One is widely excessive available at any retail store.

The PS4 though is available at some stores. I wouldn't say widely available.

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Hicken1228d ago

It's a USA focused game on a USA focused console.

thrust1228d ago

MS really needs to hurry up and release the console everywhere!

InTheLab1228d ago

Most of its features only work in the US

SniperControl1228d ago (Edited 1228d ago )

And do what?

The Xbox brand only does well in two regions that is the USA and the UK(which accounted for the bulk of sales for the 360), the rest of the world is Playstation orientated.

I'am afraid the X1 is going struggle to sell everywhere else, I think MS are acutely aware of this.

Shame though, as I think the X1 is a good console(looking forward to getting mine soon)

thrust1228d ago

Am in uk beta program and have all the features they are coming the trust me and they work pretty good!

Mr_Writer851228d ago

They would if the demand was there.

Why would you cut the supply in a country where there IS demand.

To sell consoles in a country with no/very little demand?

Why do you think Sony held back from Japan?

Well the fact it shitting all over the X1 shows why.

chrisarsenalsavart1228d ago

Yeah, because they re gonna sell so many X1 more in Denmark, Holland...etc
Face palm

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GT671228d ago

One game don't boost consoles sales anymore these days.
which mean Titanfall did not do much as expected.

SilentNegotiator1228d ago

So basically, PS4 and Xbone were neck and neck in the US, but PS4 just about doubled Xbone in WW figures. Xbone only got ~30K in non-US regions; wow.

Magicite1228d ago

Just imagine if Titanfall wouldnt launch this early this year or if it would be available also on PS4, then X720 would be obliterated.

calis1228d ago

What surprises me is the different in the PS3 and the 360.

PS3 still selling decently, but the 360 has dropped.