In History of 2K’s Games Borderlands 2 Become Best-Selling Game Ever

FunkyDesert: A year ago, 2k Games guardian organization Take-Two Interactive published that Borderlands 2 had delivered 7.5 million copies and was poised to turn into 2k’s top rated game ever

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Nolando1475d ago

I should probably pick this up eventually...

Zancruz1475d ago

IF you got a PS3 I think it's still free with Plus...

3-4-51475d ago

Getting this for Vita in a few weeks. Can't wait.

HacSawJimThugin1475d ago

As much as I love BL2, don't want to see this franchise become COD in terms of milking. The pre sequel kinda feels like that but I hope that a proper sequel will come next and not some super DLC disguised as a full retail release.

Massacred1474d ago

Right there with you.

Moreover, this new game will have to do so much in order to justify itself. Just look at video game prequels, they range from mediocre to forgettable ie Arkham Origins and God of War Ascension.

Blacklash931475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

It is a great game, other than the drop rates for rare items being gimped and never fixed. Despite the ridiculous milking, BL2 is one of my favorite games in the past few years.

Blacklash931475d ago

Four Season Pass DLCs, 2 DLC classes, 4 $5 Headhunter DLCs, a ton of DLC costumes, and re-selling of special edition and all pre-order content bonuses. Not to mention the paid level cap, item rarity, and new difficulty DLC. Not to mention they half-assed a lot of it by outsourcing the development.

They really dragged out the DLC production beyond the initial plans they laid out for us. That's the milking.

roland821475d ago

2 games since 2009 is ridiculous milking?

diesoft1475d ago

I think he's talking about the amount of DLC and $30 season pass that make it feel like a lot more "milking" than just BL2 by itself.

air11475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

Ssoooo too much dlc for the fan base is milking now?

God some gamers are truly beyond fickle.... Too much dlc, not enough dlc it's like devs just can't win with ppl like you.

I'm sure they are sorry for giving you a lot of content to choose from. IMO milking is releasing a game not dlc every year and the perfect example is cod..

And IMO when you hit sales like that debs should keep the experience fresh for the millions that enjoy it with dlc instead of rushing out the next game that feels like it could have been dlc.

Blacklash931474d ago

Where have I ever said not enough DLC for a game? How am I being fickle outside of your baseless and false assumptions?

air11474d ago

Obviously you didn't say it wasn't enough dlc I was clearly speaking in general so what are you trying yo say no one has ever complained that dlc wasn't enough before..

How are you being fickle? Lol you don't even see it do you?

Ridiculous is a pretty strong word and you're saying that bl2 is being ridiculously milked as if a full game is being released every year like cod. You are complaining about devs supporting the game beyond their original plans as if it's a bad thing.

It's an option bro... And I would much rather them support the game with dlc, as long as it's at least decent dlc, than for them to put out a full game that should have been dlc..

Blacklash931474d ago

"Lol you don't even see it do you?"

I assume you have no real answer then. I did not change my attitude or opinion at all. That's what fickle is, in case you acutally didn't know.

I never even brought up Call of Duty, and I mentioned them going beyond their original DLC plans because it was the point it started going overboard. I talked about Borderlands 2, as a standalone title with its add-ons, bieng greatly milked out. And you know what solidifies that? Gearbox put little effort into them, and outsourced most of the major DLCs without forewarning.

Seriously, stop twisting and assuming my words to be what you want them to be.

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Skate-AK1475d ago

7.5 million is a lot. Never knew that.