Cliff Bleszinski Outlines Plans for VR Title

VRFocus - Former Epic Games developer and Oculus VR investor Cliff Bleszinski has outlined plans for possibly developing a virtual reality (VR) videogame in the future. The developer confirmed that he would like to start testing potential VR titles with a handful of people, perhaps after the release of a non-VR videogame and potentially even shift over to being a VR focused developer should his team ‘hit gold’.

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CorndogBurglar837d ago

Shut up, Cliff Jablonski

Can't stand that guy.

xx4xx837d ago

The more this guy talks, the more I get the vibe that he won't deliver a game anytime soon.

Cool concept art does not make a cool game....and all we've seen is concept art.

TRS_Gear837d ago

I really like Cliff. People can say what they want about the way he presents himself. But its hard to disregard what he has brought to the industry. He is a brilliant mind.

starchild837d ago

He seems like an intelligent and down to earth guy. I really have no clue why some people dislike him. I think it is just one of those trendy bandwagon things.

MysticStrummer837d ago

His VR title won't be available in most western countries because it will involve pleasuring a virtual Cliff.

D3ATH_DRIV3R_777837d ago ImmatureShow