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Kingthrash3601347d ago (Edited 1347d ago )

i'm gearing up for another play thru! the ps3 version had pretty good particle affects and lighting..just thinking of a ps4 version is ju.....*brain-splosion*....

Abriael1347d ago

The cat is out of the bag :D

morganfell1347d ago

And I think it is likely the cat got out because Sony intentionally opened the door and let the cat out. I have been through the game twice already and will rebuy.

And if Gaf is anything to go by, the thread over there that is blowing up at the moment readily demonstrates most previoius owners are like me and willing to double dip. For many first comers it is a must buy and a system seller for the rest.

jujubee881347d ago

Internets and cats are like PB&J!

Abriael1347d ago

@morganfell: not sure about that. Sony just seems full of holes. Remember when they did pretty much the same with the new video of watch dogs and the release date about a week before they were actually announced?

ZodTheRipper1347d ago (Edited 1347d ago )

Strange ...even though I played through it 3,5 times (and then sold my PS3) I am still excited about it :D
In my opinion it's still the best game ever made and thanks to it's gameplay it's fun to play through even multiple times. Hopefully the DLC is included as I missed all of them.

miyamoto1347d ago (Edited 1347d ago )

The Last of Us: The Most Awarded Video Game of All Time is gonna get some MORE and even MORE awards!

Uncharted Trilogy Remastered: Imminent!

Farsendor11347d ago

i know im excited i didnt have a ps3 when the last of us came out so playing it on the ps4 is going to feel like a totally new game to me.

morganfell1347d ago

Abriael, I do remember. And I think more of these actions are intentional than people realize.

It is similar in nature to the instances of some of these "unknown insiders". Not the ones like Thuway whom we know by name, but others. I have pondered the genius nature of having such a person actually working for a company. They leak an idea, people respond positively, the company goes ahead with the idea. People react negatively? Well, its just an insider that was wrong. Free market research with no impact or reflection on the company for choosing a poor direction from which they are now free to back away without the consequence of flip flopping.

As regards these web mistakes and mis-postings, it is rather obvious that such matters are intentional, very deliberate actions. This isn't Timmy the web administrator who isn't aware of the impact of TLOU on the PS4 so he throws it up on the site. "Oh, I thought everyone knew and this was already out."

Although much has been speculated regarding a new gen version of TLOU, other than ND stating the engine would be used on the PS4 for upcoming titles and their models and artwork had to be downscaled for the PS3, there hasn't been a great deal of true, tangible evidence of a PS4 version. It isn't like Morpheus where you could place a solid bet without fear of losing. If you look at the speculation on which TLOU PS4 articles have thus far been based it is less concrete than the image of toast Jesus. Everyone can say they were sure it was going to happen but when you ask them for real evidence that TLOU was coming to the PS4, proof becomes somewhat anorexic. Comments such as those by Eric (Monacelli) were taken out of context and often omit his follow on remark in the same PS Blog post on which many have founded their beliefs.

I mention the above because what we have is, once you remove all the unfounded speculation, a shot out of left field. So it isn't something that seemed so possible, so known that a accidental posting was made by a web administrator.

In addition, the approval process for such adjustments/additions to the site and store related items, particularly since the PS3 security issues, is more extensive and layered than most realize.

Sony just generated a ton of interest in the PS4 without having to commit to a release date. Its quite a smart move actually. If they need to delay the project they can. In light of the leak I would say it is a sure thing but one which Sony can release at will.

whothedog1347d ago

Or the Dog... is out of the ehhhhhhh

Yi-Long1347d ago

Please be uncensored this time... Please be uncensored this time... Please be uncensored this time... Please be uncensored this time... Please be uncensored this time... Please be uncensored this time...

Never picked up the PS3 version here in Holland because of the censorship.

Eonjay1347d ago

For goodness sake... somewhere in Turkey a Sony Executive is doing a face palm an is wondering why his official announcement wasn't "official" enough for some folks. Maybe we need to get off our high horse and recognize the rest of humanity.

FriedGoat1347d ago

I will buy this again, but i REALLY god damn hope they learn from Censoring it in the EU last time.

UltraNova1347d ago

Is it me or 60 is way too much for a remaster?

I mean common guys you accept shit once, shit is the only thing you're getting from then on.


Maybe he got banned by their Prime minister as well..?

gatormatt801347d ago


If the PS3 version was censored in your country then more than likely so will the PS4 version. That's not a failure of the game though, that's a failure of your country's government. I would import if I were you. It would be worth it.

LordMaim1347d ago

@UltraNova: Is it really a remaster though? I doubt they had to go back to the drawing board only a year after the release of the game. Theoretically they could have been working on both versions simultaneously and just used lower poly models / smaller textures for the PS3 version.

UltraNova1347d ago (Edited 1347d ago )


Whether they've been working simultaneously or not for both next and old gen has nothing to do with re-releasing a prettier version of a year old game with a full price.

Remastering the game adding the DLC should come at 40 dollars maximum.

Tomb raider was 45 if I remember correctly and still felt like a ripoff cause actually it was.

The only case where I consider this to be ok is for the 360 guys who jumped ship to Sony and its their chance to experience what a truly awesome exclusive feels like.

If it turns out to be 60 I will be disappointed but only because I'm compelled to buy it again and play it for the 3rd time with better graphics.

UnHoly_One1347d ago

Ultranova, I thought that Tomb Raider "definitive edition" was full price at 60.

And I know for sure that I remember nearly EVERYONE complaining about it.

Not sure why this game would get a pass for doing the same thing, except because well, you know... It's Sony, so.... All hail.

Sevir1347d ago

What this tells me is that Uncharted for PS4 is a 2014 release! If this is coming to PS4 this year then this is a trial run to see how well the PS4 handles this game... I'm expecting the Tomb Raider definitive edition treatment with ND's Own industry setting standard, which will be a precursor for a blown from the ground up next gen NaughtyDog game.

Can't wait!

AceBlazer131347d ago

Feel kinda bad for the first guy that i called a liar who reported this. Lol his fault should've had pics.

Army_of_Darkness1347d ago

I hope they put extra effort into this like tomb raider DE... 1080p/@60fps for the laST of US will be absolutely ridiculous!

Lord_Sloth1347d ago

Guess I must catch it again.

*gets catnip*

zippycup1347d ago

i though Schrödinger's cat was in a box not a bag


This whole remastering thing is getting out of hand, but TLOU? Count me in! Not just a great single player, but it's THE multiplayer I miss the most since I sold the game (along with Socom Confrontation, but that was because of the friends, the game itself wasn't that good).

UltraNova1346d ago (Edited 1346d ago )


To clarify on my mistake. I live in the EU where the game (Tomb Raider DE)costs 45 euros, thats 60 in dollars. New games here where I live cost between 60-70 euros!

And NO 60 dollars which equates 60 in euros (EU import laws and shit inflate prices like crazy) is not acceptable for an old game by no means.

I will buy it but pre-owned. Its a must have for the ps4 I just need to see what ND did with that engine on the ps4 period .Plus I haven't played any of the DLC.

My 2 cents.

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Thatguy-3101347d ago (Edited 1347d ago )

Freaking psyched lol Even though I played through it countless of times I'm psyched on what new things they'll improve on. I'm happy simply because of the multiplayer. Hopefully more people take notice of it because it's really good.

Fez1347d ago

Yeh the multiplayer is great, very tense and rewarding! Could do with some more game modes and maps but still a fun and unique experience.

I wonder how much effort it takes to port a game built for PS3 to PS4 with the different architectures? I guess the more powerful hardware helps to reduce the amount of optimization required. Will be interesting to see what, if any, content, fps and graphic additions are made.

Rickgrimes951347d ago

Imagine the gameplay having the same fidelity as cutscenes

fardan851347d ago

If I can upgrade to PS4 ver then I'll get it the day it comes out.

colonel1791347d ago (Edited 1347d ago )

I wonder two things:

1) How much of an improvement will it be? Tomb Raider was a nice improvement, but nothing actually impressive at all. Hopefully there's more to it than just 1080p/60fps and DLC included.

2) Who was in charge of the remaster? Was it Naughty Dog or was some other developer?

Outsider-G1347d ago (Edited 1347d ago )

We'll be seeing those questions answered soon I would say. Perhaps Naughty Dog will address these concerns on the Playstation Blog.

GarrusVakarian1347d ago (Edited 1347d ago )

I actually thought Tomb Raider was pretty impressive on PS4. The graphics were really good at times.

On topic, i don't think we will see much difference apart from it being 1080p 60fps, maybe with some small extras. Frankly, that would be plenty difference for me. In my opinion, despite it being a PS3 game, TLOU would be the best game out on any next gen console if it released on PS4.

Will definitely double dip. I advise anyone who has yet to play this masterpiece to pick it up for PS4 when you get the chance.

Jeff2571347d ago

Beyond visuals it would be awesome if the enemies used a more advanced AI. If they could somehow make the enemies change up their patrols on every playthrough it would make for a very interesting time. I may be asking for too much but maybe they did ramp up more than just the visuals bringing it over to the PS4.

Salooh1347d ago

I don't want them to waste their time on the last of us. Just want a fast port. Let them shock us with graphics in their new games. Don't ruin the wow factor over something you already played :D.

I'm buying it for the multiplayer though. That's what i want lol ...

DrJones1347d ago (Edited 1347d ago )

If your not impressed by the Tomb Raider remake at all, then you are in for a disappointment this gen. The definitive edition was a huge overhaul from the original console versions. Maybe not according to your atandards, but if that's the case, your standards are too high. Not too say that remakes can't be better than the Tomb Raider Definitive edition, just don't take it for granted.

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Back-to-Back1347d ago

Got the Platinum about 1 month ago. The online was a big grind, but I enjoyed it.

If you were an XBox 360 guy last gen and switchED to ps4 BUY THIS GAME NOW!!!!!

I personally am going to wait for a ps+ sale. That will give me a break and ill able to appreciate it again in a few months.

BRING ON E3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

showtimefolks1347d ago (Edited 1347d ago )

Can't wait to buy it day one to support ND again. this is excellent news for those who didn't have a ps3, so now they can pick up the best version with all the DLC

I watched a lot of interviews and ND always said not enough memory to get the AI to where they wanted it to be, i hope they fix that now with PS4's much bigger memory size

to those who have not played it and have a PS4 please do yourself a favor, give yourself this game as a gift and enjoy it. Its one of those games everyone must experience

25 years of playing games and this game is on my personal #1

Xer0_SiN1347d ago

it was a day one buy for me on ps3 and will be again for me on ps4. no hesitation, one of the best games i played in a while.

aaron58291347d ago

I've platinum-ed the PS3 version. And i'm gonna platinum it again on the PS4 !! And maybe this game might just pursuade me to get the PS+ !! I loved the MP of this game !!

Magicite1347d ago

My head goes boom just of thinking!

geddesmond1347d ago

The last of us is a grea game however improved graphics does not justify a rebuy for me.

Patrick_pk441347d ago

I won't be playing due to another full retail price tag when I bought it day one on my PS3. This better apply for that $10 upgrade from PS3 to PS4

Christopher1347d ago (Edited 1347d ago )

Pointless at this time, IMHO. We need more exclusive and new content, not more ports.

Just hope the new games being announced for PS3/360 release later this year make their way to PS4/XBO as well. We need to make sure all platforms are getting the best support and not just ports from games put out less than a year ago and already played by the majority of people who would play them in the first place.

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gillri1347d ago

Completed this 3 times and was always gonna play it through a 4th time with the DLC on the PS3, I will now wait until this comes out

aksmashh1347d ago

Jus completed the dlc! And it's definitely worth the money!

Looks like I can get rid of my ps3 now!!!

mrpsychoticstalker1347d ago

Why do we need this? Just go ahead andmake the last of us 2 already. Yes great game but this only delayes the sequel.

Emilio_Estevez1347d ago

I agree, but unfortunately the internet in general does not.

People have been asking for it over and over and flat out saying they would buy it again.

$ for devs and a often requested game for fans is a win, win. Just hope it doesn't slow down other projects making this one happen.

DevilishSix1347d ago (Edited 1347d ago )

Shouldn't delay sequel if that is what ND plans on doing. Often times another developer works the remastered or port versions. Like the great job Bluepoint Games did with the GOW 1 & 2 collection, the Metal Gear Collection, and the Titanfall 360 port.
ND likely has higher def assets to the game originally and scaled it down to the hardware or at least many developers do it that way.
Anyways I will support this great game and ND by getting a PS4 version.

Xandet1347d ago

I will gladly double-dip.

ArbitorChief1347d ago (Edited 1347d ago )

I'd definitely buy this, loved the Last of Us, one of the best games last generation, although $60 for the same game I beat last year... I dunno, I think I'll wait for a price drop, unless the game has some new content that wasn't in the DLC or original game, then I'd consider buying it at full price.

BluEx6101347d ago

Yeah normally I dislike the $60 price tag for a remastered game. But damn this game was so good, I don't know if I have the will power to wait for a price drop. Very excited to play this again and see what the improvements are. 60 FPS and 1080p??

ArbitorChief1347d ago

Hahaha I'm right with you, it'll be hard to ignore it as Last of Us is so good, even at $60.

diehardmetallicafan1347d ago

being a collector, i'd buy the ps4 version just to add it to the collection on the shelf. i am kind of hoping to be able to earn all the trophies again for the ps4 version though.

Jeff2571347d ago

I played an beat it once on my PS3. I had started a second playthrough but never got the DLC. If this is true then I will gladly buy it again for the PS4. It is a game that is well worth the money and something every gamer should try.