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New Battlefield 4 Platoons Update Makes It Easier to Play Together, Patch Notes

MP1st - Battlefield 4 developer DICE is making a few improvements to the game’s Platoon feature, implemented last February. (Battlefield 4, PC)

Criminal  +   479d ago
I'm glad DICE is releasing so many patches for BF4, but they should have got it right from the get go with a few patches.
showtimefolks  +   479d ago
so people who will pick this game come this fall will actually get the game BF4 was intended to be while everyone who bought it at launch became game testers for a game in Beta

next gen where games will be launched when not ready but will keep releasing patches to fix stuff only for the game to be ready a year later for those picking it up for $15-20 bucks and getting to enjoy the full package

and these so called gaming journalists didn't had the balls to say anything negative about BF4 problems because EA wrote big enough checks for their site's advertisement
zeee  +   479d ago
Each patch brings new glitches as well.
showtimefolks  +   479d ago

lol so they need to release a patch for another problem that was caused by them releasing their last patch lol
angelsx  +   479d ago
Fix the rubber banding first.
KwietStorm  +   479d ago
DICE doesn't program Battlelog.
okmrman  +   474d ago
dumb comment
you have no clue what he is talking about
NintendoYouth  +   479d ago
I actually am happy I bought BF4/premium.
when its working its phenomenal.

as of right now the rubber banding on Naval Strike is pretty awful.

NintendoYouth on PS4
KwietStorm  +   479d ago
Play on either Asia or Test servers for now.
SpitFireAce85  +   479d ago
how do u play on test servers... where do i find
them ?
Skate-AK  +   479d ago
Fix the freezing.
Utalkin2me  +   479d ago
Im assuming you're on PC?
Skate-AK  +   479d ago
Nope. PS3. Can only play 2 matches and then it freezes. So I stopped playing altogether. Been like this since Second Assault launched. I didn't have any of the problems people complained about Nov-Jan. No rubber-banding or anything. I would buy premium if I could actually play. Heard the DLC maps don't freeze but I won't buy any until the core maps work.
SonyKong64  +   479d ago
GIVE ME 32 and 48 player conquest!! damn you ea, damn you..

I'm sick to DEATH of 64 player rubber banding.

I'll join a match with 24 players, five mins later it's full and i can't shoot a thing, I quit, join another room with 9 players, 6 mins later it's full and I'm rubber banding again = /

rinse repeat, sad..
zeee  +   479d ago
^ this
ExPresident  +   479d ago
They still don't get it. I wanna be able to jump into a game with a squad, not just join on someone. You know DICE... so we can do 5 v 5 defuse as clans...

This isn't a new concept.
rxl209  +   479d ago
5 months later and single player still gets erased, ill never buy a dice game again
swishersweets20031  +   479d ago
They just don't get it. No one on console gives a damn about going to their website to do things that should be in game battlelog. This stuffs only useful if you have a tablet, iphone ect. Make the presets n load outs work IN THE GAME!!!!!!!
Farsendor1  +   479d ago
this should have been a feature included at launch.
BOBBYMC  +   479d ago
Well lets hope the bugs are getting a quick, but also a permanent fix. I think they should have waited a little bit releasing the game , but hey, I got my battlefield 4 with premium free from www.battlefield4exclusive.com ,, cheers!

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