GTA 5 Patch 1.12 Released with Changes and Restrictions for Multiplayers

Funkydesert: Title Update 1.12 fixes a few adventures in GTA Online utilized for griefing. Players can no more turn themselves or their cars imperceptible. They additionally can’t utilize weapons within their carport or condo to execute clueless players.

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Derekvinyard131509d ago

Decent list of changes, I'm personally waiting for the story dlc

ovnipc1508d ago

R* port this game to next gen and I will play it again.

GarrusVakarian1508d ago

"Fixed an issue where if a player drank Whisky in their apartment until they passed out, this could cause a clone to appear who would then attack them."


Elit3Nick1508d ago

Some bugs are sometimes too hilarious to patch, shame they did it with this.

HacSawJimThugin1508d ago

I really need to finish the story...haven't even touch online at all. My backlog is crazy on the 360 and the X1 isn't helping #gamerproblems

WildArmed1508d ago

Yikes, can relate to that backlog problem.

It took me quite awhile to get around to finishing GTA V.

SP wasn't too bad of an experience, at least worth a run. Hiests were def. the highlight, too bad they weren't re-playable.

badboy7761508d ago

I took a break after MLB 14 released.

LogicStomper1508d ago

I thought the heists were re-playable. You pause, go to replay mission and select the said heist, choose how you want to run it and wallah.

WildArmed1505d ago


You can't re-setup your heists. You keep w/e decision you made before for team and plan :(

Shuyin1508d ago

It's crazy. When they released GTAO they told us to wait just a little while longer. I expected a wait of perhaps 2 months tops.
And now like half a year later there is still absolutely no news on heists.
No wonder me and many other people sold their copy of GTAV and moved on.
Me, personally, I was very disappointed.

attilayavuzer1508d ago

Possibly the most awkwardly written article I've ever read.

LogicStomper1508d ago

I think the author was trying to flesh out the bullet-points and make it sound interesting.

In my opinion, he just made it more difficult to understand.

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