Easter Eggs That Gave Shout Outs to Other Video Games

"Getting dressed up, raiding Easter baskets for candy and painting eggs sounds just right this month, but a theme we all get to share every month is the humor of Easter eggs in video games from developers. Competition is strong in the industry, but when a game gives a shout out to another it seems humbling, especially if it is hidden within the game. Take a look at some popular titles that drops Easter eggs to pay homage to other video games." -Tamika Moultire

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xX1NORM1Xx1507d ago

The bl2 mine craft Easter egg is the best one I've seen so cool to fight creepers and get the in game head for my character

theDivision1507d ago

They also have a dark souls reference in the same area. I really enjoyed that one.

xX1NORM1Xx1507d ago

Cool dark souls isn't my type of game but I'll YouTube it thanks for telling me :D

kneon1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

Infamous SS had Sly Cooper images in a few places, and then there was the scene where Delsin hides in a cardboard box.

And of course all the references to the first two Infamous games.

Shakengandulf1507d ago

And the knack toy at the start.

LKHGFDSA1507d ago

doesn't count when it's the same developer. it's just free advertisement.

GeofferyPeterson1507d ago

Wow. It's a extremely slow news day on N4G. Very Deep Sigh! :(

SolidGear31507d ago

That's one doomed space marine

That's one dead space engineer

Derekvinyard131507d ago

Duke nukem had some great ones

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