Key Super Smash Bros. info from Nintendo Direct

Max Parker of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette breaks down the key points from the Super Smash Bros. Nintendo Direct in simple bullet points.

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M3TR01DFANBOY758d ago

" Charizard, Greninja, and Tiki of Fire Emblem were announced. " this was either worded poorly or a complete mistake.

randomass171758d ago

Yeeaahh... only about 2/3 of that was correct.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW758d ago

Here is a list of the best things about this Nintendo Direct.

Think about it.

Sathur758d ago

what a game. WoW!! how can they fit so much into one fighting game. I cant wait to play Super Smash Bros now. Pokémon as well wow.

Derekvinyard13758d ago

Can't wait looks like serious fun

ArbitorChief758d ago

So pumped for Smash Bros, was amazed at how gorgeous the game looks and at how much more competitive the game is now.

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