Weekly Xbox One Deals: B2G1, Titanfall $44.99, BF4/FIFA 14 $39.99, Wireless Controller $49.99 & more

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timothyckeegan1348d ago

Just bought Battlefield 4, I hope it doesn't have a lot of bugs like launch.

dannygamer1348d ago

The game is still bad and has a lot of rubber banding. But out of FPS games for my PS4, I think BF4 is the best.

Derekvinyard131348d ago

It's good your getting it now instead of launch, you can feel less like a beta tester like I felt. They did fix a lot though

andrewsimons1348d ago

Titanfall for $44.99 :).
Best Xbox One deal ever.

Tom871348d ago

Is Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition different than the original Xbox 360 Tomb Raider?

UbiquitousClam1348d ago

It looks better, I think that's about it.

liamn1348d ago

A lot of great deals, even Microsoft Stores had few great deals yesterday. All deals are Physical, I wish there were some Digital deals too.

jacobvogel1348d ago

Are lego games any good? There are LEGO: Marvel, Movie and many more.

Sitdown1348d ago

Lego movie got a lot of positive reviews.

meatnormous1348d ago

Playing Lego Marvel with my son. I think its a really good game and has an open world to it after the second level. Easy trophies and achievements as well. I payed 29.99 for it for a ps4 download off of amazon, but haven't seen the price that low again.