Borderlands 2 on Vita: A Longer, More Detailed Look | IGN

Borderlands 2 on Vita is a port of the PlayStation 3 iteration, and though PS3 isn't much more powerful than Vita, concessions had to be made to get Gearbox's eight and a half million-seller onto the handheld.

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NukaCola814d ago

It looks amazing. Glad it's coming together well.

minimur12814d ago

Looks pretty awesome, didn't finish Borderlands 2 and now they've got the save file transfer that's put it back on my radar :)

The title is funny though 'a longer more detailed look'
in a 2 and a half minute video

3-4-5813d ago

I played this for Xbox 360 about 8 months back, but only past the snow parts, so maybe 4-5 hours into the game and then stopped.

* Glad I did, because now I STILL get to experience like 90% of the game + all the DLC.

* I've realized I'll probably never own more Vita games than 3DS games, but the Vita games I've bought so far, give me a ton of replay value and this will just add to that.

Foraoise813d ago

old. This was already posted on n4g yesterday :I

AskedMaster814d ago

I hope this isnt the last 2k game the vita gets. We need sports games

TheROsingleB814d ago

Yep, looks like borderlands 2 alright. Pretty excited to be able to take it out on the road with me, and that it's cross-save compatible!

wrblplayas13814d ago

With the remote play function, games coming out for the Vita aren't really a big deal anymore. Infamous, Fifa, etc have all been great on the Vita via Remote Play

with that said, psyched that Borderlands 2 is coming.

vergilxx3814d ago

Like I give f**k about remote play
Don't pretend like everybody own a ps4

TheROsingleB814d ago

PS3 has some, though limited, remote play functionality as well. A Handful of PSN games, God of War, Shadow of the Colossus/ICO, any PS1 game you have downloaded or on disc.
It's not all about the PS4. Relax.

vergilxx3814d ago

Looks awsome hope it will still get better though

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