MLB 14 The Show, NBA 2K14 Bundled in PlayStation Sports Pack Vol. 1

By Tyler Vaugh: "With Opening Day nearly upon us and the NBA Playoffs not too far behind, we’re excited to announce MLB 14 The Show and NBA 2K14 will be available together in PlayStation Sports Pack Vol. 1, launching exclusively for PS3 on April 1st for $89.99. These two titles represent the highest rated Baseball and Basketball franchises in the market over the last several years, and together are the spring’s must-have product for sports gamers.

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Derekvinyard131504d ago

Two great sports games right here, good combo

1503d ago
3-4-51503d ago

Damn, the two arguably best sports games out right now together for a reduced price = awesome.

* Would be even better if it was for PS4 as well, but this is still good.

LexHazard791503d ago

Can we please get the same bundle for PS4? Come on make it happen!

Skate-AK1503d ago

I hope this comes to PS4. I'll get it when I buy one.