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Submitted by Cayoux 671d ago | opinion piece

Why the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis are a lot like the PS4 and Xbox One - Blogs - GameFocus

The video game press and blogosphere didn’t really know what to make of the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One when they were announced last year. Most of this confusion seemed to stem from the fact that no one really knew for sure if these next-generation consoles would offer the player anything new. Yes, there would be better graphics, better online functionality, a better multimedia experience, and a better controller, but would that be it? (Microsoft, PS4, Sony, Xbox One)

Neonridr  +   671d ago
Because the PS4 has Blast Processing and the Xbox One doesn't.
randomass171  +   671d ago
In other words, both are great but one of them has an edge on the other on a technical level. Sounds about right, actually...
ShinMaster  +   671d ago
If you want to compare the PS4 and Xbox One with SNES and Genesis, then let's look at it this way...
the Xbox One has a somewhat slightly faster CPU, kinda like the Genesis did with "Blast Processing". But everything else, like the PS4, was better on the SNES (resolution, colors, sprites).

Honestly though, they're not really comparable. The author didn't make accurate comparisons.
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ExplosionSauce  +   671d ago
Cloud processing is the new Blast processing.

Except Blast processing was more tangible and wasn't dependent on any external variables because it was built into the hardware.
pixelsword  +   671d ago
@ shin

That, and shouldn't the title be the other way around, chronologically speaking?
Army_of_Darkness  +   671d ago
Snes= ps4
Genesis= xbone
Wiiu= gameboy
mochachino  +   671d ago
@ armyofdarkness

Wii U = Turbographix 16
miyamoto  +   671d ago
Actually PS4 vs Xbox One is nowhere like the SNES and the Sega Genesis.

Its the PS3=SNES vs Xbox 360=Genesis!

(Altough the 360 does not hold a candle to the mighty Genesis even today.)

1. PS3 & SNES launched One Year after the competition 360 & Genesis

2. PS3& SNES hardware is more powerful than 360 & Genesis

3. PS3 & SNES outsold the 360 & Genesis during their lifetime.

The MAJOR difference between them generations is this:
SNES & Genesis were both maxed out by developers to their fullest potential unlike the PS3 & 360 generation M$ have this dirty parity clause politics that prevented multi-platform games that dragged the PS3 versions down to 360 levels in terms of graphics fidelity.
andrewsqual  +   671d ago
Except the Snes launched TWO YEARS after the Genesis and the PS4 launched before Xbox One.
Docknoss  +   671d ago
Yea it's called DirectX 12 and cloud computing
darthv72  +   671d ago
A more accurate comparative would be the saturn and PS1 instead of the genesis and snes.

XB1 would be like the saturn. $100 more expensive and slightly underpowered than the competition.

Yet anyone who remembers that generation knows that both platforms performed very well in respected fields of gaming. We can look back on that time with great fondness and recall the quality games like ape escape and nights as well as many others.

Shmups, fighters, racers....both platforms had their strength titles and weakness titles but in the end the newcomer prevailed and the veteran withdrew. The focus had shifted from the traditional views of gaming to something new and fresh and really helped propel gaming into another light that has not dimmed ever since.
voodoochild346  +   671d ago
The Saturn was actually much stronger than the ps1 except in one crucial area. It was horrible at 3d. Sega built the ultimate fighting game machine but underestimated the leap to 3d.
No_Limit  +   671d ago
"Because the PS4 has Blast Processing and the Xbox One doesn't"

That don't make sense as the SNES is a more powerful system than the Genesis.
pixelsword  +   671d ago
Circle gets the square.

(applause sign blinks)
ShinMaster  +   671d ago
Because the Genesis had a faster processor. Like 7Mhz vs SNES's 3.5Mhz I think.
But everything else, including resolution and colors, was better on the SNES.
Neonridr  +   671d ago
lol, it was a joke No_Limit.
3-4-5  +   671d ago
This is really wrong. ( article)

* There were so many completely unique games to the SNES & Sega Genesis that it made them two different systems.

* Different Sound chips so music was different

* About 50 games for each system that weren't available for the other that are "classics".

PS4 & XB1 will have MOSTLY the same games.
randomass171  +   671d ago
Albeit with varying amounts of visual quality.
Concertoine  +   671d ago
Both were excellent consoles too. Hopefully by the end of this gen both systems will have enough kickass exclusives to warrant both of their purchases to the unbiased gamer.
fonger08  +   671d ago
"Microsoft and Sony know, as Nintendo and Sega did before them, the only thing will truly separate their consoles from the each other is software." I think it's too easy to lose sight that these machines are just boxes, if the developers don't take advantage of each system uniquness outside of just graphically fidelity, then we all lose. That's what made the Genesis and SNES era so epic, the games between the two some of the most iconic and innovative games of all time.
Derekvinyard13  +   671d ago
I had both SNES and sega and both had some great games, TOJAM AND EARL FTW!
Software_Lover  +   671d ago
Milesprowers  +   671d ago
Terrible comparison
Brazz  +   671d ago

the guy is promoting X1 as the new Snes and Ps4 as the new Genesis! this is "bogus" wrong!

Sure, genesis was all like "let's strike Nintendo and make then look inferior" they even made things like the infamous "nintendon't", and yeah, Sony is doing something very similar, striking x-1 and making then look a inferior product, whit the "we have more hardware, better resolution and frame rate, 1080p only on Ps4, etc.", but there is a huge diference in genesis vs Snes and Ps4 vs X1...

the diference is that all that thing about "genesis is superior machine" is bullcrap and lies! In the end snes is more powerfull than Genesis and have a much better audio chip (snes sound is amazing, much better than genesis, that have a good audio chip, but not as good as Snes)... in regards of Ps4 vs X1... hell... we have proves, Ps4 is superior in hardware, sony isn't talking bullshit and lies like Sega, the Ps4 is more powerfull than X-1, this is a fact and not fanboys talk like in the time of Genesis vs Snes, it's not bullshit "blast processing"! Ps4 is better because there is better GPU and better Memory!
Edward75  +   671d ago
That was so difficult to follow. It didn't even make a point that I could agree or disagree with.

Not being the word police, but it was a tough read.

Respond please as I would like to see what you were trying to say.
Brazz  +   671d ago
sorry i have a very bad english, my portuguese, Japanese and Spanish are much better ...

I'll share my reasoning objectively ...

Article> says "SNES vs. Genesis" is similar to "Ps4 vs x-1". he never says directly who is "the new snes" or who is "the new genesis", but the text leaves the impression that "X-1 is the new SNES"

why i say this is bullshit > genesis vs snes was a fight full of lies and people talking nonsense, Sega said to have a better product, but in fact the SNES was noticeably more powerful, especially in sound quality.
This is not the situation of the fight "Ps4 vs x-1", the Ps4 is more powerful and is cheaper, there are no lies here, a simple fact.

Snes vs genesis a fight full of lies and provocations from Sega ...
Ps4 vs X1, a fight full of provocations from Sony, but no lies, Ps4 more powerfull, that's a fact.
ruefrak  +   671d ago
I was in middle school when Genesis and SNES were duking it out, however the way it played out at my school was different. There were no fights about what the better system was and nobody ever argued about it. There was the Genesis and nothing else. If you were a kid with a Super Nintendo, you sure as hell didn't talk about it and you certainly wouldn't defend it. The Genesis was the cool console to have and the Super Nintendo was what your baby brother played with.
Those "Sega does what Ninten-don't" commercials were really effective. It wasn't until high school when I finally met someone with a SNES.
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CrowbaitBob  +   670d ago
A lot of free thinkers in your middle school I take it.
Skate-AK  +   671d ago
I played so much SNES and Genesis as a kid. Still remember the Mortal Kombat Blood cheat. ABACABB.
Goku781  +   671d ago
No Genesis was kool and innovating. Xbox One is, well at least you can Skype with it, at least thats something.
Edward75  +   671d ago
Just like back then.... I have both, I like both, and time will be split according to what I want to play.

I guess this whole article is true to me then. They will, for me, be just like the SNES and Genesis!
CertifiedGamer  +   671d ago
The guys said that the genesis and snes was a slightly better upgrade from their previous console. Lol, lmao.....The SNES graphics were a huge leap forward from the NES. The author must be on crack
SegaGamer  +   671d ago
Comparing the Xbox One to the Mega Drive is an insult.

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