PlayStation All-Stars Ultimate Balance Update Has Arrived

PlayStation All-Stars fans, the ultimate balance update is here. With more than 100 balance adjustments combined across all characters, and a wave of additional improvements, this update creates a new playing field for all challengers.

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Toon_Link1508d ago

This is pretty awesome! It's been awhile since I played my copy, but with this update I'm about to boot up my vita and give it a go.

Delsin_Rowe1508d ago

To late for me, I rage since the multiplayer was horrible. At least it fixed but I will wait out for a sequel.

Delsin_Rowe1508d ago

Dislike whatever you want but you know the bugs, glitches and sometimes Unable to play with friends online against people competing for belts. Character that is not suppose to receive a lot of points and super that can kill you without being touch. I will wait for a sequel that have campaign mode with more characters, don't count super as the only way to get kill but also having a health meter, more maps and last not least CRASH BANDICOOT and SNAKE then I will cry for that sequel.

Darkfist1508d ago

we wont get crash or spyro thanks to activision, but theres a chance for delsin and dart for a sequel(if theres one)

Omar911508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

wow to have a trailer for a major update is pretty sweat still, a little to late for me. Although this does make me believe that they haven't given up on this game so there might be a sequel in the near future!

rdgneoz31508d ago

Probably be a sequel for the PS4 and vita, and have a mode for health percentages like many wanted.

Omar911508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

Honestly that's all the game really needed. That and a bit more balancing and different modes.
Oh and more unlock able things.

now that I think about it, this game needed a lot more then just Health percentages. Still an awesome game at the time.

-Foxtrot1508d ago

I actually applaud who can still tolerate this game....such a massive letdown.

VitaOwner1508d ago

Speak for yourself. While imperfect, it's still a blast to play to this day.

garos821508d ago

I absolutely loved it. Even with its balancing flaws. This update was unexpected but very welcome I'll definitely check it out again and am hoping for a sequel announcement at e3.

I'm hoping still for a 1v1 mode as sometimes 4 players is way too much for some stages

nope1111508d ago

Yep. The gameplay mechanics were solid, but the characters didn't blend well and cross-over stages are incredibly tacky.

Master-H1508d ago

Hopefully we can use Kratos now when i play offline with friends, because up until this point, i tell them it's forbidden and i don't let anybody use him lol

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The story is too old to be commented.