What are Mascots Good for Anymore?

Mascots are inescapable, yet these enduring icons couldn't be a richer part of our gamer lives for reasons as old as our virtual pastime.

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randomass171905d ago

They're good for the funny looking suits you see at football games! In all seriousness, mascots put a face on your company. Mario is THE face of gaming. Master Chief and Kratos are very iconic characters. Mascots help people recognize you. When they see those characters, they know something good is coming.

BattleN905d ago

I dont want stupid articles like this. I demand real news not an article that ask me a question!

GentlemenRUs905d ago

That's why it's classed as an OPINION article.

randomass171905d ago

Look at the tag underneath the article image. It's listed as an opinion piece.

Mastadope42905d ago OffTopicShowReplies(1)
Mastadope42905d ago (Edited 905d ago )

Oh and your probably a big N fan. You guys rely on Mario lol. Well it's not stereotyping if it's the truth >.>

randomass171905d ago

You had a point right up until you generalized some random act of ignorance being synonymous with Nintendo fans. There was literally no reason for that. :/

Mastadope42903d ago

Well obviously I did have a reason or I would have not said that.

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Mastadope42905d ago

"What are Mascots Good for Anymore?"

Makes sex life great ;)

noxeven905d ago

Brand awareness. Trojan, geico, tucan sam, tony the tiger. A good mascot is just as good as a good character. I say don draper, walter white not only do think those characters but think amc and those actors thats why jon ham and bryan cranston are doing movies and car ads.

ajspeed_14905d ago

mascots are excellent way to target young audience. and associate a character to the brand. crash bandicoot was a great mascot in the early 90s when they still made good crash games. when i see a mascot i instantly think of the company behind it

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