Why international e-sports teams struggle with Call of Duty’s powerful incumbents

GamesBeat: We explore the 2014 Call of Duty Championship through the eyes of its international teams.

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ColManischewitz1476d ago

I had no idea teams from Asia and Australia had such trouble in Call of Duty.

Sadie21001476d ago

It's because this is 'Murica...and we love our guns. We have an intrinsic advantage.

sAVAge_bEaST1476d ago

It's been that way since WWII. We also have the strategy , to use those weapons effectively (not camping, I;m talking FLANKING)

KimoNoir1475d ago

Flanking is a basic tactic. Small minded to think America flanks and others dont.

Goro1475d ago

Call of Duty Championship is just a bunch of morons jumping off rooftops spinning and then randomly shooting hoping for a kill for their next Quickscoping montage titled "XxNoScoperzXx - Accuracy 3.0"

Brix901475d ago

Yeah totally / obviously never watched a match by your ignorant comment

venom061475d ago

who give a [email protected]#?? this is a stupid article..

USMC_POLICE1475d ago

Socom now that was a mans shooter worthy of national competitions.

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