Titanfall Massive Engine Exploit Discovered: Players Can Run Like Roadrunners

"Titanfall players are left wondering what gave one player the baffling ability to outrun everyone else."

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MCTJim1379d ago

It looked like he was catching up in the end. But like always in any game...we have glitchers. Hope they patch it soon.

corvusmd1379d ago

Has anyone else seen that meme that was floating around that said something like "A roadrunner can run 18mph a Coyote can run 35 mph, I've been lied to all my life"

hello121378d ago

Prosthetic Legs is a Burn Card appearing in Titanfall. It increases the Pilot's movement speed?

mr2331378d ago

That doesn't apply to titans though. There are definitely hackers. I played a guy on Xbox one who was using a strider titan. He took damage to the point he was almost destroyed, then no damage after that. Was on fire the whole time, while taking hits from pilot anti titan weapons and other titans, still nothing. Cheaters have to ruin all the good online games.

hello121378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

Prosthetic legs gives your pilot 50 per cent boost in speed. The video is only showing a pilot outrunning other pilots. Combine that with a good internet connection a player would be lighting fast.

I noticed this with Gears of War players with better internet connections would go out of spawn at a faster rate than everyone else.

Cheating is not happening on x box 1 there is no evidence for it. Respawn has noticed cheating on PC though and are issuing bans. Its virtually impossible to cheat on servers.

PC is more open to cheating because you can meddle with the system files, you can't do that on x box 1

Volkama1378d ago

It would be pretty hilarious is "fast internet" literally meant you could move faster in online games, but that's not really how it works...

mr2331378d ago

KNWS, I have to disagree with you about Xbox One. There have been times where I would shoot a pilot literally until I ran out of bullets and he wouldn't die. Then he would kill me with one or two shots. I also thought it was a connection issue so I watched the killcam. His POV showed me shooting him and a totally red screen the whole time I was shooting him. If that isn't a hack, then it's bad programming. We both were using the same guns.

brads41378d ago

Oh ya? How exactly are they performing these hacks on a still secure console? I'm pretty sure the x1 can not run unsigned code.

bumnut1378d ago


"This phenomenon was discovered on the PC platform"

n4rc1378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

Same dude.. Usually one bar laggers.

Titans getting down to a sliver of health then takes no further damage.. Or players flat out invisible (not cloaked, in your face shooting invisible)

Nothing new.. And brad, they are exploits, bugs. Not hacks in the sense you are thinking of.. (As I'm speaking about x1.. All PC games are hacked so its no debate or surprise)

Ghost_Nappa1378d ago

Ive come across 2 people whose titans i couldnt lock onto with the archer.

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LazyMinion1378d ago

Adrenaline Rush is a burn card where you are contantly stimmed. Maybe that was it

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The story is too old to be commented.