New Rocksmith 2014 content sees Bob Dylan and more join the ranks

He’s possibly the biggest name yet to join the Rocksmith 2014 downloadable content ranks but Bob Dylan has now had a few tracks added to the Rocksmith catalogue.

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randomass1711439d ago

I still need to get 2014... I only have the original which means no bass. :(

Rockefellow1439d ago

What? The original does have a base expansion. It's like $20 in the in-game store, so you're probably better off just buying 2014, but it DOES have bass support.

randomass1711439d ago

I know about the bass expansion, but I'd rather import the songs from the first game into 2014 and just have bass from the get-go.

ajspeed_141439d ago

i don't have either but would love to own both. already have my own guitars =]

RavageX1439d ago

Don't care for Dylan outside of two songs. It was one, but decided that one of the DLC songs sounds alright.