Dream Dev 'Talking to Sony' About PS4 & Project Morpheus Port

VRFocus - Hypersloth Games, the developer behind the first-person adventure title Dream, has confirmed that it is in talks with Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) about possibly bringing the title to the PlayStation 4 and Project Moprheus virtual reality (VR) headset. Speaking to VRFocus at the Rezzed event in Birmingham in March, studio co-founder Ashley Stancill revealed that the team was enthusiastic about Project Morpheus, but couldn't announce anything just yet.

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WeAreLegion1472d ago

Awesome! I've been excited for this one. I'm holding off on a Rift until I know Facebook won't screw it up. So, I'm all about Morpheus right now.

I wonder if they'll spend any time talking about VR at E3. I honestly think they'll wait to show more.

1472d ago
WeAreLegion1472d ago

A spam bot has four more bubbles than me. I give up.

chrissx1472d ago

Good to know, really looking forward to seeing how VR will progress on Ps4

justSumDood1472d ago

They should concentrate efforts to optimize the PC version first. The framerate makes the game unplayable with VR enabled.