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The Best Sony Exclusives: Uncharted Drake's Fortune

From Cinelinx:

Naughty Dog has firmly cemented their place in the gaming industry as developers who can make fun games with incredibly engaging stories and characters. Their latest outing, The Last of Us, garnered heaps of 2013 Game of the Year awards but their rise to such fame all started with the Uncharted series. All month long in Gamerlinx we’re discussing the best Sony exclusive video games, and I thought it’d be great to kick things off with Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune. (PS3, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune)

lamsiam13  +   106d ago
unforgetable back then.i was stuned by the graphigs.
miyamoto  +   106d ago
The Uncharted series changed how games are made ....forever.
Intuitive platforming/parkour game play,
superb brawler action mechanics with the environment, seamless third person shooting mechanics,
believable & interesting character acting and chemistry,
tons of humorous moments,
exciting set pieces,
state of the art graphics,
superb level designs,
most cutting motion capture production,
and the world's best of the best developers making the game.

no other game has the complete package.
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darklordzor  +   105d ago
Totally agree, it did things other games before it tried, but failed to achieve. Part of it is the hardware, but the big part of it is how well the developers managed to use that hardware.

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