Did Microsoft make a mistake agreeing to Titanfall on Xbox 360?

Titanfall is finally arriving this week on the Xbox 360. Will it cannibalize the Xbox One's sales? Sean seems to think so.

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Neonridr1177d ago

Somewhat. I mean in the end MS is still getting money from games sold on both the 360 and Xbox One. But by having it on both platforms, you are not encouraging enough people to make the jump to the next console. However, by limiting it to only the Xbox One, overall sales for the franchise would be considerably less than offering it on both consoles.

Septic1177d ago


3 of my mates were almost buying the X1 because of Titanfall but they've held off because of the 360 version.

thrust1177d ago

I did not think the 360 version would look as bad as it does tbh!

Atleast the gameplay is still there tho!

Dirtnapstor1177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

You think they dumbed the visuals down on purpose? Wouldn't surprise me if that was the case considering the controversy.
As I've stated before, there are plenty of 360 games that look incredible. Why shouldn't this game look up to snuff. Sure, it won't outshine it's big brother, but there's no reason for poor visuals.
Picking up my copy after work... Then I'll know for sure.

OrangePowerz1177d ago

They do a great job of hiding the fact it comes out on the 360. That might actually cost EA sales because you see very little coverage or advertisement for the 360 version and more mainstream gamers who don't frequent gaming websites won't even know it's comming.

N2NOther1177d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if the advertising is part of the exclusivity deal. Meaning that MS is supposed to be handling it.

HacSawJimThugin1177d ago

I'm pretty sure 360 owners knew TF was coming due to the huge countdown posted on the homepage 2 days ago. There may not have been a huge campaign for it like the initial launch but word of mouth more than took care of that. The day I picked my copy up from Target a gentleman who told me he was 59 yrs old picked up his. If that ain't marketing power I don't know what is.

AngelicIceDiamond1177d ago

@Orange they weren't hiding it they had a timer clocking down TF for 360 release on its Website and XBL.

OrangePowerz1177d ago

A timer on a website that people frequent how much?

They fully downplayed the fact that it comes to the 360 constantly from advertisement to the media black out and not sending review copies or showing the game to the media.

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Mr Pumblechook1177d ago

Well said Neonridr. EA and Microsoft strongly marketed it as a must have game. If it was only available on the new Xbox then many more gamers would have bought a Xbone to play it on. However knowing that it is also coming to 360 has meant that potential Xbone buyers have decided to go for the cheaper option of just buying it on 360. Sure it may not be quite as pretty but it is a much cheaper way to experience the same game.

Microsoft realised this too late and I feel this was part of the reason why it was delayed on 360. But I honestly thought it would have sold more despite the reviews fantastic multiplayer. I suspect this is more to do with the fact that there is no single player mode.

medman1177d ago

Microsoft made plenty of mistakes. Hopefully Phil Spencer starts correcting some of them. Stop selling gamers complete and utter bs with cloud this and Directx that and produce some content.

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NYC_Gamer1177d ago

There are tons of people out there who can't afford to upgrade to new consoles at the min..Titanfall isn't a game that runs on bleeding edge tech so might as throw it on 360 and collect profit from those guys.

N2NOther1177d ago

There will always be tons of people that can't afford to make the jump. That's what exclusives are supposed to entice them to do. If they can't afford it yet, they don't get it yet.

I get why EA wants it, and I get why MS conceded. Still think it was a mistake when you consider that they want it to be system seller.

micx1177d ago

I think they made a mistake not making it a true Xbox One exclusive. It would push much more people to buy or consider an Xbox One.

Nicaragua1177d ago

I would be surprised if they had a choice. I would imagine that MS wanted it to be X1 exclusive, EA wanted sales, Xbone wouldn't have enough install base to generate the sales that EA wanted, so the deal was that they wouldn't release it for PS4 as long as they could release it for 360.

Farsendor11177d ago

titanfall releasing on xbox 360 lets more people experience the game so more sales for ea when titanfall 2 comes out.

mcstorm1177d ago

I think you are spot on there. This could work as a plus point for MS if they can keep titanfall an xbox exclusive (On Consoles before people start with its on pc) In the end it could work out well for both MS and EA depending on how the game is taken on the 360 and if they can do a trade up deal too for if and when people look to move to the xbox one.

jmac531177d ago

I'm sure even if TF2 came to the PS4 it would still be perceived as an Xbox game as MS probably has a sole advertising/DLC deal in place for any sequels. Much like COD.

IAmSovereign1177d ago


Nope. Activision owns CoD. They are allowed to milk it as they see fit. Respawn owns Titanfall, and they can dictate how much EA tries to milk the franchise. And, they'd be fools to keep TF2 off PS4. They originally intended Titanfall for PS4 but Microsoft made a deal behind their back with EA for full exclusivity, rather than timed.

mcstorm1177d ago

@IAmSovereign do you know that for a fact do you that Microsoft made a deal behind their back with EA for full exclusivity? Also dose that not go against what you said about Av and cod?

I don't think titanfall will come to the ps4 but the industry is ever changing so you never know what may happen people said mgs and gta would never be on Xbox but the came so could be the same with titanfall but then again it maybe they do a gears and keep it on the Xbox n pc.

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