Microsoft “Pretty Sure” DirectX 12 Will be Better than Mantle, New Videos Show How it Works

During Build Microsoft had a series of livestreamed talks about DirectX 12, and the one starring Development Director Ales Holecek was particularly interesting, as it gave a few more details on the API, and even made a comparison with AMD’s Mantle.

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NYC_Gamer1264d ago

MS will have the advantage because developers are going to use DX12 by default since its already there on Windows machines without hassle

Abriael1264d ago

That's one of the things he said, yeah.

Kayant1264d ago

It also depends on which versions of windows they lock it down to.

Abriael1264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

Looks like they're trying to find way to expand it to 7 too. Personally, I'd give it at a 50% chance.

It'll depend on whether they want to push Windows 8 more or DirectX 12

If they want to push Windows 8/9, then they'll keep 7 out. If they wanna push DirectX 12, they'll be as inclusive as humanly possible.

bleedsoe9mm1263d ago

if dx12 is that revolutionary it would be very un ms like not to use it to sell win 9

christocolus1264d ago

The future of pc/console gaming looks really promising. Cant wait to see what the truly talented devs can do with this api.

dantesparda1264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

Then just look at what Mantle and GNM and DX11.xx is doing right now. Cuz thats basically what DX12 is going to do for the PC. Although as for how much its really going to do for X1 remains to be seen, but i honestly think the fanboys are going to be in for another letdown. DX12 is using X1's lower level API so how's that an improvement for the X1? i dont know, And it cant truly be as to the metal as X1's API is now when it still has to cater to the plethora of possible PC configurations?

marlinfan101264d ago

i can't believe people gave you dislikes for saying the future of gaming looks promising. i feel like people just scroll down and hit dislike on every single comment that doesn't say something positive about the system they play on

Flamingweazel1264d ago

no, thats never been the case. PCs run opengl as easy as dx.

NYC_Gamer1264d ago

What are developers using more though?

dantesparda1264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

They use DX more on the PC because DX on the PC has better support than OGL does now. But Dont forget that OGL is also used on Mac OSX, iOS, Android, Linux, SteamOS and a API based on it is also used on PS platforms. So to count OGL out is beyond foolish and is just some stupid sh*t fanboys like to spew. And contrary to what fanboys think OGL is better than DX (at least up to 11.2)

Drewidian1264d ago

Also while Windows Phone has a low user base, it will benefit from DX12 as well. MS is pushing pay once run anywhere and for those users in the WP ecosystem they may benefit from being able to buy "lite" games like Halo Spartan Assault 2 and run it anywhere they want. It may attract more people to their phone platform.


Never thought about that... I guess it's like Devs building on AMD since both Next Gen consoles are AMD, feel bad for Nvidia Hardware owners this gen.

medman1263d ago

I'm "pretty sure" Microsoft isn't "pretty sure" about anything right now. Stop selling complete bullshot and get to work producing results in games, not TV or Kinect garbage. The sheep keep sucking up the bs instead of demanding better for their money. Software cannot improve hardware by a factor of two. It's impossible. Software can only maximize what the hardware is capable of. And the hardware is not on par with it's direct competitor from a pure horsepower standpoint. How difficult is that to understand? Yet people still point to the cloouuddzzz and now this nonsense hoping and praying the magic fairy dust will make the magic happen. Wake up.

randomass1711263d ago

There's definitely a lot of potential there. The next step is to take it out of the demo stages and actually get it up and running for developers. If it works as well as they suggest, Microsoft was smart to incorporate it's compatibility into Xbox One.

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Flamingweazel1264d ago

Prettu sure, ms doesn;'t know enough abotu mantle, and DX has historically been worse then Open Gl, mantle alternatives.

MorePowerOfGreen1263d ago

Yep a software company that has had hands on with available mantle software plus partnered with a company, building each other's tech has no clue :P

Industry disagrees with your fanboy assumption about being worse.

WeAreLegion1263d ago

I don't think so. DX has been playing catch-up with every release. It's like iOS. Sure, it's more popular than Android, but iOS is constantly trying to match Google's feature set and haven't been able to catch them.

Geoff9001263d ago

DX9, surpassed OpenGL in every way, and if OpenGL was so great then why would companies be using Mantle?

Both OpenGL, and DX have massive overheads, hence a lot of developers utilizing mantle.

Oh and lastly, an API is just an API, different developers utilize different API's for various reasons, sometimes because it's better for their game engine, sometimes it's the hardware itself, others could be their knowledge of a certain API over another.

stuna11264d ago

I'm all for the benefits of what DX12 could bring, and would likely bring! But come on! Does this not come off as Microsoft trying to sell the concept to themselves? All these articles poping up everywhere seems kind of like trying to be the first in line, because your unsure if others haven't brought up all the tickets! Microsoft api is DX12, Sonys apl is Open GL, and Mantle is proprietary! The difference being Microsoft has no need to invest in Mantle, because they own their own apl, Sony has an open sourced apl that's basically free, and Mantle is being sold.

But the thing is they also have plenty of things in common! Main thing being, the ability to develop closer to the metal, but they also share similar development tools.

marlinfan101264d ago

all these articles come up because these websites write 30 different articles about one interview or one conference.

Geoff9001263d ago

MS is trying to get devs interested in their API, why? because they have made massive improvements to it, and want to see what developers think of it.

MS uses many different API's, Dolby, OpenGL, Java, DX...MS is a software company they utilize various API's for different applications.

MS have no real reason to invest in an AMD API, also it doesn't work very well on higher end APU/GPU's, and is targeted mostly at AMD's hardware, AMD themselves have stated they want to give a little kick to MS to make some changes.

Lastly Sony, is a hardware manufacture, what you are actually referring to is SCE, which again utilize various API's, their various branches e.g. Sony Online Entertainment use DirectX, an API is an API.

They could use DX12, however MS keep DX for their own platforms (for now).

lifeisgamesok1264d ago

Seeing how much AMD has praised Directx 12 I wouldn't doubt it being better than Mantle

I can't imagine these next gen game's graphics using more efficiency and freeing up resources on the gpu

Great times ahead

cozomel1263d ago

AMD isnt praising DX12 because it thinks its better than their API, they are praising it because they are glad that MS is finally doing it (a better API than what was available). AMD for a while has wanted MS to do this. AMD benefits from this as their cards will benefit form this and they dont really wanna be in the API business. They are just glad their "push" worked. See this is the problem with you fanboys, you all see things the way you wanna see them, through your rose colored fanboy goggles.

MasterCornholio1263d ago

Wow your so blind.


Why would AMD ever admit Direct X12 being better than their API (Mantel).

Your so funny.

MonsterChef1264d ago

How many fluff pieces are we going to get About Microsoft I swear if people didn't know better they'd think that Microsoft earned this PR but knowing how they operate you can tell they've been steady handing out paychecks to media outlets on Yahoo alone there were multiple articles on the front page from the double performance boost to the possible 360 emulation rumor a ruomor made it to the front page, just saying not even morpheous got that much attention and it was the talk of gdc. This just shows you how deep microsofts pockets are anyways I know already xbox 1 performance better now let's move on

cozomel1263d ago

They must be paying alot of this outlets, but their is also alot of fanboyism too. Alot of these websites are really just fansites masquerading as neutral. So they are pushing it because of their fanboy agenda. So its both.

Izzy4081263d ago

I think you've been wearing that tinfoil hat a little too long now.

ALLWRONG1263d ago

It's because you're really just here for negative Xbox news. So much good MS news has your Sony mind scrambled and desperate.

MonsterChef1263d ago

I'm not that type of fanboy, I like the ideas for gaming that Sony has over Microsoft that's it, if Microsoft changes their plans then I'll gladly give them a chance again I've had the first Xbox and 360 that's what introduce me to online gaming was Microsoft. But you have to be pretty ignorant to not see how much money Microsoft has for ads I've read on numerous sites and from ex executives that's how they do business by flooding the media with PR spins and whatnot. I have no tinfoil hat sir you just need to educate yourself more.

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