Devs React to DX 12 Doubling Xbox One GPU Speed Claims; PS4 ICE Programmer: Be Suspicious of Claims

Doubling the speed? Not really, according to some developers.

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Mikelarry1231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

2015 is not far off i am skeptical but would love to see what MS is cooking in their software labs to make such bold claims

Kayant1231d ago

They never made the claims in reference to XB1. It was the author of the author of that article that did that. MS were talking about PC development when they were talking about those improvements and showing the graphs but yh it will be interesting to see what happens.

Though I honestly don't see the XB1 getting a 2X improvements across the board just because of DX12. Even if the CPU is less bottlenecked than before at the end of the day the GPU can only do so much.

XB1 also has had one for a while - Mono driver -->

ThunderSpark1231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

Only people making a huge deal out of this were Xbox One fans who are always looking for the second coming of secret sauce from the clouds. Gamers who have gamed for a very long time know that hardware is the first step to high end gaming, then software. If Ms couldn't get the hardware right, software is not going to drastically change the problem. You can put make up on a pig but beneath all of those updates, the Xbox One is still weaker than the PS4. The sooner Xbox One fans realize that and come to terms with it, the sooner we don't need to fight over every exaggeration of the secret sauce from the clouds. Let the games talk and so far, PS4 games prove the hardware's power and efficiency.

Septic1231d ago

I think this doubling the performance thing is silly.

What I hope, and I think people should be more realistic and not get their heads in the clouds (no pun intended), is that DX makes a marked improvement. Doubling the power just seems fantastical.

Volkama1231d ago

Yes Kayant, I'm glad somebody else noted this.

When MS talked about DX 12 they did mention compatibility with the XBox One. They did also mention potential gains of 50% on CPU efficiency. On a separate slide that had nothing to do with the console.

Gaming Bolt just totally misrepresented the information, and people seem to be reading whatever they want into every vague statement that has come out since.

MS have not even pretended to quantify the advantage this will offer the console. Not so much as a hint that I have seen.

marlinfan101231d ago


"only people making a huge deal out of this were xbox one fans"

you say that right before writing a paragraph about the thing lol..from what I've seen, the people that are making the biggest deal about it are the ones trying to disprove it. go to any dx12 article and its comment after comment about how it'll never work

GarrusVakarian1231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )


I agree 100%. I remember the article that said DX12 will have potential gains of 50% for CPU efficiency...and then fast forward a few weeks and it has been taken completely the wrong way.

A lot of people who accused others of being "armchair developers" are feeling pretty silly now seeing this come from multiple industry professionals. You don't have to be an engineer, or a developer to doubt software could magically double the power of a piece of hardware.

DX12 will most certainly improve the efficiency of the console for developers, but deep down, did anyone truly believe the X1 would get such ridiculously high performance benefits from it? Seriously? The dude in the article who made that claim even clarified that he didn't mean it literally.

S2Killinit1231d ago

Except the whole thing is by design. MS knows exactely what they are doing when they spread such rumors as true.

creatchee1231d ago


"Only people making a huge deal out of this were Xbox One fans who are always looking for the second coming of secret sauce from the clouds."

Bull. Look at most of the DX12 articles on this site. Heck - look at just about any article dealing with X1 hardware. The first and most vocal people are those in the Sony camp saying that it is all some sort of fairy tale. Sure, some Xbox fanboys go the MisterX route and start claiming five and ten times performance gains, but for the most part, people who are interested in the console are optimistic about what could come to be. It's the Sony fanboys coming into those articles to push their agenda who continually pick this fight that you speak of.

"The sooner Xbox One fans realize that and come to terms with it, the sooner we don't need to fight over every exaggeration of the secret sauce from the clouds."

Or you could just stop fighting now and enjoy your PS4 without worrying about what is going on with the X1. You've already decided not to buy one, so it won't affect you. Wouldn't your time be better spent enjoying your superior PS4?

ThunderSpark1231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

I find it funny how in the previous article Xbox One fans dismissed our comments because they said we were not developers, that we do not know anything about game development. But now that the developers themselves are agreeing with what we stated, those same Xbox fans are still in denial. I feel like our words don't even matter anymore. Xbox fans want to believe what they want to believe and there's no stopping them. Blind faith in their Xbox religion full of clouds and secret sauce. In the end, gamers will be happy about the games, and Xbox fans will still be waiting for secret sauce.

Volkama1231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

@Lukas I think you probably can double the efficiency of hardware through software revisions. But the existing software has to offer a pretty bad starting point...

I don't think the current Dx API on the XBox One is single-threaded like Dx11 anyway, so I suspect the primary performance boost afforded by Dx12 will not even apply.

Having said that, I think other improvements that are more specific to the console can make a big difference. I think Xbox owners can look forward to improvements because of work in other areas, and I think the Build presentation on "how to use ESRAM" was more likely to contain the answers.

And of course I think PS4 owners can look forward to big improvements too. As seen previously with every console ever.

@S2Killinit How would quantifiable false expectations of a 50-100% performance increase be in microsoft's interest? It would backfire hard. They aren't so dumb.

Hercules1891231d ago

@whathappened, Intel, AMD and Nvidia all say its a huge deal and do you really think that Microsoft wouldn't make the xboxone without taking advantage of dx12. And the cloud does work, unless you live in some hut, all you need to have is basic $30/mnth internet and you should see the advantages of cloud.

Eonjay1231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

"Doubling Xbox One GPU Speed" - What speed. The core clock speed of the GPU. To what 1600Mhz... well of course no so I assume they are referring to developing performance. Well, no again because the max performance is 1.31Tflops and thats not doubling. So they must that efficiency is doubled. That I can buy.


Current PC GPUs will also be DX12 compliant. Were they made with DX12 in mind... or was it the other way around.

tuglu_pati1231d ago

The truth is DX12 still in development. We have to take everything we hear in the internet with a grain of salt even with this developers.

The only thing we can do is wait and see.

MorePowerOfGreen1231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

"PS4 ICE Programmer: Be Suspicious of Claims"

Nuff said.

Nvidia, AMD, Intel and other devs etc say different lol. I guess Sony just can't afford for this to be praised much longer so now they damage control. The only thing this Sony damage control is going to do is, set PS4 fanboys in denial.

MSFT is a global company making software for global hardware companies, if these companies are saying DX12 does these things they do! as if some random hating Sony guy working on inferior software is more credible than everybody else like chip makers and devs.

Who does Sony sell ICE to? Does Ice have market outside of gaming and on other platforms where many folks are vouching for it? One random Sony dev not showing a damn thing *vs* hardware companies, software companies and devs either working on DX12 or showing it work.

Why o why1231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

Arghh well, its not like most of us didn't share this notion. Obviously, a faction felt compelled to champion any 'game changer' worst thing is, after all of the huffing and puffing the improvements may not even equate to parity. Crazy.

Anyway, I'm sure some will move onto the next one.....recurring pattern.

@less power

Dude, denial about what, owning the most powerful gaming console....... thats like moaning about being rich or having a nine inch hwang... some guys

Nekroo911231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

@Morepowerofgreen read the article. Theres statements from treyarch and other programmers aswell .

How can you be so delusional. Your trying alot to justify your purchase but guess what?! its still weak and it always be

Charybdis1231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

Always be sceptic and ask for specifics doubling the gpu power of the x1 doesn't sound reasonable with software. Could they possible double the efficiency of a specific gpu task with direct x12 software maybe, but a doubling of gpu speed seems very unlikely.

Software improvements are possible but certain numbers may simply not be realistic. Same can be said of the previous claim of an ice- programmer. "PS4 surface tiling/detiling on the CPU is ~10-100x faster". in the end both consoles will get better and people will keep on exaggerating the theoretical possibilities instead of real world results.

GarrusVakarian1231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )


Just like your buddy lifeisgamesok, you didn't read the article. You read the title and the description and spewed your BS and embarrassed yourself. Congrats.

And LOL at you talking about denial....seriously. Irony at it's finest.

Man, you are going to be so disappointed when DX12 launches and your X1 isn't twice as powerful, i hope you realise that.

Edit: You then edit your comment, including a new paragraph and yet you STILL haven't read the article, lmao!

"as if some random hating Sony guy working on inferior software is more credible than everybody else like chip makers and devs."

Hardware >>> software, don't even try and tell us you believe that it's the other way around. I know you're delusional, but not that delusional. The PS4 is more powerful and will be more powerful after DX12 drops. Accept it.

Edit 2: LMAO! You did it AGAIN! Wow man, seriously, wow. In future, read the damn article, because you just made yourself look like a fool.

Death1231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )


The Xbox fans waiting for the second coming of secret sauce are out buying and playing games. Look at software sales on both platforms. It looks more like Xbox fans are enjoying their consoles while Playstation fans wait for the next gen in games to arrive.

It also looks like the most vocal ones crying about secret sauce are the insecure Playstation fans that labeled it secret sauce in the first place. Optimization will occur on both consoles and each will "evolve" over time like they always have. If you want to call optimization "secret sauce" and pretend it won't happen, that is on you.

As for Xbox fans coming to terms with the Xbox One being "weaker" than the PS4, they know. The problem that is burning you up from the looks of it is they don't care. I'm pretty sure that is why you keep telling us about it.

BX811231d ago

@ what happened
Your drunk if you think it was only xb1 fans making a huge deal. It's the trolls from both camps. They constantly need something to bicker over.

Eonjay1231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )


I completely agree.

I think people misunderstand what Brad Wardell meant. He didn't mean the GPU speed would be doubled. If DX12 is more efficient it can be twice as effective with the same hardware. An API doesn't change the hardware, it only communicates with it. The hardware can only do what its told.

There is a way to literally double the GPU speed but that would probably cause overheating...

Also its not just Sony.

"Treyarch software engineer Dan Olson" also said the claim was not smart to make.

Why o why1231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

'''As for Xbox fans coming to terms with the Xbox One being "weaker" than the PS4, they know. The problem that is burning you up from the looks of it is they don't care. I'm pretty sure that is why you keep telling us about it.'''

Lmao....dont care huh...let me every single power increase article is flocked too with hopeful x1 fans clasping to rhetoric. Oh, yeah, when the facts went againt that said crowd they screamed resolution didn't matter anymore but give any of em a sniff of power increase then BAM,... a whole heap of talk........ with this type of dispute, It ALWAYS takes 2 so please, cut the morality plea....peoples actions hold way more weight. Ms attackers will attack and sony attackers will attack. BOTH will defend vehemently. Thats the n4g standard.

And if anybodys burning up inside I'd almost certainly guess it wasn't those who know they're on top in this regards...

creatchee1231d ago


"As for Xbox fans coming to terms with the Xbox One being "weaker" than the PS4, they know. The problem that is burning you up from the looks of it is they don't care. I'm pretty sure that is why you keep telling us about it."

This. Times a million.

I've never seen a group of people worried so much about experiences that other people are having and trying to downplay them as I do with video game console fanboys.

VforVideogames1231d ago

Xbox1 fans this Ps4 fans that.... STFU and enjoy your console of choice, leave this to the ones who don't have a next gen console.

dcbronco1230d ago

I don't know why people find it hard to believe that DX12 can make a big difference on the CPU side on Xbox One. We all should know that most of the cores are idle a lot. If DX12 puts them to use on a regular basis,we should see major gains. That's just common sense. Denying that is just fanboy wishing.

pyramidshead1230d ago

lifeis and powerofgreen still unable to read full articles I see.

PS4 ICE team dev is probably there just to see what the different side of the coin looks like. The rest are multiplat devs and people who even work for microsoft lol.

Efficient weak hardware is still weak hardware.

If the Xbone can gain this much efficiency than so can the PS4 and that's on top of how mature it already is compared to the bone. ALSO DX12 is slated for holiday 2015, guess we have to wait until late 2016/17 games to see any real difference.

Xbox fanboys have been rubbed the wrong way so much now that that cling to anything even if it's to blindly swallow what anything MS shoots from the PR department.

DarXyde1230d ago


THANK YOU! Finally, someone realizes the developers were not talking about XBOX One. The XBOX One will likely receive a great update with DX12 but, no, it's not some kind of God-Mod-mega-hax that will double performance. Spencer put it best, where he suggested it can make a difference like going from PDZ quality to Halo 4 quality. That's realistic. It DID happen and I think it can happen again.

As a side note, I think it's safe to say that, if the XBOX One had its way with the industry (DRM, always-online restrictions), it would be much more powerful than it's given credit for. The Cloud has at least somewhat proven itself and it would have had the benefit of working with every XBOX One game. That with DX12 may have made for very interesting developments. Maybe.

I'm still a pro-Sony gamer, but the XBOX One would likely have been a more formidable machine if it happened the way Microsoft intended. Then again, it may not have had the bright future for games as it appears to now because Mattrick would likely still be there and Spencer would likely have taken a back seat.

Oh well. No use speculating on hypotheticals.

alexkoepp1230d ago Show
Ritsujun1230d ago

Don't give up, MS!!!!!!!!!

gigoran1230d ago


All you need is a 30 dollar a month Internet connection to get the power of the cloud? Hahahahahahahaha. So a 500 dollar machine just became an extra yearly investment of 300 dollars or more. Are you trying to help or hinder your beloved xbone? If someone must pay that much extra every year just to play the console at its highest power... That's pathetic.

tbone5671230d ago

All this talk of Direct X 12 and Cloud. Doesn't matter. The real secret weapon is MS itself. Xbox One is backed by a trillion dollar tech Titan.

ChrisW1230d ago


"Only people making a huge deal out of this were Xbox One fans"

Nope! It's the Sony camp that jumping around viciously attacking this news because it simply has "XB1" and "2X" in it.

Though yet they seem to fail to understand that DX12 will also benefit the PS4.

Maybe by "2X" or more?!?

DigitalRaptor1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

@ Death (and creatchee, somewhat)

All of this stems from the delusionally hopeful that are grasping onto every PR statement, who are trying to convince people the opposite of the truth. It's the PR spin bulls*** these companies try to convince others too that exacerbates the delusions of the fiercely loyal.

You don't care about the power differences? Fine by me, but don't ever try and spin the truth or push any delusions on others, or even support others doing that, or call those who are calling out the bulls***, fanboys, to try and deflect logic.

n4rc1230d ago


Actually it seems the Sony fans love to bring up those points, not Xbox fans..

Like your post... Who the hell said secret sauce or anything like that? Just you, in response to no one..

What people need to come to terms with is enjoying their system and allowing others to do the same.. And not trolling every single article trying to shoot it down