Molyneux: Kinect “Feels More and More Like a Joke"

GR: Former Lionhead boss Peter Molyneux is confident that Microsoft will eventually offer a Kinect-less SKU of Xbox One, saying that not doing so would be "unthinkable."

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stuna11291d ago

The problem with Kinects comes down to choice! It should never be offered as the only option.

acharlez1291d ago

Agreed. It's working amazingly well for Sony with PS4.

GarrusVakarian1291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )

I agree with you, i choose to not use Kinect....but now that im using the X1 more and more, im realising that certain things have been restricted or made more inconvenient for people who only want to use a controller.

For example, i can't upload or edit my awesome Titanfall clips with Upload Studio, because you need Kinect in to use, what possible reason could they have to limit those things to Kinect users only? I could do it with a controller just as easily,

Also, if i want to record gameplay without a Kinect, i have to constantly have the Game DVR snapped while i run the game if i want to capture anything. Why can't it just be like the PS4, where it constantly records your gameplay silently in the background, then if you want to save any of it to your HDD, you just press the share button? I would love it if it was the same on X1... snap DVR, choose how long i want to record from, then just unsnap the DVR and it carries on running in the background.

Maybe (hopefully) that will be the case in a future update as i would love to make a new YouTube account and start getting my clips on there. Every time i do something awesome on Titanfall i think to myself "damn, i can't record that", MS need to realise that not everyone has an interest in Kinect. I'm happy for anyone that is loving controlling their X1 with their voice, but not everyone does, and we shouldn't be cut out of certain features because we choose not to use it. What is the harm in giving consumers choice?

Septic1291d ago

"Also, if i want to record gameplay without a Kinect, i have to constantly have the Game DVR snapped while i run the game if i want to capture anything. Why can't it just be like the PS4, where it constantly records your gameplay silently in the background, then if you want to save any of it to your HDD, you just press the share button?"

Yeah this is just stupid. This needs to change imo, even though I actually like using the Kinect for this stuff.

vallencer1291d ago

Is it that much work to just yell Xbox record that? I don't get why people are so against plugging it in. Even if it's plugged in you DONT have to use it for everything. You already have a x1 so why keep the kinetic unplugged? Are you trying to prove a point that NO ONE will ever see?

Trust me no one is going to spy on you if that's what you're thinking. It's your choice if you want to use it or not and that's fair I get that but at the same time if you own a X1 why leave it unplugged haha. You hinder yourself more then anything else.

Ittoryu1291d ago

@Vallner you're naive the NSA was using the first kinects to collect data and it is, has and will be using the damn kinects 2.0 with the xbone.

GarrusVakarian1291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )

@ vallencer

I get what you're saying man, but it's simple, i don't want Kinect plugged in.

I'm not afraid of being spied on, i don't hate voice commands, i don't hate Kinect in general, im not opposed to change.....i simply do not care for it. I just want to do what i have done since i was 6 years old....use a controller.

Why should people's experience of the X1 be hindered if they don't want to use Kinect. I could understand if certain apps couldn't be controller, or couldn't be controller *as easily* with a controller as they could with Kinect...but those 2 things i just mentioned above could easily be done by a controller, there is just no reason to restrict non-Kinect users from those things.

I also don't agree with the "you have an X1, which means you have Kinect, just plug it in!" mentality. I'm a gamer, i really couldn't care less about anything but playing games on either of my consoles. I would much rather sell the Kinect online and make an easy £60+ to spend on other games. But hey, that's just my personal preference, as i said above, if you are loving your Kinect then im happy for you!:)


Yeah ive noticed you love using Kinect to record clips of TF, some of those clips are awesome btw ;)

LordMaim1291d ago

@Lukas_Japonicus: Well said, sir. There's no reason to exclude a manual functionality for recording except to incentiveize using Kinect. It doesn't add any utility.

vallencer1291d ago


That's fair. I understand what you mean.


I guess I just don't care if the nsa spies on me. I've got nothing to hide. And I've heard all the arguments before so if you'd like to debate it's cool but in reality I just don't care.

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Rickgrimes951291d ago

My brother has an Xbox one first day he had kinect plugged in to set it up, day 2 he unplugged it an hasn't touched it in 5 months it's a total joke an if they had taken it out in the first place it would have been same price as ps4 an could compete a little better with it but it just shows where the smart people are working at

Ausbo1291d ago

The reason its in there to stay is because they don't want a developer who makes a Kinect game to have a limited install base within the xb1 install base.

not hard to figure out

kneon1291d ago

I understand that, but if the xb1 continues to lag behind the ps4 in sales the way it has been then they will need to reevaluate whether it's worthwhile to continue forcing people to accept kinect as part of the bundle.

Dropping kinect from the bundle doesn't mean kinect is dead. They just have to give people a compelling reason to want to own kinect.

stuna11291d ago

So where are they??? When the original Kinects came out, Microsoft pretty much switched focus to everything Kinects, even though it released 5 years into the Xbox 360 life, but now it's included, its barely made a blip on the radar. Sure I'm about to get disagrees out the anus, but Kinects purpose is not about gaming at all! It's a distraction.

Ausbo1291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )

@stuna we are 4 months into the console lifecycle. Still plenty of games to be announced

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lelo1291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )

I agree with Molyneux. Kinect feels more and more like a expensive worthless accessory... and the reviews of it's latest game proves Molyneux right, Kinect Sports Rivals. There aren't games that prove that Kinect is essential for the X1.

Smartest thing Microsoft could do is release a cheaper Kinect-less SKU of X1.

acharlez1291d ago

And the sooner, the better. I'm holding off on purchasing one until they do so... or if the new Halo is really amazing.

JeffGUNZ1291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )

I love Kinect for the OS. It was cool for Dead Rising 3, but I control everything in my living room with it so it's nice to be able to voice around the system, especially if I come home from work I walk through the door and say "Xbox On" and my tv, sound bar, and X1 are on by the time I get to my office. When I am around my home, ie, in the kitchen I can say "xbox go to netflix" and wah-la, I am in netflix in the other room. It makes things so much better. I had my TV remote, sound bar remote, and then the controller all needed prior to X1 to get to netflix. Now, I am there in seconds with my voice while I am getting home from work.

I really think Kinect is going to lead to Cortana upgrade that MS OS devices are getting. That would be insane if that occurred. I might get Kinect Sports Rivals when it's onsale in the marketplace for my girl and I to play, but kinect to me is more of a feature I was pleasantly surprised with after dealing with the awful Kinect 1.0 and now can't picture my living room without voice command.

lelo1291d ago

And yet you didn't need a expensive device like Kinect for that... a simple cheap microfone would do all that.

JeffGUNZ1291d ago

The Kinect is $100 and I think the entire console was worth the price tag. I don't want a "cheap microphone", I like the Kinect and how it is incorporated with the console/os. I doubt a cheap microphone will be able to sign me in by me just walking by the TV.

I get it if you don't like Kinect, that's fine, but actually try it before judging it. Comments like "a cheap microphone would do all of that" just leads everyone to believe you never used it before. I hated the first kinect, absolute garbage. I was hesitant about the new kinect but after really seeing it in action at my brothers house, I was convinced. Is it 100% flawless? Nope, but it sure is very nice and a great addition. It makes the console FEEL next gen., to be able to run the entire thing, control my living room with a few simple commands.

It's not a knock on the PS4 as I think that's a great system, but I solely love kinect for everything it does outside of actual gaming. I truly love having something rare happen in Titanfall and be able to say "xbox record that" and show it to my friends instantaneous. It is a nice thing to have.

amiga-man1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

JeffGUNZ: I had my TV remote, sound bar remote, and then the controller all needed prior to X1 to get to netflix. Now, I am there in seconds with my voice

Jesus ALL NEEDED!!! you make it sound like a huge problem even with those 3 controls I'm there in seconds too

The funny thing is you forgot to mention that to access Netflix on xone you NEED to be signed up to live, on the PS4 Netflix isn't hidden behind a paywall.

JeffGUNZ1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

@ Amiga-man

Why are you so mad at my opinion? I never said using three controllers was the end all of end all here. I simply said Kinect is a great addition for convenience. When I get home from work, I put my bag away, change and start dinner, so it's nice to be able to walk in the front door with my bags and my lunch container in hand and just say xbox on as I walk through the living room. I can give it voice commands while im in another room, that's all I am saying.

Why do people get so upset if someone enjoys their xbox one? It's nice for the little things. Like my phone ringing and I can just say "xbox mute" or "xbox pause" instead of looking for the remote. I never said it was essential, but simply a great addition that I am personally having a blast with.

Also, what does Netflix subscription and gold have to do with this topic? I have a mac book, Windows Surface tablet pro (provided by work), 2 Samsung 1080P LED 240hz smart TV's in my apartment, a PS3, and an apple tv, (also my iphone) that can stream Netflix for free, so your point is irrelevant. I buy gold to game online and since Netflix is incorporated as an app, why would I switch to my ps3 or smart tv to run it when I can just say "xbox go to Netflix" on the X1. Stop making it sound like people who have Xbox's are buying them as streaming devices for netlix.

amiga-man1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

Not mad JeffGUNZ I just find it amazing people will bring up having to use controllers as some sort of huge problem there may be a little more convenience but in all honesty pressing a button on the remote is convenience enough and hardly warrants the price of Kinect.

As for Netflix I bought it up as you mentioned it and as you point out it is very easy to access on all sorts of devices which is how it should be, the fact M$ hide it behind a paywall is not needed whether your already paying for live isn't the point.

I'm happy your enjoying your Kinect but honestly most people will get on watching Netflix etc just fine without it.

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Sev1291d ago

I have to agree with him. Kinect and Move never did much of anything.

acharlez1291d ago

No doubt. It sold well for MS on Xbox 360, but fool me once...

stuna11291d ago

That is exactly why so many are disenchanted with Kinects! Although some will argue that they were satisfied with the performance of the original Kinects, how many could say that it performed on the level that Microsoft said it would!? Which is in truth why so many now refuse to buy into the hype of the new and improved Kinects 2.0. To make matters worse, selling the Xbox1 with it bundled in is akin to forcing people to deal with that disenchantment whether they like it or not in order to enjoy the console itself .

We have at some point experienced this concept to a degree when we were younger, and our parents forced us to eat our vegetables. If anyone was like me, I waited until their backs were turned, and I flushed them.

Hellsvacancy1291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )

Lol, you liked Kinect here when you was being PAID to like it

I wish this fool would do a Phil Fish, or shut up and make games, perhaps finish Godus

Infamous2981291d ago

took the words right out of my mouth haha.

HacSawJimThugin1291d ago

Exactly. I wish he would just STFU. If he would of finished Milo and Kate he would be singing praises instead of hate. Really hate this cocky ass has been.