Make It So - Frozen in Kingdom Hearts III

Twinfinite writes:

With last year's announcement of Kingdom Hearts III, I take a look at the possibility of a Frozen world in the title.

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danielsousa1474d ago

Unfortunately, I doupt this world is going to be in KH3 cause Frozen came out after they started to make game.

munnyndonuts1473d ago

Well, KH3 is still in its early stages of development (like really early) and Nomura stated that he's only just begun to write the script for the game. With all the attention that Frozen's been getting, I think there's a pretty high chance of it making an appearance in KH3.

It's going to be a long while before we hear any concrete news about KH3's development, I'm sure. So we shouldn't rule Frozen out just yet :)

SugarSoSweet1473d ago

Frozen is so overrated I've watched it and I don't understand what made it so special

munnyndonuts1472d ago

Ha, to each his own, I guess.