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Submitted by MightyNoX 599d ago | article

Can Microsoft turn things around for Xbox One?

How the platform holder plans to put Xbox back in the number one spot after a troubled launch - EDGE Magazine (Microsoft, Xbox One)

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mrpsychoticstalker  +   599d ago
Xbox 360 dominated in terms of sales and quality of games, plus entertainment options for many consecutive months. It was only at the end that the PlayStation 3 took the number one spot, perhaps because of the last of us. One of the best games out there.

Im just talking Xbox and Ps. We all know the Wii was king last generation, more than 100M sold.
GarrusVakarian  +   599d ago
"and quality of games"

Woah...speak for yourself there buddy. I went from being an exclusive 360 gamer (i was actually a pretty big 360 fanboy, believe it or not), to getting my first PS3 in 2011 and the change in quality amongst exclusives was instantly apparent for me. There just seemed to be a certain standard amongst those games that i never saw on the 360....or not the same extent.

But if you are talking multiplats, then i agree 100%....i refused to play multiplats on anything but my 360 last gen.

On topic: It's pretty obvious that the X1 is in a much better place now than it was this time last year....or even 4 months ago. For me personally, i want to see quality, 1st party, true exclusives on tap throughout the gen. In the games department, you have a lot of work to do, exclusives have always been Sony's strong point, it's what they are known for. As for being in the top spot, it's early days, but if Sony can hold such a huge lead with little in the way of's going to be even harder when Sony get back to their usual, post-launch selves and start a repeat performance of the PS3.

"By quality of exclusives you mean anything from Naughty Dog, correct?"

No, i don't mean that. Sounds like you are just giving your opinion to what constitutes to quality and assuming that's my opinion too. Fail.
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TRS_Gear  +   599d ago
By quality of exclusives you mean anything from Naughty Dog, correct?

And maybe include Santa Monica.
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Wikkid666  +   599d ago
Sony took the #2 spot.
SniperControl  +   599d ago
Show me a chart that states that?
Wikkid666  +   599d ago

Please show me a chart... that shows other wise.

1. Wii
2. PS3
3. X360
SniperControl  +   599d ago
My bad, thought you were taking about PS3 and 360 only.

Yeah, the Wii trounced both, big style.
kenshiro100  +   599d ago
Please don't associate Microsoft with the quality of games. Just don't.
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Goku781  +   599d ago
Anything is possible. Almost anything. Granted I love the PS4 but I do hope all these claims of direct x12 making Xbox One two time more powerfull is true. I spent some quality time on Sunday with an Xbox one and Direct X12 better triple that power cause the system is so underwhelming to me. But I love games and consoles and all though I dont agree with MS at all I do want them to do something worth the money to make me wanna buy this expensive machine.
phantomxll  +   599d ago
Xbox One expensive? Lmao!
S2Killinit  +   599d ago
They are going to lie and deceit apparently. DX12 will make the xbox twice as powerful, and thats not even including the cloud making it 3 to 4 times more powerful.
ravinash  +   599d ago
DX12 might make it more powerful, but thats over two - three years. but thats standard development for any console, so the PS4 in it's own way wil be doing the same thing.
S2Killinit  +   599d ago
True, except in traditional MS custom that little bit of information about how DX12 is an update just like other updates that each console experiences, goes without mention.
xJumpManx  +   599d ago
X1 is my console of choice. I like my PS4 but I just prefer my X1 from my more than decade old xbox live account to the way they do online stuff I just prefer it. There is nothing wrong with either console its a choice if I was so preoccupied by graphics only I would run everything on my 780ti in my PC. I also like that Microsoft is located in the USA and that is their primary customer base so usually games are more identifiable to this region. To each their own this fan boy stuff is pathetic a Gamer likes games no matter what console it is on.
ravinash  +   599d ago
Nice to see an argument with reason and logic.
If you perfer Xbox because it's more to your taste that thats the best reason to all others.
MCTJim  +   599d ago
I still say the reason we are where we are is because they rushed it out 1 full year ahead of schedule. X1 will hit its groove as will the PS4. I am happy with the direction they are going and look forward to what they will bring to the table.
isarai  +   599d ago
Sure, it's just a lot that has to change making it seem either unlikely or something that will take quite a bit of time to accomplish
Whiskeyjacked87  +   599d ago
Keep giving away the AAA titles that are supposedly system sellers.
Bernlock  +   599d ago
Sold more than infamous
kenshiro100  +   599d ago
They have a long way to go if they want to turn things around.
king_george  +   599d ago
As far as i am concerned (im a gamer not a fanboy) the xbox 1 is doing an awesome job turning things around. I will be purchasing my own later this year along with my ps4
asmith2306  +   599d ago
In order for MS to 'turn things around' they need to invest heavily in their own 1st party studios, and then after that, have them make some AAA quality games. They can't keep relying on 3rd party exclusives and Kinect sure as hell isn't going to intice gamers. Kinect hasn't had the impact in the 'Wii market' that MS hoped for, and they decided to make it a mandatory feature of the X1. Now they are all about the gamer again since that strategy didn't pay off.

In my opinion, console companies need very strong first party studios to be a 'gamers' company, for want of better words. It's a pretty pathetic situation on their part, flopping around on strategy, but even by looking at the articles on N4G, people are lapping it up.

MS seem to just follow Sony and Nintendo's lead. PS attracts gamers, MS makes the Xbox. Nintendo grabs the casual market, MS makes the Kinect. Now they have gone full circle and they aren't firmly rooted in either camp because of bad strategy. Stuck between a rock and a hard place if you ask me.
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dansdooz  +   599d ago
Edge dont arf write some headlines, xbox is killing it on the features and now plex app coming, i actually feel bad for sony at this point.
Even boogie admits the xbox is killing it with games and software.
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