Oculus' Creator Welcomes PS4 to the VR Race, but Thinks it'll Be Surpassed by PC and Mobile in Time

Oculus VR CEO Palmer Luckey is quite happy about Sony joining the virtual reality camp with Project Morpheus, and thinks it can be a good application for the moment, even if he expressed concerns about the PS4′s lasting power.

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ArbitorChief1349d ago (Edited 1349d ago )

The VR wars will be interesting, it's going to be tough for Sony and the PS4 to compete with PC and mobile platforms which will have multiple VR headsets and more support from developers.

Thantalas1349d ago (Edited 1349d ago )

Luckey makes some interesting points about how the PC platform constantly advances. However he says of Project Morpheus "I think there’s reason for concern for the long term. That’s because in two to three years almost everyone will have a PC more powerful than the PS4."

In three years time of course PCs will be more powerful than the PS4 but Luckey's mistake is to assume the mass market will be buying PCs for gaming in greater numbers than games consoles. This didn't happen with the PS360 generation or the gen before. The advantage of a PS4 or Xbone is that whilst they are not cutting edge (in comparison to top spec PCs) they offer excellent standardised gaming platforms at an affordable price which makes it more accessible to the mass market.

NewMonday1349d ago (Edited 1349d ago )

- people are actually buying less PCs
- high end PCs are a niche market
- mobile hasn't even caught up to the 360/PC yet
- the combination of price, power and simple plug&play will give Morpheus the advantage with the mass market.
- OR will have more competitors in the PC space, especially after the controversial Facebook deal.
- it is still a possibility that Morpheus could come to the PC after it gets established with the PS4.

SteamPowered1349d ago

Personally, I think Steam makes it incredibly attractive to be a pc gamer. If valve would hit the PR drum hard, I think they could garner some big numbers. I'm not saying they will overtake consoles or cell phones, but pc is a big player with the potential for more.
I think he was referring to 'everyone' as in 'everyone that has a pc' not everyone on the planet.

Rickgrimes951349d ago

I predict Morpheus sells very good if it has the games. I know I would run out day 1 an buy it to play as Kratos in First person lmao

UltraNova1349d ago

In 2-3 years from now the install base of the ps4 will be so hard for developers to ignore that the last thing in their minds will be making a game for Oculus's VR which based on their CEO's statement will be upgrading their VR headset every other year to keep up with the 5% market of the PC gaming community. We all know that is not happening, especially if Morpheus is on PC as well.

Well nice try undermining the competition Mr CEO. Will see what Zucky has in store for you sooner than later.

starchild1348d ago

Well, VR is an experience that revolves around "presence", the feeling as if being in another place. It requires low latency, high framerate, low persistence, accurate tracking, high resolution, high quality stereoscopy etc. and many of these things rely on hardware performance.

I think the PC will be the place to be for those that really care about VR because the hardware performance required for high quality VR is much greater than just playing a game on a 2D display.

For example, it wouldn't be too hard to do a VR version of the next Mirror's Edge or Deus Ex, but only the PC will have the power to run games like that at 90Hz in stereoscopic 3D at 1080p or higher resolutions.

The consumer Rift is probably going to have a 90Hz 1440p OLED panel and even mid or lower end PCs will be able to enjoy some of the simpler VR games and experiences at that framerate and resolution, but at the same time the higher end games are only going to be able to be enjoyed in VR on a high end PC.

Valve talked about why they believe VR could drive a shift towards the PC and I tend to agree with them. If VR ends up being as big as I think it will be there will be many millions of people with a new hunger for VR experiences and many of those people will not want to settle for a watered down experience.

UltraNova1348d ago (Edited 1348d ago )


Yes I see your point, But, there's always a but,what would be the price of a 90Hz 1440p OLED VR with quality stereoscopic tech?

We are looking at between &600-800 (IMO). What kind of a penetration could anyone expect on that price? Lets not forget potential GPU upgrades as well since we are looking at a 2015- mid 2016 release date I imagine things will be getting old by then, I got my OC R9 290x a couples weeks back and boom its all ready outdated by the 295..

The way I see it the Wii lessons still apply. What do I mean? If you are going to introduce something new, radical that requires great change/adaptation from the consumer you better introduce your product with a very affordable/competitive price and full on support for it, that actually demonstrates why you must have it from the get go. (a lesson I might add, MS clearly missed). Will they?

Of course the can go that way now that they have the cash machine called Facebook backing them, but anyone would be right to question FB's aspirations for it and something tells me in the long run hardcore gaming/support isn't one of them.

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WalterWJR1349d ago (Edited 1349d ago )

The biggest worry I have for the PS4 is being able to output 3D gaming at a solid frame rate in 1080p. The only 3D game on PS4 at the moment is zen pinball, it looks awsome.. smooth 1080p 3D. The problem is zen pinball is not going to tax the GPU anywhere near as much compared to an uncharted or a driving simulator.

FriedGoat1349d ago (Edited 1349d ago )

Zen Pinball is not 1080p 3d it is 720p. It is 1080p in non-3d mode though. Unfortunately HDMI output cannot currently carry a 1080p 3d signal in framepacking format (standard 3dtv 3d format). Trine 2 is another ps4 3d game also 3D 720p and it looks beautiful.

The morpheus will not be using HDMI I imagine if it is going to output 1080p 3d.

Jdoki1349d ago

VR Wars? So we're already at war?

Why does everything have to be a war? Especially with two different products aimed at different markets.

Baccra171349d ago

War makes it fun and it's competition.

Jdoki1349d ago

I'd argue playing games and owning cool tech is fun. I'm not sure where the competition is here - If anything OR and Morpheus are complimetary products that are going to really help boost VR's mainstream popularity.

War, seems to be a term exclusively used to incite fanboy rage and allow talentless hacks create click-bait articles.

Infamous2981349d ago (Edited 1349d ago )

What was the negativity lately, seems that oculus rift dont like competition and somehow feel threatened by Sony's Project Morpheus

Flo-con1349d ago

I know right? He doesn't even have to be a dick like that, they're targeting a different market.

ArbitorChief1349d ago (Edited 1349d ago )

What? Oculus welcomed Sony's VR headset before it was announced. They want more competition so VR becomes a product people want. The only thing they don't want is a company releasing a half assed VR product and turning people off the idea of VR. Have a look for yourself:

I agree with your point, but you also have to consider that this is the first generation of consoles were PCs today are more powerful than the new consoles. Not to mention PC prices are dropping considerably lower and faster than ever before. Also the PC platform is growing so much faster than before, I believe 10 million Steam accounts were made just over the holidays. With $150 GPUs offering better performance than the next gen consoles and that's not even with benefits like Mantle or the upcoming DX12, give it 2 or 3 years and you'll be able to buy PC's for around on the cheap that'll be 2 to 3 times more powerful than these next gen consoles.

Infamous2981349d ago (Edited 1349d ago )

Sony showed Project Morpheus at GDC and received positive feedback from developers, Oculus thinks that Sony will somehow ruin it and release a half assed VR headset, Sony are known for their hardware, engineers and R&D. sony is not stupid, i'm sure they will pull it off.

morganfell1349d ago

Maybe he's worried a major VR developer would sell out to some worthless company. Oh wait...

Abriael1349d ago

Eh, he's not really saying anything out of this world to be honest.

Summons751349d ago

They sold out shortly after Sony revealed Morpheus. Its obvious they feel threatened. Funny how the creator has more faith in cell phones when the purpose of cell phones is to move and call/text people. VR is kind of pointless on a phone when VR will obstruct your view. He has no faith in his own project any more... thanks Facebook.

1349d ago
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Aghashie1349d ago

It's going to be a tight race. Consoles, PC and Mobile each one has their own consumer base. They are not direct competition.

I will likely go VR on Consoles and PC. So I will aim to get both. Mobile? Don't think so. I barely use my phone to game or amusement. Mainly calls, internet and music and don't think I need VR to do any of these.

On the fun side. I 've seen people crossing the street with eyes locked on his phone screen. Dangerous as it is... now add people w VR headsets + mobile walking around. It's gonna be messy...

Skate-AK1349d ago

I just want to try VR, regardless of the brand.

beatled1349d ago (Edited 1349d ago )

the main problem will be just like 3d

the ps4 (and more so the xbox1) are very weak, and just like the ps3 and 360 had to sacrifice image quality GREATLY to achieve 3d, think what the ps4 will have to sacrifice to do VR. Hell, it only runs BF4 at 900p and killzone multiplayer at a nasty 960 x 1080

now add VR rendering into the mix and think what will happen

a gpu from 4 years ago has more power and renders images more fluidly than ps4

to think the ps4/xbox1 can compete with pc in any space is pure madness

I love my ps4, love psn plus and all the free games, love my ps3, love my vita

but a gaming pc from 3 years ago destroys it and does things ps4 will NEVER do

when, and IF, VR becomes a real and awesome thing, pc will be LEAGUES ahead of any console forever

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