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Rumour: Square Enix started developement of FF X-3 and new Dissidia

According to japanese blogs, newest issue of Famitsu stated that Square Enix already started developement of Final Fantasy X-3 and new Dissidia: Final Fantasy. Platforms are undecided. (Final Fantasy X, PS Vita, PS3, PS4, Square Enix, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Update Apparently leaks about developement of FF X-3 were not true and Square Enix isn't making game right now.

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sinncross  +   549d ago
If Dissidia 3 is coming I hope it hits PSV. Will be sweet!
vishmarx  +   549d ago
seriously?that hard to fire toriyama?
infinitewords  +   549d ago
X-3 could be good, if it's more like X and less like X-2.
vishmarx  +   549d ago
one thing ive learned in the last decade through jrpgs.
cheap sequels do nothing but shit allover the glory of the original.theres no way its gonna be a big budget title so bleh....im done with sequels of numbered titles.not one has ever come close to half as good as the original.
sure they always toss in a few good ideas but the games are themselves mediocre,
both x2,13-2,LR prove that.
XIII was flawed.but were you look at it rationally it was clearly much much better than the sequels.
hell they couldnt even carry over the same graphics ,let alone improve them
and if its gonna follow up on the extra story from the HD collection then god help us
Pozzle  +   549d ago
"X-3 could be good, if it's more like X and less like X-2."

Sadly, if it ends up being anything like the novella, it'll probably be nothing like FFX. :(
hkgamer  +   549d ago
x-3 has been rumored for a while now. Wouldn't be surprised if it did happen.


battle system of X-2 was fantastic.

I kinda liked X-2. enjoyed the battle system as well.
what is LR? couldn't think of what that is.

FFVII: Crisis Core was pretty decent, well not a sequel but I guess it shows that you still can do a lot to a sequel or prequel.
Dasteru  +   549d ago

I hope it is like the novella. Naked Yuna, necrophelia and Tidus getting his head blown off. Could make for an amusing game lol.
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ShinMaster  +   548d ago
If they used a battle system more similar to X and X-2 instead of that XIII bs, it should be ok.

But the game is most likely not happening anyway.
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BlackWolf12  +   548d ago
So if this were true, then it basically means that Final Fantasy XV has been delayed AGAIN.

IT is getting nearly as bad as DNF now.
nyobzoo  +   549d ago
as long as it's not Tidus and Yuna anymore, I'm fine with whatever they do.
Farsendor1  +   549d ago
Tidus and Yuna are 2 of my most favorite characters in Final Fantasy.

that is ok everyone sees characters in different ways and people see personalities in certain characters that they like better than others.
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nope111  +   549d ago
Tidus and Yuna are 2 of the worst characters in Final Fantasy history.
kayoss  +   549d ago
You have a short memory. I would say Lightning and probably the entire cast of FF13 are the worst FF characters. For the exception of Noel. He reminds me of Tidus for some reason.
hkgamer  +   549d ago

Well tidus was an ass at the beginning.But he was alright near the end.
Yuna was fantastic
elda  +   549d ago
It wouldn't be FF X without Tidus & Yuna they are the stars of the X universe.
BlackWolf12  +   548d ago
Yeah it wouldn't be FFX without them, why would you even want a game set in the FFX world without them?

Tidus is a cool character.
Yuri_Rook  +   549d ago
FFX-3 you say? Explains why SE is still keeping FFXV in the dark.
MrSwankSinatra  +   549d ago
if we get X-3 before XV i will be royally pissed.
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elda  +   549d ago
Please don't say that!...that would be horrible!
EXVirtual  +   549d ago
If SE knows what's good for 'em we will get XV before X-3. Now is not the time to be bringing in extra crap. We just got Lightning, the X/X-2 remake AND 14 out of the way. Not again SE.
nope111  +   549d ago
Hell yes for Dissidia! Hell no for X-3....
Hellsvacancy  +   549d ago
Nooooooooooo, we're going to get another X2 type game rather than X

FFX is soooooooooo much better (in MY opinion), it destroys me when I think about that bastard creation that is FFX-2, it's a mutant of game

Why not make FF7-2 or FF8-2, or even a sequel to FF9, 9 wasn't a bad game
LoveOfTheGame  +   549d ago
Being the second best FF game usually means the complete opposite of bad.

So you're right, it wasn't a bad game lol.
tiger4ever  +   548d ago
Yes lol. ff9 had the most charm of any ff. such an amazing game. I miss it.

It is actually the highest rated FF except ff3, but that was 2D.
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Baka-akaB  +   549d ago
No sequel whatsoever for any main FF please
kayoss  +   549d ago
Making sequel like this kills the originals. In the the history of final fantasy there were no direct sequels until FFX.
EXVirtual  +   549d ago
There's a logical reason though.

Making a mainline FF is almost like making a new IP. They have to write a new mythos, rearrange who does what jobs on a drastic scale, design new worlds, write new characters.

It was easier back in the PS1 days, but now, it's SO hard to make new IPs. New voice actors, engines, the works.

Which is why SE created the Fabula Novacrystallis saga. To get rid of having to write new mythos' for a while. But then, they went to the extremes by making 2 sequels to FF13.

It depends though. The source material and ending of the first entry have to be good enough to create a decent sequel. There's a reason as to why LR and XIII-2 where worthless. Mostly FF13's ending.
Baka-akaB  +   549d ago
I dont even want sequel spin offs . I'm not interested in what the world of FF7 became (aka pretty crap but crap nonetheless) with Dirge of Cerberus and Advent children .

They had luck with the Crisis core prequel , when the background was already so restricting and fleshed out , they couldnt mess up the lore and mythos
kayoss  +   549d ago
I mean i dont mind having spin offs for FF7, since FF7 characters are one of my favorites. What i didnt like is that they made cloud go back to his super duper emo attitude.
MegaRay  +   549d ago
I hope they put KH orginal characters in dissidia.
I dont mind X3 as long as it doesnt affect FF XV & KHIII and/or nomura-sama
Madderz  +   549d ago
F M actual L!!


FFS...Spin off after spin off??

How about getting a good game out there first before worrying about that rubbish!

DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   549d ago
Dissdia is a hell yea.

I don't care much for X-3 tho.

FFXV should get here first tho!
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hkgamer  +   549d ago
Just imagining a PS4 dissidia

That would be awesome
Madderz  +   549d ago
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Hellsvacancy  +   549d ago
Juuuuuuuuuuust a little too creepy buddy
Madderz  +   549d ago
Haha that will teach me to leave my N4G open whilst at work!

I was N4Gaped!

Hellsvacancy  +   549d ago

Now my comment looks pointless lol
TheGameTagerZ  +   549d ago
Nice try bro.

Your name is Madderz you aint fooling anyone.
Madderz  +   549d ago
I don't get who or what i was trying to fool?
Inception  +   549d ago
I don't mind new Dissidia but X-3? I mean come the F* on!!!

SE seriously have the balls to make their fans really really mad :(
HeartlessGamer  +   549d ago
If X-3 is more like X I have no problem with it
SolidGear3  +   549d ago
I heard a rumor about X-3 awhile back actually. Seems likely to me.
feraldrgn  +   549d ago
New dissidia? GREAT! I was puzzled why they haven't made one when the PSV is right there.

FF X-3? Booooo, move on with the series.

We're coming on 8 years since FFXV (FFV XIII) was announced, what are you doing SE?
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izumo_lee  +   549d ago
The success of the HD versions of X/X-2 are probably the reasons why we may be getting a third version of the game. If you hear the audio message that was included with the game it strongly hints at a 3rd game.

As for Dissidia that would be great if it was on the Vita which i believe will be the system. The past 2 were on the PSP & they were both very successful games for Squarenix. Since Nomura is probably busy with FF15 & Kingdom Hearts i guess Tabata will be in charge of this game, he was the director of the past 2.
EXVirtual  +   549d ago
Isn't Tabata co-directing FF15?
izumo_lee  +   549d ago
Not sure maybe but it's pretty sure Nomura is the head guy on the game. If Tabata is involved that is a good move since he is a very good director. Having directed crisis core, both dissidia's, saved 3rd birthday from being a train wreck, and most recently type 0.
wnek9  +   549d ago
plot twist dissidia is gonna be for 3ds.
izumo_lee  +   549d ago
Though it would be interesting dissidia is a game that would welcome 2 sticks cause of the funky camera it has. Even on the PSP the single stick was awkward.

Can't see why it can't be on both like a few games already like conception or virtues last reward.
Lucreto  +   549d ago
I wonder if it will be announced at E3.
goldwyncq  +   549d ago
Why would they release a sequel to a game released over a decade ago? Square Enix needs to get their priorities straight.
HumanatPlay  +   549d ago
More news on release dates at E3 2030.
carlingtat  +   549d ago
If X-3 shows Braska's Journey with Auron and Jecht then yes I can get on board with that however if its a sequel to X-2 then it will be a terrible storyline like X-2.
MasterofMagnetism  +   549d ago
I would definitely like to play as Braska, Jecht, and Auron.
Musiol  +   549d ago
Sorry, sth, broken and this comment should go here.

Yeah, leaks from japanese blog weren't true, but that's weird 'cause Famitsu hyped that they'll get some info on this titles. I added update after Gematsu news.
josephayal  +   549d ago
FF X-3? my dreams come true
gano  +   549d ago
ushiro is what i want damn near forgot about that.
dissdia vita, and type-o.
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Musiol  +   549d ago
Yeah, leaks from japanese blog weren't true, but that's weird 'cause Famitsu hyped that they'll get some info on this titles. I added update after Gematsu news.
EverydayGuy  +   549d ago
Probably gonna be like FFX with LR gameplay mechanics.
Spikeantestor  +   549d ago
Ok, so the story was shot down, it still makes perfect sense. Remakes and rereleases are almost always about testing the water for another game. I'm officially not going to be surprised if we get this in the next two years.
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Sevir  +   548d ago
I must be among the the minute few who enjoyed the light hearted but we'll done sequel to FFX. X-2 was very enjoyable and had some pretty well done combat, and the garment grid system was great at modernising the on the fly class system. The story while jovial provided a brighter turn of events to the gloomy tone of 10 and it answered the questions and showed how everyone moved on after solving the Sin reincarnation cycle. What more would you want?

And why is everyone assuming a X-3 would be just like X-2? Toriyama has iterated on every FF games system he's worked on...

13-2 was better than 13 and the systems in LR:FF13 went full on real time/action RPG, the theme of each are radically different as well from sequel to sequel. I don't get how fans think that they'll get the same game when each sequel is vastly different in narrative, theme and gameplay mechanics from one another. Another case of bitching just to bitch without seeing the product? Yeah I think so.

Considering my fondness for FF X and FF X-2 I welcomed a sequel to that universe much more than I welcomed FF13's universe!
kingdom18  +   548d ago
That's some what conforming and sad at the same time that its not true. But a new Dissidia is still a possibility.
gamedebater  +   548d ago
Too Bad. Lightning Returns Combat + FFX Story + FFX Lore = Solid 10/10 next gen RPG.

Silly SE keep making crap multiplat games.
Gardenia  +   548d ago
Of course this is a rumor. It would be a stupid move by Square-Enix, and they really cannot afford to make any big mistakes right now. Especially with the Final Fantasy games
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