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Linking to movies leads to $4 million in fines

Arstechnica reports: "Hollywood has been granted another victory in its war against piracy, this time at the expense of two linking sites that the Motion Picture Association of America believes profited from enabling copyright infringement. Both ShowStash.net and Cinematube.net have been hit with multimillion dollar judgments recently for copyright infringement of various movies and TV shows. (Industry, PC)

Max Power  +   2398d ago
Good thing...
my movie site wasn't mentioned, i wouldn't thrilled if it was.
VMAN_01  +   2398d ago
Good thing I don't live in America.
Tetsuryu  +   2398d ago
Land of lawsuits, my family has had it's share of them.

I salute the MPAA with two middle fingers and I'll twirl on it.

I wonder what the MPAA does with lawsuit money, probably the same as our congressmen.

Salary raises
Expensive cars
Breast implants
Sending their idiotic kids to the finest universities
Hiring more secretaries (if you know what I mean ;D)

Anyone want to add to the list?

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Boom  +   2398d ago
The posting preview picture oddly reminds me of Goatse..I'm sorry.
Tetsuryu  +   2398d ago
What's Goatse?

Edit: Holy S***! I just found out the hard way. XP
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Timesplitter14  +   2398d ago
Wait a second.... is this picture (story pic) the official pic of the Motion Picture Association of America? Because it looks EXACTLY like goatse lol (don't search it on google if you are light hearted)
Tetsuryu  +   2398d ago
I believe it's a spoof of the original.

Follow his advice people, I made that mistaken recently lol.
zonetrooper5  +   2398d ago
I've seen the goatse picture so many times I'm not fazed but it anymore lol, anon is to blame for that...

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