Xbox One Software Update: Beta Testers Can Now Invite Friends to the Preview Program

If you always wanted to help test the upcoming Xbox One software updates but you haven’t been invited to the preview program, now you have another chance.

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Julion07151021d ago

Someone invite me gamertag juju g15 thanks

alexkoepp1021d ago

Damn, X1 with constant updates, update previews, DX12, SDK improvements, proving what cloud computing can do, all the best franchises, best graphics already... this is a f###ing unstoppable freight train just rolling the competition!

Septic1021d ago (Edited 1021d ago )

"proving what cloud computing can do"

Yeah no...not yet

"all the best franchises"

Subjective and way too early to call out

"best graphics "


"this is a f###ing unstoppable freight train just rolling the competition!"

Not really. Its finally getting up on its legs after getting knocked down hard last year.

Still. I am loving the constant updates. Keep bringing it MS. External HDD support is the next big one.

MelvinTheGreat1021d ago

Meanwhile, we hear nothing from the all mighty sony.

welly3001021d ago

Sony wtf man xbox get updates that add features every month. Cant wait for my next stability update :)

Fireseed1021d ago

Ill invite ya after work tomorrow if someone hasn't already done so. Gamertag is Winter Soldier

greenyboi1021d ago

Juju in sure your on my friends list ill invite you soon pal

corvusmd1021d ago

I'd take an invite Sevenwords

Fireseed1021d ago

I'll send you one as well. GT is Winter Soldier

Crillvirus811021d ago

Can you send me a invite if you don't mind I know by now you might have gotten a lot of request so if you can't it's ok

HacSawJimThugin1021d ago

Same as the gentlemen above me gamertag is the same as my name on here.

GameingmyLife1021d ago

someone invite me please GT Sweatmode

chris_x2k31021d ago

XBO...It just keeps on getting better and better and better!!

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The story is too old to be commented.