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Xbox One Software Update: Beta Testers Can Now Invite Friends to the Preview Program

If you always wanted to help test the upcoming Xbox One software updates but you haven’t been invited to the preview program, now you have another chance. (Xbox One)

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Julion0715  +   357d ago
Someone invite me gamertag juju g15 thanks
alexkoepp  +   357d ago
Damn, X1 with constant updates, update previews, DX12, SDK improvements, proving what cloud computing can do, all the best franchises, best graphics already... this is a f###ing unstoppable freight train just rolling the competition!
Septic  +   357d ago
"proving what cloud computing can do"

Yeah no...not yet

"all the best franchises"

Subjective and way too early to call out

"best graphics "


"this is a f###ing unstoppable freight train just rolling the competition!"

Not really. Its finally getting up on its legs after getting knocked down hard last year.

Still. I am loving the constant updates. Keep bringing it MS. External HDD support is the next big one.
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MelvinTheGreat  +   357d ago
Meanwhile, we hear nothing from the all mighty sony.
welly300  +   357d ago
Sony wtf man xbox get updates that add features every month. Cant wait for my next stability update :)
Fireseed  +   357d ago
Ill invite ya after work tomorrow if someone hasn't already done so. Gamertag is Winter Soldier
greenyboi  +   357d ago
Juju in sure your on my friends list ill invite you soon pal
corvusmd  +   357d ago
I'd take an invite Sevenwords
Fireseed  +   357d ago
I'll send you one as well. GT is Winter Soldier
Crillvirus81  +   357d ago
Can you send me a invite if you don't mind I know by now you might have gotten a lot of request so if you can't it's ok
HacSawJimThugin  +   357d ago
Same as the gentlemen above me gamertag is the same as my name on here.
GameingmyLife  +   357d ago
someone invite me please GT Sweatmode
chris_x2k3  +   357d ago
XBO...It just keeps on getting better and better and better!!
koliosis  +   357d ago
Invite me!!!! Koliosis
GameingmyLife  +   357d ago
hey if one of us get in we should invite the rest......
Fireseed  +   357d ago
Lol started going through one by one but I guess Ill be adding everyone here to it XD
GameingmyLife  +   357d ago
hope you add me thank you.....
Julion0715  +   357d ago
Thanks bro really appreciate it everyone add me I play bf4, 2k, and ki
Fireseed  +   357d ago
Welcome dude, it gave me the message saying "we hope your friends get in" So I don't beleive it's a guranteed invite but I just added everyone who asked for it up until Lilrizky down below (cause that's the newest post as of me writing this XD)
Lilrizky  +   357d ago
xXLil RizkyXx if someone adds me I'll add the people who comment after me
BX81  +   357d ago
Gamers helping gamers out. Great change of pace on n4g!
maniacmayhem  +   357d ago
BakPAin  +   357d ago
Its Great man and the way it should be.
Iamnemesis4880  +   357d ago
Was among the bata program had to much problems with the early system update so cancelled, If you register be warned about the problems. Myself it was to much of a hassle to deal with. They also say there is a forum to chat to other BATA testers but there is none. Remember once you register and you update there is no going back to the stable system version you have to put up with the problems. One to look out for is when i updated the disc drive went crazy and there was no one to help with it. And with the update i had it was with the new party chat but i was the only one with it and other X1 consoles with the older system you could not talk with them. Just a heads up really consider before you register there is no going back with the system update with the X1. Your Bata testers so you have to encounter the problems first I found it it easy just to wait. But it is in the end your choice what you want to do just think before you click register my console.
n4rc  +   357d ago
Ya.. People don't always know what they are getting themselves into..

Always ran into that on my phones.. I like to mod etc and have done so for years.. But I'll mention I'm running KitKat on my HTC one (before it released by carriers) and they'll ask how

I'll always tell them.. Unlock boot loader and flash a custom recovery.

When they ask how to do it.. I say nevermind.. Lol.. You should be knowledgeable before even attempting stuff like thst

"Beta" has become a fashionable word lately.. Most are not prepared for what it involves.. They think its just early access and are not prepared to handle a system crash or bugs etc
Iamnemesis4880  +   357d ago
I was prepared but it was like turd hitting the fan my console went mad eject a game it would suck back in would not read the game or movies the new party chat was good but could not test it no body i knew had the update so was down. But it did settle after a while. Them I had a party one friend had a few to many and lets just say he thought my tv unit was the bathroom, Had to buy a new tv, X1 and entertainment unit.
n4rc  +   357d ago
Haha.. Rough.. Been there.. Was my laundry basket tho lmao
Julion0715  +   357d ago
Thanks man for the heads up ppl really need to know that shit before jumping and yea everyone being helpful tonight that's how it should always be dnt argue game experiences we should come together and share them with eachother
Iamnemesis4880  +   357d ago
This is what the game community should be like helping others at the end of the day we are all gamers we should help one another not be fighting each other about who has better consoles ECT ECT.
Lawboy2  +   357d ago
I understand the problems but I actually enjoyed being the first to see the updates...its so cool to already have them and not have to wait..i was upset by the xbox one always telling me didn't own titanfall when the disk was in the console
BakPAin  +   357d ago
Bubble for helpful....
Mega24  +   357d ago
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
This is the exact caution people need to take in consideration to beta test previews of system software. I was a beta tester for many updates on the 360, like the first time they implemented the party chat, Avatars, and the changes to UI. I encountered so many bugs, app crashes, system errors, networks that work fine stopped working with my 360. People think its easy to be a tester, well its not, because you need to put up with the constant hassle of crashes and errors. I suggest people with only on X1 system not to apply for this update. As you might regret it and it will be to late to go back.
meatysausage  +   357d ago
if anyone can add me, I would love to be on board

gamertag: ocelott93
Crillvirus81  +   357d ago
Can some one send me a invite gamer tag is crill virus
iNFAMOUZ1  +   357d ago
What if your a loser without friends :x..
ElementX  +   357d ago
If anybody wants to add me my gamertag is MyNameIsNateP
matrixman92  +   357d ago
you could refer friends earlier through the preview forum, glad to see they made it easier
Ghost_Nappa  +   357d ago
Plz invite me Ghost1Nappa
greenyboi  +   357d ago
Add me up GREENY 2008.i can invite people .
Crillvirus81  +   357d ago
I'm add you now can you invite me please thanks in advance ..just edited this to say I added you ok send me a invite if you can thanks
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greenyboi  +   357d ago
Already sent invite to crill any one else just add me send me a message on live ill add you back and invite
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Phayzer  +   357d ago
I added you. Thank you
BlkPearl  +   357d ago
Invite me, Blkpearl 360
Clown_Syndr0me  +   357d ago
Someone invite me ? Clown Syndr0me - Thanks, will love you forever.
mrdeli  +   357d ago
I was invited to enter the preview program and it made my Xbone suck worse than it already did. System was unstable and now it does random disc checks and even though the disc is in the drive it kicks me out.

I so much buyers remorse over xbox one I can barely stand it.
MrKrispy  +   357d ago
the disc problem has been fixed plus how can you have buyers remorse if you are in the beta you should've understood what being part of the beta involes or did you think it would be problem free if you didn't like doing it you can opt out
VlllAxelLea  +   357d ago
can someone invite me? GT: GuardianAxel
Masterh0ppa  +   357d ago
Could someone invite me aswell? That would be awesome! oO Arcane23 Oo
Sarobi  +   357d ago
If someone could invite me I'd appreciate it greatly!. My gamertag is: FXAA
unkyherb  +   357d ago
Hi could someone invite me please gamer tag is Reserrvoir Dog

LambOfLucifer79  +   357d ago
Would love an invite. Gamertag Lamb of Lucifer
XxMajeSteRxX  +   357d ago
Would really appreciate to be in the beta program, if anybody gamertaq: Xx MaJeSteR xX also some friends to play on battlefield should be awesome
vikingland1  +   357d ago
This is a nice option but I will let the other guys test the waters. I don't want to risk my Xbox bricking.

By the way thank you to the beta testers for helping make my Xbox one better:-)
incendy35  +   357d ago
I would love an invite if anyone is in the program, GT is incendy
Phayzer  +   357d ago
So people that got added today, once you added where do you go after?
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