Details revealed about the upcoming Xbox One update

Stevivor, "Xbox's Larry 'Major Nelson' Hyrb has just tweeted about what to expect in the upcoming Xbox One update due sometime in the near future."

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Rockubot1231d ago

I am Rockubot and I approve this. Sweet and Awesome to know about.

alexkoepp1231d ago

Fantastic, XB1 better daily while the competition stagnates. I certainly saw this coming.

Volkama1231d ago

You can be enthusiastic without taking a swipe at the competition, and I think if you concentrate you can come up with a fresh comment for each article rather than repeating that one....

LexHazard791231d ago


You seem to really like your Xbox One which is fine. Your comments are cool but always end with a negative towards the competition. Let that camp worry about their consoles you worry about yours.

That one bubble only affords you one comment. I think you should use it more wisely. Again you can do as you wish. But negativity only brings more negatives. It only takes one comment to ruin it for everyone else.

awesomeperson1231d ago

Alexkoepp, your very first comments on this site were negative towards "the competition", and you feel the need to justify your viewpoint by saying you're a "dissapointed owner of the Playstation 4" on your profile.

It's fine to love a console - I don't see the point of bringing "the competition" into it? I would like to hear your response, but you only have one bubble (I wonder why). Feel free to explain your viewpoint in a PM, I'm curious to hear it.

OT, Sony and MS are taking very different approaches in their FW releases. MS are very open about it, while Sony seem to be keeping their cards close to their chest. Good on MS for being transparent about what they are doing, it is good to see.

Volkama1231d ago

Awesomeperson, I don't think it's about differing approaches. Sony aren't particularly "keeping things close to their chest". They just aren't pushing out updates as fast. Maybe they are rolling up a tonne of features for a bumper FW update, but historically it is just an area MS are stronger in.

I don't agree with taking unprovoked swipes at the competition like Alex did, but I do think MS deserve some positive recognition for their updates so far.

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BallsEye1231d ago

I really can't keep up with all the updates. Awesome!

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vikingland11231d ago

I thought this has already been reported several times???

chris_x2k31231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

I might get disagrees for saying this...On this site, especially...But, MS's feature set absolutely obliterates the PS4's right now, and I don't see this trend changing as MS is a software company and the XBO app based OS is clearly a catalyst as to why these updates can be rolled out so quickly. With DX12 and cloud compute (sorry guys, it's real), I'm not sure what the PS4 will have to offer come next year accept for a couple of exclusives.

The PS4, with it's slight hardware advantages, actually feels more LAST gen than the XBO. I think that credit needs to be given to MS for how ambitious the XBO is, the risks they took and how they're working so hard to make it a great product. How can you not respect that?

Edit: Before anyone jumps down my throat and claims that I don't know what I'm talking about. My brother, also in his 30's, bought a PS4 around the same time I picked up the One. He's objective, and absolutely loves the Kinect navigation, cable integration, Smart Glass and the whole UI in general. He was surprised how impressed he was by the XBO, considering all of the negative press out there. Well, the momentum is changing and you can feel the "console war" narrative taking a turn. A turn that alot of people online will fight to resist, apparently. Alot of the more hostile ones can be found on N4G, in case you didn't notice.

MS, keep up the great work!. Seriously!

HacSawJimThugin1231d ago

I tend to think of it as the PS3.5...sure it's powerful but next gen is about more than just raw power. The X1 feels next gen because of what one can do with it. I'm in love with need for a side chick.

Wait, I stand corrected my 360 is my mistress.

Speak_da_Truth1231d ago

another one speaking out of his ass

s1lentone1231d ago

@HacSawJimThugin First off i would like to let you know I own both systems. I think Updating the Kinect making more responsive does not make it next gen. I see it as the Kinect 2.0 and it is. Saying that i do enjoy my xb1 alot. But saying the PS4 is a PS3.5 is just stupid and fanboyish. I'll give you a few reasons.

1. twitch streaming. Its so freakin easy to use.
2. Voice command from headset works way better than xb1.IMO
3. Touch pad on the DS4 is Really cool to me.
4. Remote play is just WOW. I can play with my PS4 games with my PS Vita at work if i want.
5. Instead of using my controller to input text i can now use my Cell phone for that.
6. What i'm most excited about is Project morpheus VR headset. can't get more next gen than that.
7. The use of DS4 sixaxis motion sensing in Infamous season son is awesome. I thought i was shaking a can of spray paint at times lol.

Lets not talk about hardware because i'm sure we all know which system has more power and updating a driver will not boost its power to 50%. It's like saying " Hey guys i just updated my GTX 750 graphics driver so now its gonna run like a GTX 780 TI". No way in hell that will ever happen. As much i wish that will happen for my xb1 that will never happen in our lifetime. Their is a difference between a CPU and GPU. Do some research for yourself before believing what MS is saying. I'm not Anti MS even though i sound like it for that i'm sorry. But Microsoft are words smith and they will smith up words untill they can to get you to spend money on them. But in the end I am a 30yo gamer so i'm not going to miss out a game i'm interested in because its on the other system.

I got the PS4 for its exclusive games and the XB1 for forza5 and exclusives too. Just enjoy the system as it is.

GarrusVakarian1231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

...So the X1 is more next gen because of it's OS and features? Gotta love how X1 fans disregard the most important feature of either console...GAMES.... because the PS4 does them better.

I own both, the X1's OS is slow, cluttered/layered and harder to navigate than the PS4's. PS4 also runs games better. To me, the PS4 is easily the most next gen system.

I'll take a lightning fast, streamlined, simple to use OS over a slower, cluttered, harder to navigate, feature rich OS any day of the week. But that's just my opinion.

If a feature-rich OS means 'next gen' to you, more than games do, then i feel sorry for you. The area where 'next gen' matters most (games) is the area that the X1 is "loosing" in.

But i gotta admit, in the interest of being fair, the X1 is a much more social console so far and has MUCH better firmware support. That's a no-brainer. The PS4 needs notifications for things, like the X1 has, where we can just press the PS button on the controller and be taken straight to it, instead of it only appearing on the 'What's new' page. The PS4 is a step up from the PS3 in that regard, but still not in the same league as the X1.

GarrusVakarian1231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

And please, before anyone accuses me of being a butthurt PS fanboy, know this, i haven't turned on my PS4 in almost a week now because ive been addicted to Titanfall on my X1.

I just find it funny that people think OS features (that both consoles should have had since launch) are more next-gen than games. If people call the PS4 the PS3.5 because it lacks certain OS features when compared to the X1....then what do we call the X1 due to so many of it's games looking and running worse than PS4 games?

In terms of being able to upload clips to YouTube, i wish there was a way to edit clips in the upload studio without having Kinect plugged in, ive already listed my Kinect on ebay as i have zero interest in it....but i would gladly make a new YouTube account if i could post my Titanfall clips there. Make it happen MS.

Twinblade1231d ago

So the ps4 is now the ps3.5? Lol.. Wow, you sir or girl is an idiot fanboy.

HacSawJimThugin1231d ago

I think back to the reveals of both consoles and what MS showed me was mind blowing and ambitious as hell. Everything they are trying to do is next level whether it be Azure or Family sharing....dx12. The MS team takes risks good/bad and l applaud them for that.

Sony IMO doesn't take risks. They steal. They took a generation to get party chat working, trophies are a blatant rip off of achievements, and Nintendo should of sued them over Move. They wait and see what is popular and try to make it their own and you loyalist eat it up while touting them ask champions of this industry.

I not saying MS is perfect but I can get behind a company that tries different things versus a company that is scared too. Every gen it's the same thing more just more horsepower. A year from the X1 will be totally different from what we have today while the PS3.5 will be the same as it is now. Sony has been quite mum as far as system updates are concerned because they are studying what to do next for MS, but at least you got that GDDR5 super mega fast ram right lol.

GarrusVakarian1231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

Wow, talk about selective and biased memory. Classic example of someone who only remembers things that suit his own argument.

"Sony IMO doesn't take risks. "

Such BS. I'd say a VR headset and 3 new IP's in the first year of the consoles life if the very definition of taking risks. VR in itself is a HUGE risk for can you just ignore that? It's the biggest risk taken so far this far.

"They steal. trophies are a blatant rip off of achievements"

Just like 360 avatars were a rip-off of the Wii's avatars? Works both ways mate, you need to start learning the opposite sides of your arguments. And you sound beyond petty by saying trophies ripped off achievements....WHO cares?

"A year from the X1 will be totally different from what we have today while the PS3.5 will be the same as it is now"

*How* can you say that? Can you see into the future? Gotta love that moving of the goalposts too, the PS4 isn't next gen enough, despite it having the best looking and best performing games....right, okay, gotcha!

" but at least you got that GDDR5 super mega fast ram right lol."

And topping your comment off with nice troll. Awesome.

In the department that matters the most, games, the PS4 is better. If the PS4 is "PS3.5"....then what does that make the X1, with its multitude of sub-1080p, sub-30fps games? Oh, but i guess a cool operating system is the determining factor of next gen, right? If you genuinely believe that the X1 is more next-gen because it has a more comprehensive OS, then that is pretty desperate imo. Pretty convenient too, actually, that the factor that X1 fanboys determine as the most important factor in deciding which system is more next gen, is the factor that the X1 is strongest

You guys can keep kidding yourselves that OS and non-gaming features are more important than horsepower/games, but we all know that just something you tell yourselves to try and feel better about the underwhelming performance of the X1's games when compared to the PS4's, textbook moving of goalposts. The 360 has more features and apps than both next gen consoles put together....does that make it more next gen than the X1?

HacSawJimThugin1231d ago

@lukas look at how drastically different the the 360 is today compared to when it launch. Now look at the PS3 ...the UI stayed the same for the entire gen. Hell even the PS3.5 UI looks the same as it's predecessor.

"In the department that matters the most, games, the PS4 is better." Higher Resolution doesn't equal better games. If that argument is all you have, then Team Sony is in trouble. The beginning of this gen has taught me more about resolution and frames than I care to know. I'm enjoying the hell out of my X1 irregardless of 1080/60 fps. None of that mattered to me last gen and surely it won't change this gen. I care more about gameplay mechanics, art style, co-op, story, lore, etc. 900p looks awesome to me but that's just me. You can talk until your face is blue about pixels and frames but as long as it's smooth and playable who cares.

Morpheus is cool I like the idea but let's be honest it very niche and Sony hasn't released a price point to let's wait and see. Looking at all that is required for Sonys VR, I can't wait to see how you guys react once the price is announced.

The overall experience with the X1 makes it feel next gen. GDDR5 isn't enough for me but for some of you I guess it is.

GarrusVakarian1231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

Listen, if you are going to reply to me, get your facts straight, otherwise i will continue to call you out.

"Hell even the PS3.5 UI looks the same as it's predecessor. "

First of all, calling the PS4 the "PS3.5" is beyond immature. Secondly, no it doesn't-



"Higher Resolution doesn't equal better games. "

Learn to read, i didn't say that higher resolutions = better games, i said that the PS4 has better looking and better running games, which makes it the most next gen system in terms of GAMING, which is the most important aspect. Don't try and twist my words, because it won't work with me.

" I'm enjoying the hell out of my X1 irregardless of 1080/60 fps."

I am too, i am loving Titanfall, despite it being pretty bad on a technical level (792p, FPS dips and screen tearing).

"Morpheus is cool I like the idea but let's be honest it very niche and Sony hasn't released a price point to let's wait and see."

Lol, so now, after i call you out on your ignorant comment above where you conveniently forget about VR being the biggest risk of the gen so far, you acknowledge it....yet continue to downplay it. Gotta love it.

"The overall experience with the X1 makes it feel next gen. GDDR5 isn't enough for me but for some of you I guess it is."

Good for you man, seriously. But for me, the PS4 is the most next gen system in the area that matters most, games. I didn't get the same next gen feeling from the X1 that i got from my PS4 on launch day and the following weeks after. It will take more than a feature-rich OS to make me feel like i own a true next gen system.

The X1's UI is slower, harder to navigate and more cluttered compared to the PS4's...*and* it has "inferior" versions of games. But just because it is more feature-rich and comprehensive than the PS4's UI, that makes it more next gen? Give me a break. X1 is like the Jack of all trades, master of none. Whereas the PS4 is a hardcore gaming console first, everything else is secondary. Just the way i like it. Hell.....i would even take the PS3's UI on the PS4 if it meant even more power available to devs....i don't buy a console due to aesthetics of the UI. I buy it to play games, which is why the PS4 will be my main console this gen. X1 will be for X1 exclusives only.

HacSawJimThugin1230d ago

@lukas No need for me rehash, I've said everything that I wanted. The X1 is the best in my eyes and truly that us all that matters to me. I have zero interest in PS4, I mean I sold my PS3 a few months after getting it because it didn't offer me anything worth my time. I loved LBP....that's it. Metal Gear 4 ( I think that was it I got the bundle) was fun but not enough for more than one play through. I always came back to the 360.

"In the department that matters the most, games, the PS4 is better. If the PS4 is "PS3.5"....then what does that make the X1, with its multitude of sub-1080p, sub-30fps games?"

You didn't have to say it outright but you alluded to it otherwise, why make that statement?

I respect that Sony is trying something new, it's about time. Either Morpheus will be a success or go the way of the Move. I never tried to downplay it, I just find it interesting that with all of the Oculus talk Sony debuts theirs. Buy then again it's what they do best hop on whatever is hot at the moment.

GW2121230d ago

First, let me just tell you that using the word "irregardless" makes you sound incredibly uneducated. This makes sense after reading your comments.

It's obvious you're a little kid with mommy and daddy's money. That's fine. But at least think a little more before you go off on your cute, immature tirades.

Similar to there being more to next-gen than raw power, there is also more to next-gen than "what one can do with it." Wait, what the hell does that even mean? Could you be any more vague?

Your hypocrisy is pretty pathetic. I have both consoles and, to be brutally honest, I think the PS4 is more next-gen right now because of it's technical/graphical abilities. They have simply shined more than XB1 to date, most likely because of the raw power that you mentioned. Please don't bother with the Ryse stuff. That ship has sailed, so to speak. Infamous (and in my opinion KZ and TR:DE) is a material leap ahead in the graphics and game play departments.

With all of that said, I will agree with you that I really like my XB1 too. Titanfall is a blast and it currently serves as the media center for my main living room.

HacSawJimThugin1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

@GW212 incredibly uneducated my friend should use google before you take shots at someone who is obviously more educated than you. With that said, I love the Internet and how it allows some ppl to compensate for whatever it is they are lacking in their life. I must have really touched a nerve for you to reply with such venom...but it's okay. I got a good laugh out of it.

All opinions are subjective. I am simply sharing MY thoughts on the PS3.5. Right or wrong they are mine. The X1 is a monster, it's all I see. Like I said before I have absolutely no desire to own an upgrade PS3. For all of the ppl that do own one great. I hope you are happy with your purchase. I'm not knocking you I just prefer the true next gen console.

GodGinrai1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )


"...GAMES.... because the PS4 does them better."

In your opinion. I will take forza 5 and titanfall over any PS4 game right now. and I bought the infamous bundle.

didnt we have words about Fact vs opinion just, the other other day? Not one for taking your own advice are you?

" I buy it to play games, which is why the PS4 will be my main console this gen. X1 will be for X1 exclusives only."

Well..I can agree with that to a degree. If it has a heavy multiplayer component, I will buy for X1,though as the majority of my freinds play on Xbox anyways. If it is single player than I will buy for PS4. Multiplayer and exclusives=X1. single player with best graphics and exclusives=PS4.

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CernaML1231d ago

By your logic, the Wii U is more next gen than both consoles combined.

Get a grip and accept that the PS4 is just as next gen as the X1 if not more. From remote play to Twitch streaming and multi tasking between games, video apps and the PS store to quick installs, you'd be a complete fool to think the PS4 is no different from the PS3.

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chris_x2k31231d ago

I didn't say it is "no different from the PS3"...LOL...I just think it's interesting that it feels more similar to the PS3 than the XBO does to either the PS3 or 360, and yet all I hear from sites like this is the exact opposite...Completely baffling.

Prime1571231d ago

Not to say that chris is right or wrong, but every generation is like this. Even phones... generation isn't a literal generation, it's an instance in time.

How is this new gen any different from NES to SNES, or PS1 to PS2? They are very similar... dreamcast, however, might have been the exception, and we all know that sad story...

Lawboy21231d ago

I have a ps4 there is no multitasking...well atleast not in the same sense as what u can do on the xbox one....u can run multiple programs but before u start one game u must close the other...which I think is a gray idea but u don't have to do that on the xbox one

Also yes remote play is amazing...I hate the controls but infamous on remote play is simply amazing looks good feels good..I love my vita ps4 combo

Twitch is far superior on the xbox one....I hate recording and sharing anything on the ps4 because they feel everyone wants to share to facebook or stream a live feed...sometimes I just want to catch an awesome moment without having to go in and trim the video down....also the only ppl who should see my video clips are ppl playing a video game console...not my classmates

And don't get me started on the ps store...really...really...that thing barely ever wants to open up and when it does it takes like 3 minutes...I do however like the ps store it just always take so long to open

And sorry there really is not much u can do on the ps4 that u couldn't do on the ps3 besides a matter of fact u can almost do playing online for free, mp3

SniperControl1231d ago


Your store takes 3 mins to open, really?

On my PS4, the store, loads with-in 2 seconds, upto 10 seconds if network is busy.

"u can run multiple programs but before u start one game u must close the other...which I think is a gray idea but u don't have to do that on the xbox one"

Why would you want 2 games running at the same time? You are just eating up valuable resources by doing that.

Palitera1231d ago

Lawboy just proved he doesn't know jack about this matter.

CernaML1231d ago


Too lazy to respond to your entire comment so Im just going to address your recording complaints.

Ever tried double tapping the share button? You should look into that.

UnHoly_One1231d ago

What does double-tapping the share button do?

I can barely press the thing once, much less double-tap, the way it is inset into the controller shell.

God I hate the design of both that and the options button. Hate it.

UnHoly_One1231d ago

Too late to edit, but I looked up what the share button double-tap does and I don't get the point of it.

How do I know something awesome is about to happen before it happens? Why do I want a quick way to START a video clip?

That doesn't even make sense.