Pokemon: Where Does it Go from Here?

"April Fools Day always provides a number of fun Internet gags. One of the most high profile jokes this year was from Google, and it involved Pokemon. Using Google Maps, players could search for all original 150 Pokemon and become a Pokemon Master. They even went as far as to 'promise' a position in the company for anybody that could Catch 'em all. Although the job was a farce, the game was real and playable. This prank from Google made me think about where Pokemon is at and where it is going."

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ABizzel1929d ago

The MMO gamers have been asking for for ages

crazy_man929d ago

Question is, does a Turn Base RPG work in an MMO setting? Or do people want real time? Which would of course change the entire gameplay.

Summons75929d ago

I dunno after hearing people beg for an Elder Scrolls mmo for ages people on this site sure seem to whine about it because its an mmo.

It'd be interesting to see a pokemon mmo as long as it stays true to the games now. Have multiple regions for different start points and multiple starters, open trade and being about to accept or decline battles with some sort of level limit to who you can so high level people won't take advatange of new players.

andrewsqual929d ago

A version that looks better than a N64 game?

Reeze929d ago

Maybe something like the rumored Plus and Minus.

Ultraplayerxp929d ago

Main series on consoles please. I just want to know what that's like!