Has Blizzard Entertainment Gone Casual?

Leah Jackson picks pro-gamer Greg "Idra" Fields' mind about Blizzard's shift to more casual games.

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ATi_Elite1294d ago

Currently they have NOT but we will see how things go when "Titan" their new MMO is released.

Blizzard has been FEASTING very well off of games that are like 10 years OLD.

will be nice to see a new begging with Titan and if Blizzard is still a hungry dev team eager to compete or have they turned into a Dev team too fat too care.

stay tuned Gamers.

Jdoki1293d ago

Blizz have gone from 'they can do no wrong', to 'uh oh, lets see where they're going with this' type of developer.

So I agree - Titan will be an interesting reveal (if it every happens!!)

Hearthstone has a brilliant balance between casual and hardcore. It's a fantastic game.

Diablo 3 was a huge fail and signalled a bad direction for Blizz, but the 2.0 patch has really turned things around - I've massively enjoyed it, and have put in more hours on Diablo 3 since the patch than before it. I enjoyed it so much I bought the expansion - somethign I vowed never to do when the game was released.

The new WoW expansion looks to shake things up a bit, and doesn't appear to be a lazy cash in.

Blizz do need something new, and pretty radical. If Titan ends up looking like a sci-fi themed WoW, then I think it'll be really bad news.

savaroth1293d ago

I personally found Star Craft 2 a bit disappointing too.

Part of it is my own problem. Played the original a lot on lans where I thought i pretty much owned. It is hard reality when you're getting older and slower and the players around you are just a lot better at micro.

but there are also the bugs. ( direct X sound/graphic driver crashes ), lack of being able to boot players from lobbies, etc, etc

Blizzard has gone from "awesome" during the Warcraft 2 days to just "barely decent" these days. IMO anyway.

Flutterby1293d ago

I wasn't aware they have ever been anything but casual , I mean when wow first launched it was THE most casual mmo at the time, and I don't think it got any more hard core in its years.

Mega241293d ago

World of Warcraft has gone so casual, every expansion since WotLK has be making the game so easy to a point of boredom, they been making classes so easy that you can spam just 1 key and do dmg. Changed mechanics so it was more easier for noobs who just entered to play the game, and not to mention the insta 90 bought character. In their process to make the game casual they lost nearly 6 million of their hardcore fanbase, they are down to 7 million and losing more every month.

Flutterby1293d ago

Or they are losing subs because it's a 10 year old game, I would like to point out also that mechanics have gotten harder over time not easier if the hard mode bosses in the orgrimmer raid had been around in the BC xpac no one would have gotten past the first boss. It's always been a casual easy to play game , it has just had its grind lowered a little bit.

Mega241293d ago

It took me and my guild 3 months and a few weeks to clear Icecrown Citadel, going 3 times a week. Throne of Thunder and the 3 previous raids took about 1 month and 2 weeks. It has gotten easier then before. Things change, and the hardcore base doesn't like it. I love the lore of Warcraft and its world, don't want to lose it, but at the same time I think it needs to be retired.

Hope Elder Scrolls pushes blizzard to make a better MMO with whatever Titan is going to be.

Ultraplayerxp1293d ago

My thoughts:
-Their SP RTS's were always tough, I think.
-WoW was always pretty casual, and so are the newer Diablo games.
-Don't know what HotS will be like.
-Hearthstone is hard.

Roccetarius1293d ago (Edited 1293d ago )

Ever since WoTLK, Blizzard cares more about monetary gains, instead of a fantastic game. WoD looks to remove even more from classes, which is a pretty bad signal itself.

D3 - certainly not a Blizzard North game.