World of Warcraft Warlords of Draenor Tauren Model Revealed

World of Warcraft’s upcoming expansion, Warlords of Draenor, is more then just new content and and a new level cap. Blizzard is taking extensive steps to give the 10-year-old game a new coat of paint. Today Blizzard released a video and some screenshots that reveal the new Tauren model, the fourth race we’ve seen updated for the expansion. Blizzard plans to overhaul all of the current races (except for Pandarians) for this expansion. currently Blizzard has only revealed the new models for three other races.

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Fireseed1508d ago

Now THAT! Is some beautiful modelling!

jmobley1508d ago

I agree, looks fantastic

Raf1k11508d ago

That's pretty awsome though I do think it looks slightly more cartooney than it should. A Tauren warrior with this face isn't exactly intimidating lol.

Good thing they have a number of faces to choose from and hopefully there'll be a more intimidating one that's good too.

herobyclicking1508d ago

I have been pretty happy with their WoD models, though I have no idea how I will make time to play this expansion.

Volkama1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

That's it? I mean it's a decent enough model, but it doesn't really justify their inability to update these over the last few years. They were talking their work on new models during cataclysm, then pandaland.

They're just terrible at supporting the game, considering it is still on a subscription model. I happily subscribe to mmorpgs, but WoW is a high profile blemish on that payment model.

Volkama1508d ago

To the 4 people that disagreed, what date was the last significant content patch? What date is the next one?

I will accept the next expansion as an answer for the next content patch, even though it isn't really covered by your monthly subscription.

Like I say, I happily subscribe to MMORPGs. I currently have 5 subscriptions across 4 games. I subscribe to MMORPGs I don't even play if I think the dev deserves the support. Blizzard are just absolutely rock bottom on subscription value.

Raf1k11508d ago

Apparently they've had to re-do the skeletons to create more bones for new fluid animations for face and body. It's supposed to be more than a simple re-skin while keeping characters from looking out of place in the game world.

I didn't disagree but I think the last decent content patch was when Siege of Orgrimmar was released and there won't be one now until the new expansion. Unless you want to count the new PVP season as a content patch which it isn't.

I agree Blizzard's support for this game isn't great but it still manages to provide a fair bit of fun.

Out of curiosity what else are you subscribed to? I'm thinking of trying other MMOs. Anything you'd recommend?

Volkama1508d ago

The content Bliz do release is usually pretty decent, it's just so rare.

My tastes in MMORPGs are pretty niche and may not align with yours at all, but here you go:

Rift- This is one I got a full year sub and did not play within that year. The setting was too samey and design too much a WoW-clone, but from the outside I was constantly impressed by the content patches. They don't do it since going F2P, but I forgot to cancel my annual sub :)

FFXIV- Bought it when it hit Steam, but my honest opinion is that it's terrible. It's ugly, it's enclosed, it's impossible to make a decent character, the presentation is bad, and the gameplay is a sub-par rip-off of WoW.

-TESO I am not far into, but it's got a lot of potential. It is far from perfect, but it is so open and gives you freedom, the change of pace is very refreshing. This is the one I'd recommend trying at the moment, though it's pretty expensive to try.

I also have 2 subscriptions to a golden oldie, Asheron's Call 2. That's not something I can recommend to anyone, it's officially dead but I have a huge soft spot for it. MMORPG from before WoW changed everything.

Besides that I have SWTOR (OK but the cash shop makes me vomit), Tera (just bad), GW2 (very different offering to the others, worth trying if you haven't), and WoW (no further comment).