Backwards Compatibility on Xbox One: Is it Too Late?

Gabe Carey expresses his opinion on the recent report that Xbox One may later be patched with the functionality to play Xbox 360 games.

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Neonridr1348d ago

Never too late. It would be a welcome addition for any Xbox One user.

ATi_Elite1347d ago

welcomed addition through...........


stiggs1347d ago

@ ATi_Elite

Clever. /s

ATi_Elite1347d ago

why so many disagrees?

YOu know Ms will do BC by streaming games and that involves.......Teh Cloudz.

I like saying teh cloudz and no i don't mean it in a derogatory way as I see CLoud compute as a viable solution plus like saying teh cloudzzz.

Charybdis1347d ago

X360 backwards compatibility would be nice addition. I thought (they still might) take the same cloud approach as sony is planning for their ps3 backwards compatibility.

UnHoly_One1347d ago

I hope they don't do the streaming approach, I don't want the input lag. Game streaming is a pipe dream.

DragonKnight1347d ago

Oh but cloud compute boosting console and game performance ISN'T a pipe dream despite being functionally the same? The hilarity.

UnHoly_One1347d ago

No I never said that.

Don't assume that just because I don't believe in one thing, I automatically believe in the other.

I don't think they are "functionally the same", though, either.

I think cloud computing could certainly be used in certain specific ways to do things in the background that aren't affected by the lag involved. What those things could be, I have no idea because I don't pretend to be a programmer.

Do I believe it can magically make something 4 times more powerful? No, not at all.

Baccra171347d ago

True backwards compatibility would be awesome. MS should do it.

Gotcha51347d ago

After passing down my Xbox 360 to the Kids,I would welcome emulated backward compatibility in the way of having a physical disc.This will make the Xbox One a true all-in-one system. Maybe they can use the cloud to also stream Original Xbox games to X1 /Tablets and Smartphones like they did last year with Halo 4 streaming demo on a phone. this all need to happen... I miss those days of Gears 2 and 3 as well M.K. Sholin Monks and Otagi.

Derekvinyard131347d ago

I'm with you man really miss BC

dragongod641347d ago

If they did that for xbox & 360 games then i may get the system
system plus game plus two controlers "MABY ?"

TheXgamerLive1347d ago

Exatley. I mean how could a few months be too late. If it were 2 or 3 years from now it wouldnt be to late. Some sites or other fanboys will say anything to get hits or be negative.
Hell 6 yrs from now wouldnt be to late.

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blackout1348d ago


maniacmayhem1348d ago

I have to agree with this article. Unless MS can come out with an emulator now, then what's the point of later.

In a year or two the new consoles will be in full swing. The 360 is already to say the least winding down as more and more devs will start switching their production to the new consoles.

I'm not saying it shouldn't be done as their is a ton of back catalog games for the 360, but how viable is this effort, time and money if it won't be released for another year or two?

CurrentDigital1348d ago

Exactly. I feel as though the only reason for Microsoft to bring forth backwards compatibility in a firmware update is if they can somehow monetize the functionality. Is that something we even want?

maniacmayhem1348d ago

I know I wouldn't want another form of monetization on my consoles.

The only thing I can think of how this would be a good idea is MS bringing free 360 games to Xbox One with their Games for Gold which they said they would.

But I doubt they would put in that much work just to hand out free games only.

DragonKnight1347d ago

You know that B.C. will be locked behind Live. Anything even remotely worthwhile on an Xbox platform is locked behind that.

Sony's no better in that regard. It's very likely that PSNow is going to have its own sub fee.

I personally hate how more and more corporate gaming has become and is continuing to be.

corvusmd1347d ago

Why would it EVER be too late? Not to mention XB1 hasn't even been out 5 months no, it's not too late. This would also mean that all of Playstation Now/Gaikai is too late...I don't think very many people would say that any of these things is "too late".

diehardmetallicafan1347d ago

late or not dude, the games PSnow would offer sh*t all over anything xbox.

ATi_Elite1347d ago

Backwards Compatibility is a WELCOMED Edition and I want it NOW.

I know the X360 and Ps3 have HUGE install bases but I'm sick of games being HELD back so they can make a x360/ps3 version.

time to move forward with this Gen full speed.

having backward compatibility will boost the XB1/Ps4 install base and force Devs to go BIG on the XB1/Ps4

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