Augmented Reality vs. Virtual Reality: What are the differences and similarities?

Tech Times: "Technology is improving at a rapid pace, as many things are possible today that were not possible 10 years ago even if we tried our best to make it happen. Today, some of the impossible things are rising to the occasion in the form of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, but what are they exactly? Let's find out."

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kingdom181441d ago (Edited 1441d ago )

VR takes you somewhere else. AR adds another dimension to reality. Right?

Vames1441d ago

I rather AR. Being closed off from the real world and locked away in a fake one is not my idea of fun.

Enhancing the real world with AR overlays seems like a better idea to me.

ibrake4naps1441d ago

I'd rather be totally immersed in a virtual world without seeing my couch, dog, etc...

Raiden1441d ago

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