Newegg Offers 12 Months of PlayStation Plus for $40

Retailer Newegg is having a sale on ebay, offering 12 months of PlayStation plus membership discounted to $40.

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Pillsbury11504d ago

I already have 2 years stacked up but I could always have more...

imXify1504d ago

Or just wait during that 2 years for another 30$ deal like on last black friday.

grashopper1504d ago

Still a bit upset at myself for not jumping on that deal. :(
Hope someone does it again.

zeee1504d ago

Same here man. I think the reason I didn't get it was because I was already set up for two years even before the launch of ps4.

theXtReMe11504d ago

Yeah, I stocked up last Black Friday. I bought five years worth of service. At $30 a year, nobody can complain about paying for the service. You're talking about less than $.10 a day and not just getting multiplayer, but at least one free game a month. The games that have been released so far, have been phenomenal. And it's only going to get better as time goes on and more games are released.

rdgneoz31504d ago

1 to 6 games depending on which systems you have.

NovusTerminus1504d ago

Not a bad deal. But I got a year in November.

I only could afford one year last black friday. Hoping this year they do it again, I will get about 3 years worth!

Skate-AK1504d ago

Pretty good deal. I need to renew soon.