Keeping The Kill-Chain Alive in Assault Android Cactus | Hardcore Gamer

Hardcore Gamer: "The robots have run rampant again!? Why do we even keep these things around? Sure, it’s all “lift that thing” and “automate that process” now, but all it takes is the slightest provocation and they’ll be throwing off their safety protocols and overrunning every space station, spaceship, and military base humanity can build. This time it’s a space freighter that’s been taken over by its robotic workforce, and only the android (same as a robot but it looks humanoid, so that makes it better by the power of anthropomorphism) Cactus and her friends can stem the tide of metallic doom."

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ValKilmer1442d ago

I'll play anything with Cactus. Well, expect Plants vs Zombies...

reef10171442d ago

Ps4 version 4 player couch co-op is what I need in my life.

wonderfulmonkeyman1442d ago

Pretty sure all versions except PC will support that, but I digress; I agree. If only I knew more gamers in my area...

Farsendor11442d ago

when is this game supposed to release? looks like it could be a lot of fun in short burst