Why I'm Disappointed With Next Gen Gaming

gamrReview's Zach Frimpong: "We're in the next generation of gaming, right? At least that's what we're told, but I don't feel like we're in the next generation to be honest with you. New hardware doesn't just offer prettier graphics, smoother performance, and new innovations, but more content, and we have not really seen any of those things come to fruition so far."

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Godmars2901632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

I've been disappointing with "modern" major gaming because its all become about 1st/3rd person perspective. The over focus on graphics was one thing, but everything has just become a "shooter".

Kingthrash3601632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

1st/3rd person perspective? ...everything has become a shooter? true the fps genre is over bloated but there are plenty of other options.
it's like this is yall first generation shift.
every generation has these problems at first...smh.
this time next year will be better on all fronts.
look at tlou..took 7 years to get such s game to max out the ps3...we are only in the 5th month of this gen.
its just too early for this article.

voodoochild3461632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

Lol. **tries to refute comment on the face that modern gaming has become all about 1st and 3rd person shooters with an over emphasis on graphics. Proceeds to list a third person shooter and highlights the fact that it "maxed out the ps3"(I.e graphics).**

Ladies and gentlemen the modern education system at work! You can't this stuff up people!

Ck1x1632d ago

Not true Naughty Dog even stated that they pretty much maxed out the PS3 on Uncharted 2. Yes there's always optimizations to be made, but visually nothing blows UC2 away on PS3! I think people have to realize that these consoles are all just evolutions of the previous hardware and not revolutions.

dcj05241632d ago

There's only so many cameras angles.topdown,2D,first person, third person. There are still a lot of 2D games and a few Top down games. There's not really a focus on graphics, most games have "pretty good" graphics. Nothing wrong with First and third person perspective and if you Don't like genre, don't buy it.

Chuk51632d ago

These articles are so perfunctory at this point. We're not even in 6 months into the generation.

Spectator11632d ago

By this stage last gen I had already been impressed by some of what I'd already played though. This gen, all that impresses so far is stuff that's quite a ways off and which could quite easily be all smoke and mirrors.

Neonridr1632d ago

I think there was such a leap when we went from the Xbox / PS2 to the Xbox 360 / PS3. Everything shifted into HD and we, as gamers, were simply blown away. The graphics of the twilight games (Halo 4, TLOU, GTA V) were very, very good that it's hard to expect the same sort of leap.

Give it time.

bobacdigital1632d ago


I agree completely.. The problem with this gen is that the jump just wasnt big enough within the launch window. Take for example COD Ghost.. If you have to tell me that the FISH AI was upgraded and you added arm hair... you were worried that we wouldn't have noticed. Also you see all these side by side images of prior gen vs current gen and about the only thing you are seeing is higher resolution and textures.

Second Son / Ryse is a good example of capabilities of what the systems can do now ..and im sure 2 to 3 years in we will get something that puts those experience to shame.

dcj05241632d ago

FFXIV is good enough for me.

Godmars2901632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

But look at the games being promised before the 360 or PS3 launched compared to post Ps4/XB1. The 7th console gen didn't really deliver while the 8th so far is just looking like a continuation of the gen before it.

HD remakes are even more of a thing than new IP.

Ck1x1632d ago

Well something you have to consider as well, back at the begginning of the 7th generation. Developers had to get up to speed on HD development and multicore cpu usage. We don't have such obsticles now, because most of these developers have been making similar styled games for the last 8yrs or so. I think developers are in a rut of where to take gaming next and how are we gonna get there. Look at Watchdogs! A game that was too ambitious for its own good and now is being riticuled for being downgraded. I'm sure it will be a good game, but is it really doing much more than the Assassin's games or GTA?

Godmars2901632d ago

Yes. Look at all the games which are a buttery smooth 60fps at 1080p across all consoles...Oh wait!

Nevermind solutions for things like realtime AI behavior. Something they've been working on since the 6th gen! You even admit as much.

wonderfulmonkeyman1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

You're only right about that 6 month statement if you are referring solely to ps4 and xbone.
Technically, the wii u was the first next-gen machine to release.

filchron1631d ago

Sega Dreamcast had near high-def vga graphics, 60 FPS (on console), online gaming/web browsing/e-mail, and wildly different+fresh gameplay experiences than the previous generation only 2 years after N64 launched (in Japan) and it felt next-gen as Fū¢%!!!!1!

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Geobros1632d ago

I am one of them!!! I am boring next gen games (apart from handheld...)

bobacdigital1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

As a PC gamer first I have not been impressed at all with this gen(so far). The x1 and ps4 arent doing anything my gaming PC hasnt already been doing. Outside of exclusive games I havent seen anything where I was like WOW I have been waiting for this moment. Also the titles are pretty much what we saw last gen with upgraded textures and better AA (right now)... On a PC Ive been able to do that since I build my gaming rig years ago .. like in Titanfall I can change textures to insane and add any kind of AA I want..

I think part the disappointment that has to do with early launch games and most titles being developed multi plat... Other part is the leap from HD to HD it just wasnt as crazy this time around...I expected all the consoles to be able to make the generational jump from semi HD resolution with 30 / sometimes 60 fps to 720 / 1080 with 60 fps all the time. I know that might seem irrational .. I know it is early but we are seeing the X1 putting out alot of 720 / 900 p titles and the ps4 doing 1080 @ 30 fps for the most part.

The sad part is that the only thing that has impressed me from a technological standpoint is the no lag streaming with off tv mode on the Wii U @ 60fps (I know most will disagree).. But the first time I experienced asymmetrical game play I thought it was something next gen (from a tech pov).

csreynolds1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

On the whole, I agree with what you're saying here, but it's worth bearing in mind that many adopters of the new consoles are not PC gamers. They may not know first-hand what PCs are capable of in terms of quality. You don't miss what you've never had, so if you've never owned a gaming rig the PS4 and XB1 probably are giving people that "WOW" feeling a PC gamer like yourself isn't getting.

Your point about multi-platform games is entirely valid; they ARE holding new games back. However, the decision to launch across now-current and past-gen systems was inevitable - at least in the short-term. Not everyone has jumped on the PS4/XB1 bandwagon, and so it's in the interest of devs and pubs to continue to release games on the PS3 and Xbox 360 too until new console sales hit x amount. Keep in mind that the PS4 and XB1 have only been around 6 months so far...

Personally, my PS4 has both impressed and disappointed me. My reasoning for the disappointment is that I'm still waiting for the outstanding (as in "not here yet") social/user features Sony revealed last year, and I am aware of what a well-designed PC can do. That said, I buy consoles for exclusives and convenience, and in that respect I'm pleased with my purchase. Second Son, in my view, is a cracking accomplishment, and even the multi-plats like Assassin's Creed IV, Tomb Raider Definitive Edition and Battlefield 4 are impressing me. I know I can play these at higher frame rates with sharper resolutions, but I'm not prepared to fork out £500-£1,000 for that privilege.

First and foremost, I game for the fun and enjoyment. The fact that titles like Sonic the Hedgehog, Doom and Tony Hawk Pro Skater still give me that giddy feeling is proof of that. Jaw-dropping visuals and high frame rates are great n'all, but to me the substance is what matters. Regardless of minor shortcomings, my PS4 games are delivering. Therefore, my £330 investment was worthwhile.

mysteryraz111632d ago

they just came out give them a break

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