Kinect Sports Rivals Review | Hardcore Gamer

The increased emphasis on delivering a high quality game makes Rivals the definitive entry in the series to date, even though it lacks the plethora of modes in the second installment.

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ValKilmer1506d ago

Will this game get me swoll?

datpanda1506d ago

I'll admit that just in the title itself, "Hardcore Gamer" + "Kinect Sports" didn't add up to me.

Godmars2901506d ago

At this point "Hardcore Gamer" just means someone who buys and plays everything. Regardless of actual quality.

user95589031505d ago

What is a Hardcore gamer supposed to be? Someone with no job that plays video games all day?

Godmars2901505d ago

"Someone with no job that plays video games all day?"

More like someone who, like many reviewers seem to do, runs through a game as quickly as possible and fails to take in or even register any subtleties past the first level.

incendy351505d ago

Pretty excited to play this tomorrow. Was a huge fan of Kinect Ping Pong last generation. Sounds like they did a really good job.

jakewhritenour1505d ago

i hope banjo kazooie is in it