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Hardcore Gamer: "Ten years ago, if you told anyone that Batman would be the character who would star in the definitive superhero video game series, you’d probably receive a lot of hysterical laughter every day at the lunch table. But now, Batman has become a true success story in superhero games. With the Arkham series, Batman has risen to the top of the superhero summit, pioneering a newfound respect and discipline in superhero video games."

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ValKilmer1713d ago

Ugh, why didn't they fix the game first?

Skate-AK1712d ago

I have heard mixed things. Reviews are pretty low but I see people saying don't go by them, the game is fun.

Dannycr1712d ago

I wouldn't recommend it on consoles. This is a handheld game through and through. I have it on my PS Vita and I could excuse some things because it was a handheld game, but as a console game, well no...

I ADORE exploration games and backtracking and this game has a lot of that, however, I can see how it can be boring and repetitive to some people.