Stadium Comparison: MLB 14 The Show on PS4

JT Pierce:

Happy Monday! We’re excited to share this first extended look at MLB 14 The Show on PS4. In this dev diary, Ramone Russell, Community Manager and Game Designer, shows off some of the improvements and graphical upgrades the team at San Diego Studio has made to the environments of some of the most storied and iconic stadiums in all of baseball.

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JoGam1509d ago

WOW, That really shits on the PS3 version. Good Job Sony!

morganfell1509d ago

And the PS3 version looked good. But this is incredible. So looking forward to this in a few weeks.

Flamingweazel1509d ago

TAKE MY MONEY, best sports game for the last 7 + years. Looks amazing

No_Limit1509d ago

Looks great, May 6th baby!!!

OwnageDC6501509d ago

Looking great! Just wish they applied better AA. Too many jaggies.

Flamingweazel1509d ago

What Jaggies? There are none.

OwnageDC6501509d ago

Try viewing the video on a bigger monitor or HDTV because they are there.

Visualift1509d ago

I saw jaggies as well but they went away when I viewed the video fullscreen at 1080p. if you just view it in browser at 1080p you'll see jaggies for sure.

Jughead34161509d ago

I think it's bad for sports gaming when one platform has the only game for a particular sport. But...glad I got my ps4! This looks spectacular!

HappyWithOneBubble1509d ago

It all comes down to support. Sony is supporting MLB but MS isn't. If Xbox gamers want a MLB game then they need to demand one from MS. MS can buy MLB 2K and publish it themselves.

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The story is too old to be commented.