Child of Light Trailer Shows Yoshitaka Amano’s Storied Skills

In a new video, the tremendously talented Yoshitaka Amano (of Final Fantasy fame) is shown doing what he does best. In mere moments, Amano’s skills are shown in brilliant detail as he creates art that brings Child of Light to life.

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kingdom181511d ago

Wow, to be able to create art like that. It is beautiful.

Cryptcuzz1511d ago

Yeah, didn't know he was involved with this game.
I was excited and was looking forward to the game already, but now I am more excited!

FAT MAN GO BOOM1511d ago

this is going to be a fun game to lose yourself into the art for sure...

Farsendor11510d ago

interesting for sure, i believe its going to be 20$ at release right?

herobyclicking1511d ago

I think there are few games that I am looking forward to more than Child of Light and this video only adds to my excitement. Hooray!

Inception1511d ago

I miss Amano's drawing for FF. I mean, beyond the logo of course. Glad that Ubisoft gave him more chance to use his talent again.

Anyway, i'm looking forward to this game ^^

Spikeantestor1511d ago

Amano is my favorite artist. Child of light already looked awesome. This collaboration makes me happy!