InFamous: Second Son Secret Location Glitch Lets You Travel Under the Map

"This glitch lets you walk through the floor and through the map."

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The_Infected1289d ago

That's or you can just use your unlimited run with the neon power go to the end of the first part of Seattle and run up a rock and a tall tree and you will fall back under the map. Very easy and funny.

George Sears1289d ago

I was using the Video Gamer (whatever in hell the name of that power is) and I flew right inside a wall. It was pretty neat but it eventually fixed itself.

jocomat91289d ago

If you want to see how to to almost get back home glitch check it here.

And try it yourself its awesome

XboxFun1289d ago

Good lord this game has a ton of glitches. Where was the QA for this?

k2d1289d ago

You call yourself a gamer? For shame.

GentlemenRUs1289d ago

There will always be one butthurt/trolling...

GarrusVakarian1289d ago (Edited 1289d ago )


You haven't even played the game! Hwo can you possibly say that just because a few glitch videos have been shown on here?

I played through the game twice and experienced NO glitches or bugs whatsoever. Take your trolling elsewhere you sad little man.

Oh, and btw, you might wanna hop over to YouTube and type in 'Titanfall glitches"....or any other game ever made for that matter.....

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