USA Weekly Chart - Week Ending 3/29/2014

Gen 8 Hardware Sales (US):
XOne 61,410 (-18%) 2,625,007
PS4 57,474 (-35%) 2,875,689
WiiU 14,030 (-8%) 2,363,932

Gen 8 Software Sales (US):
PS4 235,139 (-62%) 6,425,642
XOne 192,586 (-29%) 7,350,378
WiiU 72,484 (+26%) 10,077,253

Top 5 games:
1. inFAMOUS: Second Son (PS4) Sony Computer Entertainment, Action 109,584
2. Titanfall (XOne) Electronic Arts, Shooter 93,119
3. Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes (PS4) Konami Digital Entertainment, Action 43,594
4. Diablo III (PC) Activision, Role-Playing 42,732
5. Minecraft (X360) Microsoft Game Studios, Adventure 36,942

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plasticidolatry1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

VGCharts Global March 2014: 626,726 PS4 to 433,889 Xbox
VGCharts US only March 2014: 238,972 PS4 to 289,340 Xbox

According to VGCharts Xbox outsold PS4 in the US by ~50k, but got outsold globally by ~200k. Taken with a big grain of salt as usual.

MysticStrummer1230d ago ShowReplies(2)
georgeenoob1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

Good numbers for MS.

Even after the 118% boost in X1 sales last week from Titanfall, it still outsold PS4, despite inFamous releasing just recently. Titanfall continues to sell after 18 days, and almost outsold inFamouse during its launch week.

Sethry1011230d ago

Sure ignoring the fact that there are two PS4 games in the top 3. And the fact that PS4 had a high software sale of about 40k. Yes Titanfall is selling well.

Eonjay1230d ago

Thats right. It outsold the PS4 by 4k units. At this rate the Xbox One will pass the PS4 in 62 weeks. I definitely don't expect either to win every week.

corvusmd1230d ago

@sethry Titanfall is selling well compared to PS4 games or not, it doesn't have to be compared at all However, it is rather impressive that a new IP is selling this well compared to a well known IP (even with an extra week of naturally declining sales).
We are just looking at numbers, which are helpful of course, but can also be misleading. 250k more PS4s have been sold in US, yet only 40k more games during a period where the PS4 heavy hitter is more "fresh". The fact that PS4 has 2 titles in the top 3 can be spun the way you did it, but it can also be spun in the way that...there are less games to attract the attention of PS4 owner at the moment, so they centered on these two games more than spreading out on XB1.

Either way US is THE major video games market, and alone could sustain both of these companies, so it's great to see it evening out here and being competitive. That being said, MS should take a long hard look now and consider spreading out more to than just 13 countires...esp to scene isn't big there now...but if it takes off...

Sethry1011230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

Corvusmd, what other games are sales spreading for on Xbox?

That list is about equal with the amount of PS4 games and Xbox games. The fact that PS4s first party game is first, and a multiplat has sold more then double on PS4 to Xbox can hardly be "Spun".

I don't disagree that Titanfall is selling very well, but PS4 software sales are high by 40k then Xbox.

And I disagree that comparisons should not be made, the whole point of these figures being provide is to make comparisons.

Im curious about the whole 13 countries thing. South Africa was not one of the 13 countries the Xbox was released in, but it has been released here now. Im curious to know if its the only country or if has been released in others....

NeloAnjelo1230d ago

This is a worldwide market, not just the US... Keep being blind to that fact

deathisgamesok1229d ago

US and Uk are probably the only regions where MS has a chance of competing with Sony. Other than that Sony dominates them in pretty much every other region so far.

BlackWolf121229d ago

Infamous launched last week. Week ending 22. It outsold Titanfall by a large margin.

Ritsujun1229d ago

Don't give up, MS!!!!!!!!

Red_Tracers1229d ago

I own both systems and enjoy each one for its particular benefits so it behooves me to hope for the best products to make it to market. However, should the inventory stats reflect actual sales of Titanfall; in contrast to how many are moved as a free game included with the system?

Fz6soldier1229d ago

Lol, he used his only bubble on that.

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Gamer19821230d ago

Without outselling PS4 thanks to titanfall Xbox is not having the best start. That was the game that was supposed to get them back on level terms. There still behind and quite a margin. Ps4 consoles seems to have dried up again after the initial boost thanks to the ones held back for Sony thanks to Infamous bundles.

Bernlock1229d ago

What are you talking about. They aren't supply constrained anymore. And titanfall is selling really well

Tedakin1229d ago

2 million systems sold in 3 weeks isn't really... feasible. I don't care what game came out.

Kavorklestein1229d ago

I have been seeing ps4 on store shelves for the first time ever, so how do you figure that?
Titanfall did help it catch up, it didn't make it top dog, but it is a giant growth compared to the last few months is it not?
Either way, congrats to both Sony and Microsoft.
As far as the people gloating that MGS sold more on the PS4, considering how short the game is, it's not impressive, it's a crapshoot for one, why should an over-priced demo selling well be something to be proud of? It's more like "Wow, that many people bought that demo/game?" I've played it and beat at a friends house, and it's pretty cool, it feels very MGS, but it is in no way a must have title.
Also factoring in how MGS is not really a staple of the Xbox brand like it is for PS fans, it's a no brainer that it would sell better on PS4.

And, lastly, if the PS4's games like knack, KZ:SF were of any real demand/quality, then shouldn't they be outselling A glorified tech Demo?

marlinfan101229d ago

ps4s have not been dried up. I've been seeing them on shelves for about 3 weeks to a month now everywhere i go.

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imt5581230d ago

Where is that 1 mil. Xbone sales boosted by Titanfall release?


Zombro1229d ago

Great two successful consoles competition is what drives gaming evolution!

BX811229d ago

Oh stop being silly, you know you have to pick a side /s

Sheikh Yerbouti1229d ago

I'm a Playstation diehard, but games like D4 and Sunset Overdrive piques my interest in the XBOne. From these numbers, I'm not the only one.

I'll wait till next year. See MS, I'm a timed exclusive console buyer.

VforVideogames1229d ago

Im turning to the DARKSIDE XB0

frostypants1229d ago

Now all we need are some truly evolved games to go with the evolved consoles...

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Back-to-Back1229d ago

As usual Microsoft might have a slight edge in the US, but worldwide its always been Sony. I still to this day don't understand why my fellow Americans would support a company like Microsoft.

VegasDawg1229d ago

Maybe just maybe they like supporting an American company so those people can go home and feed their families you know little things like that.

UltraNova1229d ago


Although I totally agree with you, saying that for a company like MS feels so wrong...

Omegasyde1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )


Hmm that's strange, I thought Microsoft was an multinational company? And being that you are from the 702, I'd wager if you called Tech support from the USA for your Windows or phone issue you would get a tech in India or the Phillipines.

Or did you know that Microsoft actually imports alot of it's "american" workforce from foreign countries?


Did you also know that Microsoft contracts its computer accessories from"dedicated" Chinese work force contracted to build products?


Before declaring Microsoft is all patriotic, keep in minds it's multinational -Just like Sony (not being a truly Japanese centric company).

TL:DR If I used your logic, you should support Sony too since it has movie/music/game studios in the United States.

artsaber1229d ago

@ VegasDawg -

You would probably have a point if the console was actually made here in the US.

UltraNova1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )


Good links. The level of globalization we have reached leaves little to nothing patriotic when it comes to multinational juggernauts like MS, Apple, Sony etc..

Strangely though Google does fit the profile doesn't it? considering the fact that they are 95% software/server/add oriented and based mostly in the US. Go figure. So my American friends feel free to patriotically support Google!

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morganfell1229d ago

"That would actually fit the trend of sales since release....

The US has been the strongest market for the Xbox by far."

Except the PS4 has been the number 1 seller at the top four US retailers for the past month and a half. The only exception was 3 days at one of those retailers, Best Buy, when the PS4 was temporarily out of stock. At places such as Amazon the gap between the PS4 and the X1 has on average been more than 10 slots.

There is a good, solid, logical reason VG Chartz numbers are banned at Neogaf. It is guesswork and very poor guesswork at that.

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christocolus1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

Nice numbers generally... curious to see how much of a bump in sales figures the xbx one gets in september..launching in 26 more regions should help push the numbers up..

MeLoveRamen1230d ago

It won't help as much as you think, the xbox brand only sells well in the US and UK so don't get your hopes up.

christocolus1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

I beg to differ and i think you are underestimating the fact that we are talking about 26 countries here...even if sales aint great in those countries its still going to give the console a good boost.

If the xbox one had launched in this 26 additional countries back in november the difference in the current sales numbers between both consoles wouldnt be as much as it is now. Thats a fact. It might not have outsold the ps4 in those countries it might have even sold half the numbers of sonys ps4 in those regions but one thing would be certain the difference would definitly not be as much as it is right now.. and thats why i think MS needs to put up a great show at E3 cos like it or not that event (e3) has a major influence on the deceisions gamers make worldwide.