nDreams to Reveal 'Major VR Game' at E3

VRFocus - Indie developer nDreams has revealed that it will be unveiling a ‘major’ virtual reality (VR) project at this year’s E3 in Los Angeles. It will be the first time the developer has shown off a VR videogame since it announced that it was working on such projects. Founder and CEO Patrick O’Luanaigh was recently interviewed about the technology on the BBC and has written about his first experiences using VR for VRFocus in the past.

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WeAreLegion1350d ago

I think it will be for both the Oculus and the Morpheus. The question is... At which press conference will they be unveiling it?

kevco331350d ago ShowReplies(1)
Charybdis1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

They have confirmed to be working on a title/game for morpheus and on a project for oculus rift. Since they have worked with sony in the past on playstation home; my guess would be a game title for the ps4 and for the oculus rift project well lets just call it facebook home project of some kind.

r211350d ago

Its going to be impressive then, seeing as these guys were teasing Sony's VR for a while.

Derekvinyard131349d ago

Can't wait to see some support

Yaay4me1349d ago (Edited 1349d ago )

E3 will be a blast